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tent beach bestway ramble x2 68001, gray logo

In general, the thing is not bad. There will be fire to protect from the sun. It's unclear how long the rain will last. Lacks rain protection on the side meshes and upper. There would be lightning through, from beginning to end. Or a cape on top. There would be no price. Although it is possible to make and do it yourselfSee full review

company animals headcollar adjustable training dogs for training & behavior aids logo

The size approached perfectly, although I was afraid that it would be small, it also looks small, but when I put it on it, everything sat well On a walk, he tries to take pictures, especially when he sees dogs, he shakes his head. The mouth opens quietly. Who doubts to take or not to take, take and better the original) See full review

pampers pure protection disposable baby diapers size 3, mega pack - 27 count, hypoallergenic and unscented (old version) logo

#HonestlyOpampers This series is our favorite with the baby. We use them most of the time. We have already bought a monthly supply in a new size! ) There are a lot of pluses. They are thin, super-breathable, do not cause irritation, the is dry after even a long night, they absorb quickly both pee and loose stools. And another huge plus is that they do not harm nature due to natural materials. This is important, since a million mothers throw away tons of diapers every day that do not decompose fSee full review

thermometer b.well wf-2000 white/blue logo

This is our second thermometer from this company. The first received as a gift at birth, immediately sold, as it showed inaccurately. This one was bought in a pharmacy, the pharmacist danced in front of us, talking about its effectiveness, and convincing that this model is accurate. In fact, when they got sick, they could not determine the temperature of the child, they had to get the mercury one again. They recommended looking at Xiaomi, they say there is a small error, and inspires confidence See full review

shower/toilet cover totem privat (v2), green logo

I have installed it only once so far - in general, everything is quite satisfactory, it is suitable for its purpose (shower, toilet and changing cabin). It is better to install braces even if there is no wind - the whole structure stands more reliably and the lightning on the door opens without problems. And in the evening, it is better to put the light nearby and direct it to the tent, otherwise, with the light turned on inside, you can clearly see what is happening thereSee full review

soundbar jbl bar 9.1 black logo

Everything described is not the glitches of a particular instance, but the features of the model - judging by similar reviews on the forums. Technical support in the states of the level "check if the cord is plugged into the outlet", if the cord is plugged in, then further unsubscribe "We are still waiting for the response from our product specialist once we have the details here we will ate you as soon as possible." for half a year on the case of the chromecast vulnerability, it was not possibSee full review

nexen roadian htx rh5 225/65 r17 102h summer logo

I took it as an all-weather in size 18 60/235 on a Honda CR-V (all-wheel drive). I have never ridden an all-season, but the savings on one set turned out. For regions with real winter, of course, I would not take anything other than spikes, but for the south it is a great option. The tire exceeded expectations, I thought it would be worse. In the summer it holds +40, does not float. Wet road keeps excellent puddles cuts. In Tavrida, the sideboard keeps stable at 160 km / h, but for a sideboard tSee full review

corset comfort-ort k-608, size 6, height 22 cm, black logo

We ordered other corsets, according to the indicated sizes they did not fit my husband, this corset has a dimensional grid that corresponds to the indicated sizes.See full review

electric bike logo

The product is worth the money. Its pros: Excellent product! It moves very gently. It was not clear in the picture what size it was. I will say that it is above all expectations! For people with high stature, that’s it! I especially liked that the steering wheel rises to any height and the back is even when driving. With its cons: There is a small hole on the side of the seat, but I sealed it with a beautiful sticker. It lacks a few swamps, but this is also replaceable. No documents were provideSee full review

bridgestone blizzak ice 225/60 r16 98s winter logo

Guys, this is a song. Switched to Velcro with spikes. The Hong Kong region, therefore we see snow on the roads only when it falls, but otherwise it is either porridge or porridge and ice under it. Decided to try friction rubber. Firstly, she feels silent, silent at the level of summer. Secondly, it is directly pliable in control, sometimes it forgives me little pranks, the grip is excellent, Thirdly, the behavior in porridge and on fresh snow and even a melted puddle does not differ, braking is See full review

vacuum cleaner arnica merlin pro, blue logo

Cool. For 1700 - perfect. Even when it seems clean, I go through the vacuum cleaner and shake out at least half of the fine dust tank! Not suitable for carpets, threads remain on even a short pile after sewing, the vacuum cleaner does not draw them in, but for the floor: tiles, laminate, linoleum - perfect! Ah, well, yes. I put a nylon stocking on the filter)) life hackSee full review

absorbent filler catsan hygiene plus, 10l logo

Some pros: roofing felts, roofing felts really smell on the lock . it seems that I began to change the tray less often . I would like to freeze the cost . 450-500 Has cons: the composition is interesting . soon I will stir it up myself . gypsum, etc. . otherwise the price is annoyingly rising .See full review

coffee beans starbucks blonde espresso roast, 200 g logo

Has some pros We like the soft rich taste, we tried a lot in different price ranges and settled on this one! Its cons: The price, for a promotion for 200 , you can safely take it, but at the full price .See full review

walkie-talkie baofeng bf-888s without headset, 2 pcs. logo

Bought as a gift for a child. Instead of a set of children's walkie-talkies, I decided to take these walkie-talkies. Haven't tested it for a long distance yet. The child quickly figured out, very satisfied.See full review

upright exercise bike yesoul smart spinning bike s3 pro, white logo

In general, the purchase is satisfied. But, I thought that the PRO model should have all the advantages of a regular Yesoul. Alas, it was not possible to connect applications such as ZWIFT, Onelap, etc. via Bluetooth. I bought an additional cadence and speed sensor, which made it possible to connect to ZWIFT, Onelap. With its pros: Great design. Comfortable enough for training. Tablet included. Some cons: This model does not connect to third-party applications via Bluetooth, which limits it onlySee full review

nyx professional makeup lip lingerie lipstick matte, embellishment 02 logo

It wasn't too long ago that I first tried some Nyx makeup. To experiment, I've used concealer, eyeshadow, and lipstick. And I have nothing but good feelings and impressions about the products. Lipsticks have excellent topical colors, good color rendering, and the best part is that none of these lipsticks dry out lips, while the tonal foundation lays down evenly, has good overlapping ability, and does not clog pores. I'm going to keep exploring nyx products since I think they're worth the investmSee full review

smart watch apple watch series 7 41 mm aluminum case, shining star logo

The Apple Watch has been the subject of numerous reviews. I believe that 5,6,7,8. are visually appealing because they have the ever-present Always overlay. Most people think of an electrocardiogram (ECG) as nothing more than a practical joke.See full review

vacuum cleaner dyson cyclone v10 absolute global, grey/yellow logo

When it comes to regular cleaning and deep cleaning, you may put away your traditional vacuum cleaner for good. It's "worth the money" in every sense of the phrase, and in your hands it feels like a toy machine gun that you've just opened for the first time. benefits from Brilliant gadget. A 100+ square meter flat can be cleaned for the cost of a single charging. This is a breeze and a delight to carry out. I came close to enjoying it. Superior grip. Simple maintenance and nozzle swapping The plSee full review

dunlop winter maxx wm02 175/70 r14 84t logo

Its pros: Rubber is the best! In any weather and on any snow super! Only after four years the quality deteriorates Has cons: First ordered, but the rubber did not come. Only the second time they sentSee full review

chopper kitfort kt-3050, 400 w, white-green logo

I bought another chopper instead, in which a plastic glass cracked, and it became impossible to chop liquid (like mashed soups), it leaks. . Therefore, I immediately set my sights on a glass bowl. Well, so that a good volume, and for soup, and for homemade pesto . I looked closely for a long time, a lot both here and on other marketplaces of some kind of pseudo-Boches, and the same picture for 8 thousand, and for 1.5 . and on the Bosch website there is something at all of such shredders and not See full review

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