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htc htc vive flow vr helmet 64gb 75hz black logo

I got the impression that this is not the most successful product for the money, but it can find a consumer. pico4 has a better viewing angle and more games, but the weight is felt. You can’t sit in it for a long time (at least, you need to buy additional pads for convenience), and the battery on the back of the head does not allow you to work with the helmet lying down. Quest 2 has a better picture and a lot of games, but the weight pulls forward a lot. This helmet (vive flow) is just like a hiSee full review

tool set bort btk-46, 46 pcs., black logo

For the money it is quite adequate and fine set. I won’t say that soft metal was used in the manufacture - I recently used bits, and so I had to make a serious effort. In general, although Chinese, but made in - for sure. Everything that is in the set is necessary, I can not exclude anything. Boxing is compact, the latches are reliable, it can be seen visually Different pros: the tool has strong metal, the right arsenal (everything you need), a good case Some cons: spacious casting for the tool See full review

alesis debut kit electronic drum set logo

As a complete beginner, I decided to take something cheaper. Regretted almost immediately. I want to save you some nerves - don't buy the debut kit, find something with normal pedals. Ideally a kick pedal with its own pad. What's in the debut kit, those wah pedals, is a nightmare. A bunch of false positives, which, as a beginner, constantly knocks me off the rhythm. And it is realistic to replace the pedal separately only in theory - in practice, they cannot be found separately on Ebay or on salSee full review

grill kitfort kt-1655, black logo

I was lucky to get this electric grill. I am happy to use. I cooked a lot of things on it: meat of various types and types: chops, steaks, etc. I recommend everyone to purchase this model! The grill is definitely worth the money!See full review

jabra elite 4 active wireless headphones, black logo

There is nothing extra to add. With all the advantages, the disadvantages are so critical (except for the last one) that I categorically do not recommend them for purchase. And the most unpleasant at the same time, I don’t understand at all how to replace them, even for 15k. Sony WF1000XM4 - big, like LinkBuds S - but also officially in 2022 now. Huawei and Samsung - well, such a thing, given their binding to their own ecosystem. I look towards Pixel Buds Pro (I have a Pixel phone), but even herSee full review

32" tv tuvio full hd dled on yandex.tv platform, stv-32fdfbk1r, black logo

I don’t recommend buying it, it’s a very stupid TV, Alice can’t figure it out at all, from the word at all. Turns on 1-2 minutes. TV channels are loaded as if from the Internet, for a very long timeSee full review

xiaomi miiiw oversized leather cork mouse pad 900*400mm mwmlv01 brown logo

Only light mice ride well on it. Heavier ones, when you want to budge, they seem to be glued and effort is needed. Logitech had to remove weights from my mouse under this rug. By the way, the rug itself became completely smooth in almost a week.See full review

shimano tourney system fc-ty301 175mm, 42-34-24t, unprotected black logo

The connecting rods fit well, but it’s a shame that the cordon is torn and all with a bag in fuel oil, I understand everything that they wanted to sneeze at us, but 400 was not worth the deliverySee full review

anatomical orthopedic pillow with memory effect, 55x35x11/9 cm, high density, white logo

With its pros: Holds the shape of the head and neck, long. If you are very tired, you can immediately fall asleep and sleep well. Different cons: Very hard. I lay down as if on a brick. It takes a long time to get used to.See full review

yokohama bluearth-gt ae-51 215/60 r16 99v summer logo

Zhenya put this rubber on rapid, Yokohama has established itself as quite quiet and wear-resistant. With her wife's low mileage, one such set will last her longer even than the manufacturers recommend. I have had the same tires for the third season already, and I also like them in terms of grip and handling.See full review

cordiant snow cross 195/65 r15 91t winter logo

Operated on astra h. Bought these tires to replace Pirelli. At first there was a negative attitude. there was poor handling, roll, excessive rocking, but after running in (500 km) everything was fine, though the pressure was raised to 2.1 (195 * 65 * r16). . On dry pavement they make noise, but not much. For me, handling is a priority, the braking distance in this regard is a good impression. Quite soft and small bumps pass quite comfortably. I thought that in the 2022n Federation they can’t mSee full review

sunding sd-558a bicycle computer 27 functions black/silver logo

Be careful with the magnet holder) looks so-so. I measured the length of the wheel, entered it into the device, the indicators for speed and distance correspond to realitySee full review


The parcel arrived, with two boxes punched through. The product is deformed! The paint is off! Will it work? ! Delivery service you are GREAT!See full review


Pros: Build quality and materials in general. Form, convenient to stick on the table (double-sided 3M adhesive tape and degreasing cloth included). Different cons: The assembly is Chinese, despite the fact that "Germany" is written on the product card. Despite the overall quality of materials and assembly, we managed to insert the USB ports crookedly (it does not affect the functionality, but you expect a better fit from a surge protector for such a price tag).See full review

mountain bike (mtb) stels navigator 900 md 29 f020 (2022) black/red 17.5" (requires final assembly) logo

The disgusting behavior of Market, which once again showed the quality of its "service". Wasted a lot of time and money for nothing. I strongly do not advise you to buy technically complex goods on this site. Technical support works at the lowest level, constant waiting, unsubscribing, they just hold you for an idiot.See full review


I have been using the crab system and this relay for more than 5 years, for all the time I changed 1 relay and bought it as a reserve just in caseSee full review


Chose A330 because of functionality. Sony's main feature is LiveView with fast autofocus. Switching to LiveView, you continue to take pictures without noticing the difference, sometimes not even paying attention that you are looking at the screen, and not into the viewfinder)) Macro shooting is a pleasure. With LiveView I shoot about 10-20% of the frames . . The matrix starts to make noise at ISO 400, but tolerable, ISO 1600 only in extreme cases. In cloudy weather, at aperture 5-5.6, you have See full review


Recommended for lightly soiled, non-greasy surfaces. Otherwise, it is better to treat with something more effective first, and then with this weak remedy. Summary: good spray, but only against dust)See full review


Vacuum cleaner power - enough for tiles and laminate Suitable for you if the room is minimalist and there are no carpets Got pros: Many items included (nozzles, filters, cloths, storage bag, stand) Steamer operation (very possible) I’ll take the air outlet on the sides here (on the contrary, this is an advantage, because when cleaning in the corners or edges, everything is blown to the center and picked up with a vacuum cleaner and a rag) Convenient wire holders Convenient vacuum cleaner containSee full review


The beautiful grill was purchased as a Christmas present. Works well, made lovely steaks with vegetables. It was delicious! They wanted to take a photo, but after cooking, everything is so appetizing that they even forgot the photo. The grill was chosen for a very long time, many options were searched. For a long time I chose an electric grill, I looked, probably, all the models that exist)) The choice fell on this grill in the end in terms of quality and price! And they don't seem to regret itSee full review

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