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Wrist watch CASIO A-168WA-1, silver Review



Very good

Revainrating 4.5 out of 5  
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Description of Wrist watch CASIO A-168WA-1, silver

Vintage Casio watches will be a great accessory for every day. The model is made in a popular retro style and is equipped with the most necessary functions. Quartz watch. Electronic (digital) way to display time. Electroluminescent display backlight on the side with afterglow after pressing the button. Watch with stopwatch, time is measured with an accuracy of 1/100 of a second and a maximum measuring time of 1 hour. Function of a daily alarm and a sound signal about the expiration of each hour. Automatic calendar. 12 and 24 hour time format. The watch case is made of polymer plastic, stainless steel bracelet with adjustable fastening. Plastic glass. Battery life up to 7 years. Accuracy +/- 30 sec per month. Dimensions 38.6x36.3x9.6mm, weight approximately 51g.


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With regards to the plastic case, I will say this, even if it is made of metal and you hammer it a couple of times on something equally strong, the presentation will also be damaged. I do not like watches with scratches, dents or cracks on the gl, so I immediately get rid of them, and if you wear it carefully, then the plastic case is not a hindrance.

  • Frankly, I don’t know what I have, a replica or an original))) Painfully the price was low. Well, almost like the price of bitcoins from gypsies at the Kiev railway station)))), But I confess that I bought it purely because of nostalgia for bygone times. At first glance, the watch seemed to be well made, I decided that at home I would rummage in the internet and find out all the differences between the replica and the original. From the second glance at the watch, the opinion has not changed about their good appearance)))) As a result, I did not find a single difference from the original. On the other hand, the cost of them with current technology, RIP bucket. And moving them around 2600+ is just ridiculous. In general, I am satisfied with the watch, I have been using it for almost a month and have not yet found any problems. And if a problem ever pops up, then this is not the case to worry about the lost money. Just understand correctly, I described my view of this watch, maybe someone will be interested in such a philosophy))) Good luck to everyone !
  • Well, except that there are not those very notorious 16 melodies. The bracelet could be in several lengths. They sat on my wrist in a .

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A valuable purchase, some advantages!

Different pros: Just a classic, nowadays they are already considered vintage. Before that, I wore a smart bracelet, but it didn’t work for me, although the watch is cheap, I like it more. Its cons: Soft metal, small impacts leave dents and scratches. Therefore, if you plan to do manual labor, it is better to remove them.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I am very happy with this purchase, I will advise everyone!

The Casio watch is an icon of the 1980s and 1990s. It is a perfect match. A metal bracelet. However, it does not weigh very much. There is a light shining from behind. I am satisfied. Who appreciates the classic look. Take it, you will not regret it.

  • I had a lot of appreciation for the watch. The delivery is quick. The packaging is in its entirety. market 5 points.
  • They are nowhere to be found.

Some pros: the watch is like a watch, it's not worth waiting for much, everything is as in the description Some cons: I didn’t find it, at least in the assessment of these watches (not that it’s a drawback, but when I straightened my hair with my hand, part of the hair was chewed by them)