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Cordiant All Terrain 215/65 R16 98H summer Review



Very good

Revainrating 4 out of 5  
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Description of Cordiant All Terrain 215/65 R16 98H summer

Cordiant All Terrain Cordiant All Terrain is a universal all-terrain tire designed specifically for UAZ and Jeep vehicles. It perfectly withstands any vagaries of weather when operating from forty-five degrees of frost to fifty-five degrees of heat, which is why this tire is so popular in Russia due to its unique adaptability to difficult climatic conditions. The tread design of this tire is computer generated. It consists of a solid central rib, as well as two middle and two extreme ribs, which are formed by checkered elements, each of which is dissected by V-shaped and straight cuts, which are directed towards each other. The middle ribs are separated by a zigzag-shaped central groove, at the top of which there are pockets. Checkered elements of Cordiant All Terrain have a trapezoidal shape. The tread pattern of the domestic tire Cordiant All Terrain What does this tread pattern give, how does it affect the characteristics of the tire? Firstly, thanks to the unique pattern described above and the quality materials used in the manufacture of this tire, high-quality grip is achieved with the road surface, this is facilitated by the shape of the tread blocks, a dense network of slots, as well as a zigzag configuration of transverse grooves. Thanks to the continuous central rib, noise generation during movement is reduced. The continuity of this central rib also contributes to the high directional stability of the tyre. This is also affected by circumferential grooves. A large number of grooves also contributes to the effective removal of water, wet snow and dirt from the contact zone with the track surface. Distinctive features of Cordiant All Terrain - Cordiant All Terrain is an all-terrain tire that is perfect for jeeps. checkers, each of which is dissected by V-shaped grooves, make up the tread pattern. This guarantees high-quality grip and good water drainage. 3D Mod 3D computer modeling 3D computer modeling of a tire optimizes tread design, materials and tire properties. Contact with road Contact with the road surface. The increased contact patch increases the coefficient of adhesion to the surface, which allows to shorten the braking distance and improve the vehicle''s handling. Dissymmetric drawing The asymmetric tread pattern, on the one hand, allows the tire to quickly remove water from the contact patch, and on the other hand, provides excellent grip even on the most difficult turn.


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Revainrating 4 out of 5

Good value for money, I recommend it.

I took it as a wear-resistant rubber for summer / autumn, I am satisfied with the choice. ate autumn 2022: the flight is normal, the wear is insignificant, it showed itself remarkably well in rain and mud, it didn’t meddle in frank offroad

  • 1. The price, taking into account the promotion from the manufacturer with a cashback of 10%, turned out to be 4000. in size 215/65/16 (purchased in July 2022). Free tire fitting of 4 pieces (removal / tire fitting / balancing / installation) for the promotion. Cheaper, probably, there is no other such new rubber among AT. 2. A dirt road from a mound of stones (1/3 of the way to Mangup-Kale, if anyone knows) survived without problems, no damage. 3. They don’t squeal in the heat, they keep the road securely on dry pavement in corners, the tread does not interfere. 4. An unscheduled strength test by running over the corpse of an adult hedgehog (! ) at a speed of 100 km / h was successfully passed. After 2 days, a dozen broken needles were removed from the tire, the wheel itself after a week (thrice fie) does not lower. I believe the highway would have been punctured.
  • 1. Balancing worse than expected, loads 60-80 :( 2. Noisy from 90-100 km / h noticeably, but definitely quieter than the winter non-studded Hakkapelita 3. Welds are sloppy, stick out, apparently already adding imbalance to the tire 4. Pebbles / crushed stone 1-2 cm in size get stuck in the tread. It clatters when driving slowly because of this, but almost everything crashes at speed.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Expectations were not met, average quality.

Eliminate vibration, and if you are going to make promotions, then carry them out without question. As it stands, I believe you to be at the bottom of the pile among tire producers due to the contemptuous attitude you have towards your clients.

  • Price. I managed to catch holes, punch almost all the way through the disk, and maintain a good appearance throughout the rubber.
  • There is a vibration on cold rubber, and you can find it on the road every once in a while. There is a lack of white letters. It took over a month, but the cashback was finally credited! Because 10 days have already passed after the transfer, I am unable to withdraw it at this time.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I am very happy with this purchase, I will advise everyone!

Outstanding tires for a used crossover. The second season I'm skating. Either there were additional holes in the wheelbarrow or the rubber rolled out inside the automobile, which made it noisy. But the tires are excellent, so I don't care about the noise.

  • all-purpose tires. NEW! For an AT, not too noisy. On every off-road, it rows flawlessly, and the spirit is pure joy.
  • Expensive for the rubber release of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

I'm not particularly happy, but basically everything is fine.

I took it to KIA Sorento, after installation, they could not balance the wheels, they said to run it in. Drove 800km. - balanced, but I have never seen such loads! Attaching photo. Noise norms.

  • Price (with all promotional codes and discounts, I took it for 32022)
  • Not balanced

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Everything is fine, there are only minor drawbacks.

In general, normal tires, they behave well on the road, they don’t swim in puddles, they take light off-road in wet mud well, if you lower it and you can climb where it’s more serious, but without fanaticism Has some pros: In modern realities, of course, the price takes light off-road, not particularly noisy Has cons: At speeds above 120 it hits the steering wheel a little, in general, not much, but after a run above 100 km, the hands begin to get tired of it, in two different services they…

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Good product for me, no problems at all.

I bought a second set, on the first one I left for 4 seasons (including trips around Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kola and Karelia) - I am very satisfied With its pros: A good combination of price / quality, a great option for those who want to travel far, and then over bumps and gullies)))) Has cons: There are almost none of them (in terms of noise - do not compare with a highway, ideally quiet AT - there is no

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The purchase brought only positive emotions.

Cordica slipped on. Chevy Niva. Rode for more than a year and a half. At that time, I didn't have a road to SNT in general, but I continued to reside there for the entire year. And once every two weeks, there was a need to transport gas that was contained in cylinders. In addition, the terrain consists entirely of clay, and there are not even any bushes to be seen in the two kilometers that stretch from the house to the road. And the field, as well as the farmers, would occasionally plow and…

  • All. (maybe I'm lucky. Mercury, perhaps?) Perfect for the Chevrolet Niva. Rubber is used "both in a feast and in the world" - specifically for living. There is a healthy balance between the properties of traction and digging. Rubber will not transform the access road into a tank track, but it will remove the access road entirely. This is the most significant benefit available. I filled the tank up and took off. This is the same thing as figure skating on clay, if you've ever seen that. It does not dig, but for some inexplicable reason, it manages to cling to the surface in the literal sense in places where, well, it would appear that there would be nothing at all. It was possible for me to come to a stop, use the toe of my boot to pierce the grass by five to ten centimeters, then go back behind the wheel and continue driving as if nothing had happened. There were several places where it fell through, but getting around in such areas is really tough. After thirty thousand kilometers, there was still eight millimeters of tread left, which is excellent.
  • Nothing at all, in its purest form. They started buzzing sometimes on certain grades of asphalt that were getting closer and closer to Bashkiria. Things settled down as we got closer to Hong Kong. Dislikes deep ruts. She does not engage in self-flagellation and does not offer advice to others. The primary issue with this rubber is that (I don't even know how to phrase it)............. MT rubber. They are too dissimilar to one another. The MT kills the turf much like a milling cutter would, and in muddy conditions, it operates according to the concept of "I don't feed myself and I don't give others." It is strongly recommended that hikers on the AT avoid the locations where the MT has been.

I think normal tires for operation all year round on a PERMANENT all-wheel drive, the nuances of control on ice can be taken into account in advance. You can’t travel through the swamps, but for this you need to prepare a car specially. The main thing is experience and a head with brains! Has some pros: Really very good tires, during the operation I revealed only one significant minus, on even smooth ice the car is not controlled at all, at all, you go by guessing every bump in the road with a…

Revainrating 2 out of 5

It was a bad idea to buy this, money wasted.

We put this rubber on a Chevy Niva 205/70 R 15. As I already wrote on the squeak and asphalt, it keeps excellent, but in the mud it just stops clinging after the first 10 meters. In the winter Amtel Nord, the master of this rubber practically refuses to go, only the center lock saves, on the Amtel he never turned it on at all (he changed his shoes late, so there is something to compare with)) . in appearance, it looks beautiful in profile, but if you look from the front: complete squalor, the…

  • Pretty tihaya. Po asphalt keeps well both in dry weather and in the rain, sees itself well on the sand.
  • Through the dirt on 3-

Revainrating 1 out of 5

My money is wasted, the product is terrible.

Bought on Pajero Sport in size 245/70/16. Here is my opinion DO NOT BUY THEM EVER! Wheel imbalance, tires "jump" in different directions. Somehow they balanced it, after 90 km / h the whole car shakes, it’s impossible to drive, it’s hard to imagine what will happen with the suspension and running gear. The official distributor in our region took the wheel for examination and recognized only one wheel as defective. I threw off everything for them, because according to GOST R 52900-2022, the…

  • Drawing
  • Imbalance Tire curves The car shakes at speeds over 90 km/h (although the maximum speed on the tire is 210 km/h)

I bought it on the first generation RAV4 with a dimension of r16 215/70. In my opinion, in terms of price-quality, this is the best offer on the market. They look pretty good and ride on moderate off-road and at the same time do not bother with noise on the highway. Quite wear-resistant and energy-intensive for small irregularities. Balanced without problems. In general, everyone is satisfied. If you feel sorry for the money for branded counterparts, then you can safely take it.

  • Price, balanced tread, swallows bumps well, good drainage, wear-resistant
  • Perhaps not as effective braking as on conventional road tires.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A really necessary purchase, glad I found this product.

Excellent model. I threw it on the Kia Sportage Grand in early spring. Perfectly holds both wet asphalt, and small icy conditions, snow in some places. They balanced normally: for the dimension 235/75/15 - a maximum of 60 grams - I think it's excellent. I expected the appearance of noise, it is not audible, in any case I do not hear. maybe someone from the prevered hears . I recommend.

  • price and quality

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Just super, it's beautifully made, I'm very happy with it.

For Chevy Niva: Compared to the standard Kama - heaven and earth, the car, as they say, went. I was so impressed that I even wrote a review for the first time! I have not climbed in the mud yet, but, judging by the tread, the average off-road is quite capable. Its pros: I put it on ShNiva after the standard Kama. Feelings - as if he had moved to another car: the dynamics improved noticeably, the noise disappeared, a roll appeared. Previously, I had no idea that tires could change the behavior…

In general, rubber justifies its cost by 99%. If your head is on your shoulders and there is no wind in it, then you can use it all year round, but it’s better not to! Time will tell how many seasons it departs, but for 10,000 km. wear - no. Has pros: 1) Price. 2) Normally rides on the asphalt, on the country road so generally wonderful. 3) She was leaving for almost a year: the protector remained the same as it was. 4) Now there is already a decent amount of snow + ice in places, I don’t…

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I am delighted, the product is really worthy.

super tires for a good price, I was very surprised that the rubber holds very well on ice - below I will post pictures of which road it holds, and it slows down perfectly and does not blow away when cornering, and there is almost no slipping (on ice) on a normal road, it’s a fairy tale in general, it holds any road except for strong mud (I have front-wheel drive, it can be better on 4vd) she doesn’t care about ice, crushed stone, fine and medium dirt, there is no aquaplaning at all (it was…

  • excellent tires, took for the summer, this summer will be the second, keeps the road perfectly, moderately soft, moderately hard (up to zero degrees soft) rides well in fine mud, drove calmly 200 km on gravel, no cut, nothing, very reliable, no hernias, no cuts, no punctures, they don’t let down even on old disks, with a minus road it keeps even on ice
  • there is a little noise, but I think it depends on the noise of the bottom and arches, I don’t have it, but it doesn’t bother me, it doesn’t hold normal dirt at all, that’s all))

Revainrating 4 out of 5

The product is really good, I'm glad I purchased it.

The tires are relatively new - no one has rolled on it for more than a year. It was purchased in June for a Toyota Estima car with a dimension of 205/70/15, for light off-road and forest paths. Yokohama Geolandar A / T-S G012 tires, very popular among crossover owners, were also considered, but the price tag was inclined towards Cordiant. The experience of using Geolandar was also on the previous car, so I will compare these two rubbers. 1. Noise. Replacing the old Barum Bravirus rubber with…

  • Price, manufacturer
  • Controversial - not suitable for winter use

I bought this rubber in size 245/70/16 for my UAZ Patriot. Passed on this rubber 10,000 km during the summer season, was in the mountains of Altai, Sayan. This model pleased with low noise levels, very comfortable soft, the car is adequately controlled on asphalt. As for off-road qualities, I didn’t go into heavy mud on it, but everything is fine on the gravel road, there was no damage. I consider it a very worthy option for the money, I took it at a price of 4500 per wheel in May 2022.

  • Low noise level, comfort, passability
  • not made in 2022

04/21/2022 I liked the tires. I have not used tires of the All Terrain category before, I can only compare them with the standard (Mazda BT-50) Bridgestone Dueler, which have worked out their job. Significantly heavier in weight. Rigid. Not well balanced. At the tire shop they advised me after 1000 km. mileage rebalance the wheels again. Rubber surprised noise comfort. On the track for aerodynamic noise it is not audible. At all. Marvelous. Pit, goes well. Already tested on light off-road…

  • Price, noise comfort.
  • Not yet determined.

As far as wear, I can't say. Let's see what will happen next. But could and more carefully refers to the output of products. We are talking about both balancing and marking (on three tires out of 4 there were no points-marks for the balancer). Well, we must remember that these are summer tires with a mud pattern. In winter I will wear winter clothes. Has some pros: Silence! even in comparison with the Pirelli Scorpio STR, but the drawing is meaner. The drawing is interesting, muddy. Rows in the