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falcon computer table douglas kst-16, wxdxh: 120x60x160 cm, color: sonoma oak/white logo

Two details are cracked. No one even offered to replace, only a return. Fortunately, they took it themselves in a couple of days, and a week later they returned the money.See full review

gaming chair thunderx3 tc3, upholstery: faux leather, color: jet black logo

Ideal for people of height 180, even in the lowest position it's still quite high, which is not a bad thing; the pillows are comfortable; the materials are very pleasant; I thought the skin would be thinner or something; it feels very pleasant to the touch; the chair itself is moderately hard; you don't fall into it; I really liked it. Ideal for people of height 180; even in the lowest position it's still quite high. the quality in general, the seams and everything else, full people will probablSee full review

pampers baby size count packs logo

Good budget diapers. Easy to put on and take off. Fastened with Velcro, which can be reattached if necessary. There is a light fragrance. Diapers #honestlyOpampers absorb well, while the contents of the diaper do not stray into a lump between the legs. After the night, the remains dry, without irritation or diaper rash. I recommend to buySee full review

apple watch se 40mm aluminum case ru, space grey/black logo

I can’t call this a disadvantage of a specific watch, but the . music app for watches is very frustrating; I’m already used to the plus subscription, so I don’t want to give it up, but the inability to adjust the volume of music / view the playlist after hours, as well as the inability to save songs for hours, are very frustrating, Apple music is much ahead in this regard. But I understand that the application appeared recently and patiently waitingSee full review

carob coffee maker de "longhi ecp 31.21, black logo

due to the fact that this is a low-class coffee maker, it will not work much to control the taste of coffee - the rammer does not care, the grinding as a whole also does not care - when grinding for an "adult" coffee maker, the hole in the basket is clogged and the coffee does not spill. So you can’t achieve the “like in a coffee shop” taste in it, but it’s still better than drinking from a drip or French press (again, for my taste)See full review

safety belt qplay rito qa6, black logo

Benefits from: Superb bicycle. Located the desired information. The fact that it progressed was crucial. Transport links are easily accessible. The handle has a backlash and you can't lean on it to go onto the curb, which are two separate drawbacks.See full review

vacuum cleaner jimmy jv51, white/red logo

Has some pros: Good power, light enough, not very noisy, the battery lasts for a small, not very dirty apartment Different cons: Large play in the joints, staggers, but has not yet broken offSee full review

cordiant all terrain 215/65 r16 98h summer logo

I bought this rubber in size 245/70/16 for my UAZ Patriot. Passed on this rubber 10,000 km during the summer season, was in the mountains of Altai, Sayan. This model pleased with low noise levels, very comfortable soft, the car is adequately controlled on asphalt. As for off-road qualities, I didn’t go into heavy mud on it, but everything is fine on the gravel road, there was no damage. I consider it a very worthy option for the money, I took it at a price of 4500 per wheel in May 2022.See full review

l10 pro cleaner navigation by dreametech logo

In its price this robot is one of the best solutions. It builds a map instantly, does not reset it when cleaning in a new room, orients itself quickly and accurately, hits obstacles very rarely and often, which the robot does not recognize as a wall (table/chair leg, pedestal corner, etc.). Intuitive settings, scripts, automate cleaning takes about 10-15 minutes. The container is filled for a long time, if there is a lot of dust in the apartment, you will have to clean it once a week and a half.See full review

walkie-talkie baofeng bf-888s without headset, 2 pcs. logo

Has some pros: Cheap and good. everything works and there is a flashlight. and no more. Cons below: it is clear that this money is not the most magical plastic, but everything is done well and does not creak.See full review

humidifier kitfort kt-2810, white logo

Very simple and effective moisturizer. Stylish and silent ventilation system. There are 3 different power settings. The included timer is a welcome addition. Dark mode. I find it frustrating since there is no remote control; a humidifier and the mysterious reservoir for adding essential oils would be much more helpful, though I still don't get it.See full review

maybelline new york fit me compact pore concealing mattifying powder 105 natural beige logo

Has some pros: It is effective in carrying out its purpose. When I don't want to use a toner from the same brand, I turn to this product instead. Some cons: Too whitens even fair skin if even a small amount is put to it, which makes absolutely no sense.See full review

xiaomi ninetygo manhattan luggage 20, pink logo

Simply put, it's a really adorable suitcase)) I have been looking for a long time for anything with such a handle, there are almost no parallels, especially at this price, and it is quite useful with the controls in addition to having wheels that can spin in whatever direction you want them to. The color is stunning, but keep in mind that because it is glossy, it is quite likely to become scratched; however, this is something that can be said about all suitcases in general. In overall, I am realSee full review

vacuum cleaner deerma dx700s eu, black logo

Pros: Excellent vacuum cleaner, compact, moderately noisy, for daily use the most Some cons: The cord is a little short, I would like a little stronger suction powerSee full review

xiaomi mijia automatic foam soap dispenser mjxsj01xw/mjxsj03xw, pink logo

I have no idea what ingredients they use to make this soap, but I just adore the fragrance. It is light and subtle, and it has a very lovely scent; I washed my hands and sniffed them for several minutes. 5) My daughter is ecstatic, and hand washing has reached a whole new level.See full review

xiaomi mi robot vacuum-mop essential robot vacuum cleaner, white logo

Extremely content. My husband and I get along thanks to the app. The house is not required for your running. A weekly cleaning schedule is something you can arrange. Checks out every inch of the apartment and leaves nothing out. In the "cleaning along the edges of furniture" option, it ultimately does a full circuit of the room. Different modes and actions for cleaning are available. Have not once second-guessed my decision to purchase it.See full review

kitfort toaster kt-2036, red logo

Has pros: Stunning toaster (there is something else that can be compared to it)! - There are many different degrees of roasting; - There is a timer that shows how long the procedure will take; - The bread does not jump out of the machine; - The presence of a sliding tray enables you to quickly remove the crumbs; - The design is sophisticated and contemporary, and the color of the coffee is delectable. despite its advantages. The low speed at which the roasting occurs, despite the fact that this See full review

bike hand holder yc-101 black logo

Photos are misleading. Two mounts were packed in a film and adhesive tape, there are no bike hand tags (cardboard), as well as no logo on the holder itself. There is one more feature, those who tried to fix it on the wall will understand me, the hook of the holder is fixed (welded) does not add up, and is located exactly opposite the upper hole for fasteners, as it is specially, it is impossible to screw a screw into this hole.See full review

feed additive pro plan veterinary diets forti flora for cats and kittens, 30 pcs. in pack. logo

They took a kitten from the street, after taking anthelmintic drugs, they ate a course of fortiflora. Powder bags are relatively convenient to mix with food, the cat does not feel a dirty trick, it consumes it on both cheeks. It is not a panacea for all problems and you should not expect dizzying results, but it is generally useful for prevention. Some pros: It seems to be a good feed additive for the normalization of the digestive tract Cons: the cat still has a wild aromatization of everythingSee full review

it "s skin collagen nutrition cream nourishing face cream, 50 ml logo

I have been using it for about 2 months now, I wanted to write a review earlier, but decided to test it longer to tell about my impressions in more detail. It is worth noting that almost all Korean creams from this price category are 500. +-300 usually does not disappoint. This means that they moisturize well, have a very pleasant smell and a light texture that is pleasant to apply. I think that all of the above is basically enough to try the product: even if it does not solve a specific problemSee full review

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