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knitted beanie hat, pumpkin logo

I am satisfied with the purchase, the hat is of very good quality, the price is even low for such a product) It sits perfectly, freely, does not press anywhere. I have been looking for a hat for a long time, from which my head will not itch and my whiskey will not hurt from tension 🤣perfect❤️thanks to the seller for a nice gift))See full review


I am writing this review with great pleasure. It's been exactly a month since my purchase. I've been using it for about a month. Morning evening. Very satisfied with the results. I think 1-1.5 more uses) and I will definitely repeat the purchase 👍. 100% I advise.See full review

uggs emu stinger micro, size 9 (40), camel logo

Good uggs, for Ross size 39, bought size 9 from the manufacturer. A little big, on a wide leg, the heel pops out. But with a warm sock, I think it will be fine. I expected thicker fur, but for the price with a good discount, excellent. Lightweight and hopefully won't get wet. I'll test it in winter. Thank you seller for the discount!See full review

computer chair ch-330m office bureaucrat, upholstery: artificial leather, color: grey-blue logo

Pick one, either a rag or a leather covering. I decided to settle for the second option and I'm glad I did because it's more resistant to dirt and stains, can be cleaned quickly, and is unaffected by the claws of the pets that have taken a liking to it and made it their home.See full review

smartphone samsung galaxy s22 ultra 12/256 gb, dual: nano sim esim, black phantom logo

I strongly suggest that you purchase, keep your cool, and not to be terrified of the exinos! Cool phone, at first it got warm, but apparently, while it was being ated, then it passed) after many years of experience with iPhones, I moved to Samsung and I don't regret it, I like it)) Has pros: Cool phone, at first it got warm, but apparently, while it was being ated, then it passed) after many years of experience with iPhones, I switched to Samsung, and I like Has drawbacks, such as the fact that See full review

vacuum cleaner deerma dx700s eu, black logo

The corded vacuum cleaner has a number of advantages over its cordless counterpart, including a lower price, greater maneuverability, and higher power. Cons: It appeared to be made of fragile material, there is no attachment to the wall either in the kit or in nature, which is very inconvenient, and once again, in comparison to wireless ones, you will need to improvise something.See full review

💪 white oral-b vitality electric toothbrush with flossaction for improved oral health logo

Cleans teeth great. Bought for a child. It buzzes notably, but it works well. We were worried that it takes 16 hours to charge, but it has been working for 10 days and we have not charged it yet. Super. Satisfied with the purchase.See full review

🧰 de'longhi dlsc322 coffee machine set: water filter and ecodecalk for optimal performance logo

The product does not have a strong odor. I washed the Delonghi machine and it works again without the need to descale. Let's see how long this will last. The previous product from the Nespresso store lasted 6 months.See full review

🧦 owlet dream sock plus baby monitor - mint: ensuring peaceful sleep for your baby logo

Offering an unbiased evaluation.With its pros: Finally surprised charging and autonomy, more range Its cons: The software must be downloaded from a foreign store (IOS)See full review

la roche-posay effaclar purifying 🧼 foaming gel cleanser: perfect for oily skin! logo

Excellent format, you can take with you on a trip. Economical consumption, pleasant fresh smell. The skin is smooth after use, good preparation before applying a nourishing cream. Got pros: Very light texture, a small amount is enough to cleanse the face Its cons: Slight reaction of sensitive skin, but redness goes away quicklySee full review

holika aloe facial cleansing 150ml logo

Great just for washing - does not turn into a film on the skin, does not pull, does not irritate. Gentle cleanser with a refreshing effect) Got pros: It cleanses well, the skin becomes soft and smooth. Smells good, lathers well. It stings the wounds a little. Has some cons: Hard plastic packaging and a thick agent - it is not very convenient to squeeze out the gel.See full review

peg perego viaggio shuttle booster car seat - made in italy - licorice black - 40 to 120 lbs capacity logo

Really good product. The booster is easy to install and operate. Once clicked on isofix and forgot. The child himself calmly sits down in it and fastens the seat belt. I recommend to buy, even though it's expensive.See full review

blanket blue sleep duvet, all season, 140 x 205 cm, white logo

The blanket is warm and breathable. There is often no need to wash it, for six months I washed it only once on a gentle mode in a washing machine. After washing, it did not shrink, did not deform. Will definitely buy for a giftSee full review

13.3" apple macbook pro 13 2022 2560x1600, apple m2, 8 gb ram, lpddr5, 256 gb ssd, apple graphics 10-core, macos, mneh3, space gray, english layout logo

I recommend to buy Got pros: My first poppy, the difference from a PC for Windows for the same cost is colossal in favor of a poppy Got cons: There are none, I won’t even do engraving, everything is very clearSee full review

gas grill tourist master grill tg-010, 39.4x22.8x12 cm logo

Of course, gas is not coal, the aroma is there, but not so bright. You need to use small pieces of meat to cook. Cooking vegetables for a very long time - I did not wait and cooked in a pan. I cook shawarma on the grill for my son, it's convenient. Previously, there was an electric Tefal grill, this one is better for shavuhaSee full review

board game uno flip logo

The original version of the game with rounded edges on the top of the package, instructions in English and Spanish. A deck of 112 cards. All 4 colors on both sides. Attention, 2 cards were out of packed 2 decks!See full review

electric toothbrush oral-b pro 6000, white logo

it's not a brush it's tin it's better than brushing your teeth at the dentist you can use the app to watch the weather news and brush your teeth control brushing use with blendamed toothpastes effect like a dentistSee full review

absorbent litter cat step arctic blue, 15.2l logo

There was not a large volume from the seller from whom I constantly take, so I had to buy this one. It seemed that there was a little more dust from it and the crystals were heavily chipped (many were in dust), but perhaps this is due to "aggressive" transportation :)) In general, a normal filler.See full review

irrigator dentalpik easy clean: ultimate solution for effortless dental hygiene (white/blue) logo

Revealing my unbiased thoughts.It is convenient to take on the road, on a business trip, on vacation. Lightweight, which is very important for a travel bag.See full review

kitfort air purifier kt-2813, white logo

Reflecting on my product journey.With its pros: The air becomes fresher and even a little cooler With its cons: You have to bet on something. Do not keep on the floor.See full review

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