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acoustic system jbl partybox 310 ru black logo

Matches the description completely, very satisfied.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I am satisfied with the purchase, the quality of the low ones is at a height, it plays an order of magnitude deeper from the network, the high ones sag when powered by a batterySee full review

trouver power 11 cordless vacuum cleaner, white/red logo

I was surprised by the quality for this price.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

So, after watching the Dyson commercials, the wife said "I want a Dyson. " But that an analysis of the current state of the market for hand-held vertical cordless vacuum cleaners was jointly carried out and, in terms of price / function, the choice fell on this device of one of their Xiaomi ecosystems. The vacuum cleaner was ordered on aliexpress for 11,324 on 06/20/21 and was already delivered by courier on 06/26/21. Wife independently and quickly) unpacked and assembled it. A test run over theSee full review

car speaker dl audio barracuda 165 mm logo

I want to note that the sellers did their best, the kit comes with a brand sticker, and Vanyuchka, nishtyachki to the glory, thank you very much.See full review

cordiant off road 205/70 r16 97q summer logo

What will take place during the winter is still uncertain. However, in my opinion, it is comparable to the ordinary season. and the huge checkers make it much better, in my opinion. The purchase is quite delighted overall. I wish I had purchased it sooner. All-purpose tires that are good and affordable. If you let up a little pressure on packed snow in the winter, it is fairly usual. And it accelerates faster than any winter tires on loose snow.See full review

10.2" tablet apple ipad 2019, ru, 32 gb, wi-fi + cellular, silver logo

4. At the time of the game or in the process of drawing, for example, a useless notification may pop up that your iPad has 20 percent charge. After all, there is an indicator that you look at at a convenient moment for you. Yes, this low battery notification would be nice if it were turned off, but without such an opportunity, it often creates inconvenience for many gamers, popping up at a crucial moment, thereby distracting from the game. 5. A very strange error that appears extremely rarely, bSee full review

electric breast pump lactea smart double, beige logo

My husband and I ordered the Lactea breast pump even before the birth - one friend, with whom we went to classes for expectant mothers, advised. At first I was surprised that it was so cheap compared to others, but I decided to buy it anyway. So far I have bought a set for one breast, but I am already satisfied: quite a lot of milk is produced at a time, but at the same time, the breast pump does not cause any pain or discomfort when pumping! And this is considering the fact that I have very senSee full review

dry food for cats applaws grain-free, with chicken, with salmon 7.5 kg logo

Zip-locks that aren't pulled in too tightly, and it's best to keep the packing in a cool environment! Large packs in general, but none with locks. However, the meal is delicious. I strongly suggest! Has pros: About two years ago, we started eating this brand of food exclusively. Enhanced absorption of nutrients; the wool became dense and smooth! The kitty seems to like its food. I have no preference, but fish must have the worst diet! Consists of: The meal in larger quantities is prepared differSee full review

elizavecca witch piggy hell pore control with hyaluronic acid - 1.7 oz. logo

I was worried that they would not deliver the original, as this is one of the most counterfeited brands. Fortunately, the experience was in vain. The original came, the qr-code worked, the other signs on the package also confirmed the originality of the product, everything is fine. When buying, it was amazon that acted as the seller. Pleasant serum, a few drops are enough for the whole face, the liquid glides very gently when applied. It's too early to talk about the results, I used it only 2 tiSee full review

dolce & gabbana eau de toilette light blue pour femme, 50 ml logo

Below are some advantages: Everything has such a lovely appearance, like a velvet box or a bottle with a cork. Con: Due to the fact that the atomizer did not start functioning correctly straight away, they were unable to reach the smell. Therefore, there is no purpose for it. It's really too bad. It's a good thing I didn't hand it over to them as a present.See full review

hair dryer coifin ek2 r extra korto 2 ionic, black logo

Has some pros: Good hair dryer, small size. Already dropped, nothing broke. Powerful, at maximum speed, shoulder-length hair dries in 5 minutes, but, of course, without styling Cons below: The air blows out very hot, and the cold key is not conveniently located. Sometimes you first have to turn the hair dryer in your hand, then pressSee full review

smart speaker vk capsule mini, marine blue logo

The difficulty was one - to decide on the color. Everything, then Marusya is everything herself. Your business is to link an account in FB or make an account by phone number. The column will then make a service acc itself, and music will be pulled from it. Marusya adds the necessary compositions to the tracklist by the understandable command “add to my playlist”. Column selections will also be available. Everything suited me by sound, I can’t name any flaws. The whole family is happy with the puSee full review

combined coffee maker polaris pcm 2020 3-in-1, black/silver logo

I've been using it for over a year and everything works great. At the time of purchase, it was the only budget model with the ability to brew both capsules and ground coffee. I make milk froth using a battery-operated Ikea cappuccinatore and warmed milk. Different pros: 1. Versatility: 3 in 1 for any type of coffee, 2 drink volumes 2. Compact, takes up minimal space 3. Build quality and materials, not noiseless but quiet 4. Ease of use (you can add water without removing the entire water tank, wSee full review

car seat group 0+ (up to 13 kg) maxi-cosi cabriofix, essential graphite logo

All in all, a good chair. Its pros: 1. Stylish design 2. Quality materials 3. Carrying handle. If the child fell asleep in it, it is easy to transfer it right in it (although you will have to carefully unfasten it). 4. They say it's very safe. Has some cons: 1. In my opinion, it is inconvenient to adjust the length of the belts when the child is already sitting. 2. It seemed to me not very stable. 3. It is uncomfortable for a small child to sleep: the head falls to one side. 4. Placed onlySee full review

cordiant all terrain 215/65 r16 98h summer logo

Bought on Pajero Sport in size 245/70/16. Here is my opinion DO NOT BUY THEM EVER! Wheel imbalance, tires "jump" in different directions. Somehow they balanced it, after 90 km / h the whole car shakes, it’s impossible to drive, it’s hard to imagine what will happen with the suspension and running gear. The official distributor in our region took the wheel for examination and recognized only one wheel as defective. I threw off everything for them, because according to GOST R 52900-2022, the maximSee full review

children's 2-wheel city scooter techteam city scooter disk brake 2020, white/pink logo

Bought for my son's birthday! The holiday is ruined. The steering wheel is crooked, not adjustable, the leg does not hold, the scooter falls, the height adjustment latch has failed at the ends, the rear boot-brake is set crooked. Collected right at the point and returned immediately! We managed to raise the price by 700 while I was waiting for the order, since there is Waldberiz, I will order it at the same price! I wrote in support to give the opportunity to re-order at the same price, sent in See full review

electric scooter ninebot kickscooter max g30, up to 100 kg, black logo

In general, this scooter model for the city is almost ideal. It is strong, securely welded, can easily withstand a healthy man. High-quality insulation and high-quality assembly. A lot of weight, but a very large power reserve, if you don’t need it for trips to the nearest store, but for work or just a good ride. But the scooter is purely urban, even the limit of 25 km is already sewn into it. If you want to ride through the forests, through the meadows, then this is not an option.See full review

hand pump, 29 cm, 68612 intex logo

If you actively pump, it will take approximately 25 minutes to inflate a double mattress. It is obvious that it pumps for a longer period of time in comparison to other, larger pumps; but, in general, there are no complaints; in fact, its size is even an advantage because it does not occupy a significant amount of room.See full review

electric scooter xiaomi mi electric scooter 1s, up to 100 kg, black, cn logo

Pros below: Quality, accelerates quickly, the charge lasts for a long time. Got cons: There was a slight creak in the steering wheel when driving on a nervous road.See full review

michelin pilot sport 4 s 215/35 r18 84 year old logo

235 35 19. Rigid sides, excellent grip in the city even on cold pavement, relatively quiet, did not even expect. I won’t say anything about wear yet, I didn’t drive much. How she will show herself on the track - I will add later. after two months and 350 km on the race track Rubber is good, but not championship. At the current price and availability (I speak only for my size) - a good choice. Now while I drive Korean sports tires while it is summer and warm, Michelin loses a little on the tracSee full review

yokohama ice guard ig55 205/60 r16 96t winter logo

And yet today, 09/24/2022, I bought it again. Live in Hong Kong. In 2022, after reading reviews about it, I decided to stop at it. I took 185/65/15, I took bluebird sylphy for Nissan, front-wheel drive, taking into account the recommendations, it was run in about 500 km, I drove the car carefully, skated for almost three seasons, sold it together with the car, said that the rubber was one season, they believed. For all the time he got stuck only once, put him on his belly, but again, where grandSee full review

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