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Review on Jabra Elite 4 Active Wireless Headphones, Black by Kiril Dimitrov ᠌

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Disgusting, dissatisfied with the purchase.

There is nothing extra to add. With all the advantages, the disadvantages are so critical (except for the last one) that I categorically do not recommend them for purchase. And the most unpleasant at the same time, I don’t understand at all how to replace them, even for 15k. Sony WF1000XM4 - big, like LinkBuds S - but also officially in 2022 now. Huawei and Samsung - well, such a thing, given their binding to their own ecosystem. I look towards Pixel Buds Pro (I have a Pixel phone), but even here there is both an official absence in 2022 (here it is at least clear right away), as well as issues with landing and conflicting reviews about noise reduction / transparency. In general, it is impossible to use these headphones, and it is not yet clear what to replace (((

  • Super comfortable (for me) in-ear fit. I really like that they do not protrude from the auricle and do not cause discomfort when worn for a long time. Good work time. Sound. This is of course the taste and color, but I even really liked it. I really liked the noise reduction and transparency mode. You should not expect miracles, but compared to my previous Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro (that's the name) there are no noticeable sound distortions, as well as no clicks or stutters. Fairly good microphones, given that the headphones without "legs". Strong magnets in the case. You just bring the earpiece closer, and it almost magnetizes itself. I don’t know why many people don’t like it, but the undoubted advantage of these headphones is actually mechanical buttons, which, although hidden under a rubber shell, are still mechanical when there are no accidental “clicks” of the touch panels.
  • The left earbud died after 5 months. It is charging, as evidenced by the blinking of the diode on the case when it is installed in the case, and the diode on the earpiece itself does not light up. Forcibly (long pressing the button) it does not turn on. A full reset according to the instructions did not work. One would think that I'm the only one who got so "lucky", but there are a fair number of posts on Redit and other sites who have had the same problem and not only with this model. Haven't found a solution yet. Jabra left 2022, and therefore sales of all devices are not official and without the support of the manufacturer. This affects not only the fact that faulty headphones cannot be repaired or exchanged under warranty, but also that the Jabra Sound + app stops “seeing” the headphones after the first setup due to the geoblock. You can't do without dancing with tambourines, just as you can't do without this application for ating the firmware, adjusting the sound, noise reduction power and transparency. In other words, you can only set up the headphones once (( Well, yes, the case is flimsy, although this is not such a significant drawback as the others.