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automotive tool set stels 14122, 109 pcs, green/silver logo

I like it. Volkswagen owners will be happy with the E-configuration heads. I recommend to buy. When looking for - there are few photos with a distinguishable designation of the contents of the set. That's why I photographed it.See full review

boots hoka one one kaha 2 low gtx (11 usa; 10.5 uk; 45 1/3 eur; 29 cm) logo

My firsthand account of using it.Boots are cool, but with the size of a bummer. All my shoes are 10.5 (28.5 cm), but with hoka in the same size, I got a margin of a centimeter.See full review

frame installation geberit duofix 458.124.21.1 up100 glossy chrome logo

The most reliable, simple and versatile in installation, we recommend them to everyone. Rearranged everyone in 20 years, in this price range the bestSee full review

game console nintendo switch lite 32 gb, no games, turquoise logo

Well, I probably recommend it if you need portable gaming. I even regretted a little that I bought the younger version of the console. Has some pros: Real portable. This is a console, unlike a steam deck (everything works as it should and does not require perdoling). The console is quiet. A lot of games. There is no regional connection. Cons below: Well, the games are quite expensive, however, you can buy a cartridge to go through it and sell it for the same amount that you bought (you have to hSee full review

compressor inhaler (nebulizer) and cn-231, white logo

I recommend the AND CN-231 inhaler to everyone. I liked how it works, there are no problems with it. In the management and care of the device, everything is simple, even a child can handle it.See full review

robot vacuum cleaner home sweep ing robot, black logo

They sell the thing and lie in advance in the description of the characteristics. There are no instructions promised in the box, there is no dust collector and in general it does not up dust, but just rides.See full review

elm327 obd2 bluetooth autoscanner v1.5 logo

v 1.5 is written on the box I tried 5 different applications from the playmarket to get in touch with the car VAZ 2114 of 2022, Alas . . nothing happens, some kind of disconnectSee full review

mountain bike (mtb) stels navigator 700 md 27.5" f020 (2021) black/white 19" (requires final assembly) logo

Generally ok Has pros: Beautiful colour. Price with cashback from Tinkoff. Good rolling Got cons: Scratched in places. Slightly dented rear brake disc. Bike assembly and tuning requiredSee full review

hankook tire kinergy eco k425 195/65 r15 91t summer logo

I put it on a Nissan Note with a dimension of 185/65 r15 T. It cost 2166s. per wheel (bought in St. Petersburg in mid-April 2022). It is too early to talk about the reliability and durability of this rubber, so I only describe the first impressions. Decided to ate my review after 4 months. operation and 7000 km of run, because was extremely surprised by the recall of Vitaly Polyansky (dated July 22). Interestingly, my experience is completely at odds with the description, cat. presented by VitSee full review

hybrid wiper blade denso dur-045l 450 mm, 1 pc. logo

Its pros: Written in Japan. Survived to the 3rd winter, but already rather bad. Its cons: Price. Hybridity does not help much in the cold - it freezes and does not clean.See full review

wi-fi antenna for routers 5dbi rp-sma-male white, set 2pcs logo

Sharing my candid opinion.With its pros: The antenna is doing its job. She did what I wanted from her. Has cons: The metlattic part is the antenna itself, flimsy.See full review

32" tv tuvio full hd dled on yandex.tv platform, stv-32fdfbk1r, black logo

For this money - fire! At first I compared it with the TV that hangs in the hall, began to find fault, remembered that it was a little more expensive than a normal set-top box, I realized that the TV set was very normal.See full review

32" monitor asus rog swift pg329q, 2560x1440, 175hz, ips, black logo

I bought it on the advice of friends, but when I first turned it on, I realized that I would be left without eyes, the colors are acidic from which my eyes hurt, the picture is not realistic, it’s impossible to watch the video and even use it, but in games the colors are very spectacular. In general, the monitor is only purely for games. I returned it back, thank , the money was returned without problems, so three stars for and zero for this monitor, it's not worth the money.See full review


This is the second set, the first one in a year. Only positive impressions! Vola is delicious, the kettle is clean - no scale. I plan to buy 2 more.See full review


Kind of course as much as a tear, nostalgia. Also the name is straight from the USSR. It feels the same to the touch, straight sovdep, sovdep . wires like mouse tails. Just bought and connected to the battery. Everything is written step by step in the instructions, short and clear. Akkum is also our native Hong Kong. Stands on a Kia seed, for 11 years only 12,000 runs. You understand, yes, in what mode he has to work. And I must say, well done. Survived the winter, short trips and all that. But See full review


Providing an unbiased assessment.Pros below: Bright, light, agile. Withstood 4 flights perfectly. Has some cons: Came with a small dent. Unpleasant, but decided not to give up.See full review

logitech g g502 lightspeed, black logo

The mouse leaves only positive impressions, I chose for a long time, measured it to my hand, and finally settled on this model. Autonomous work pleases, 74% the second day, I work from home, I play games. After 650 riva, it's just fire. The little finger does not get tired, the hand stopped hurting, it’s perfect for my grip. It flies on the carpet, put in all the weights, the mouse still does not feel heavy. Before you buy, go try on to your hand, everything is individual. I am satisfied.See full review


If you want perfect cleanliness of your house quickly and without exhausting yourself, this thing is for you! By the way, I didn’t notice anything critical at all, although I am a fragile girl of short statureSee full review


In general, the hub copes with its tasks. Usually two or three ports are occupied - with such a load it works without additional power. It heats up slightly. Some pros: Durable, you can put the laptop on top, it will withstand, but it is not desirable - a slippery case, the laptop slides off. When alternately connecting to ports or disconnecting, everything else connected does not hang or stop. The cost matches the performance. Cons: If you need to use all four ports, then it is better to connecSee full review


With its pros: They began to crunch less in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe joints, but did not disappear completely (I think they will not disappear). The rest is not yet clear. I finish my first can. Ordered a second one. As soon as I finish my second drink (this will be a three-month course of these dietary supplements), I will write additionally. Cons below: Too many pills. But I found a way out in grinding the tablets in a mortar. Then I stir in warm water and drink with creatine and juice. See full review

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