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The idea of ​​​​the model of this table for 5 with +. It is very convenient, compact, aesthetically pleasing in terms of the ability to remove all wires, a laptop and all sorts of things that are not constantly needed inside the table. I immediately took 2 of these tables instead of one large one, they stood up perfectly in the allotted space. Now about the sad part: the tables are delivered almost completely assembled (only the legs need to be screwed on). However, for an almost assembled produSee full review

wireless mouse redragon mirage, black/red logo

The scroll encoder is a problem. After a month or two it becomes impossible to work. An autopsy showed that the problem is mechanical and is solved in a good way by soldering the encoder to a new one, because. used the cheapest and lowest quality option. I don’t have time to look for spare parts and do preparations, so the mouse itself, alas, becomes a donor of details. If the matter does not rest on the wires, it is better to take a wired one. I think you can find cheaper and better quality.See full review

jonnesway automotive tool set s04h624101s, 101 pcs. logo

Hello everyone, I purchased this set on October 24, 2022. I have been wanting to buy it for a long time, waiting for discounts. I used to work as a jonic, I have only positive impressions, I won’t talk about the strength of the knobs and heads, you yourself know very well. The case comes with everything you need and more. Very good ratchets, with minimal backlash and ergonomics. Pleased with screwdrivers, very comfortable and pleasant grip. I purchased it for a car, because a lot of the tool wasSee full review

coiled cable rexant 01-0045, 305 m, black logo

I bought a priest a reason to stretch the net into the house in the yard. I was afraid that there would be problems without a screen, but everything is fine, not a single gap.See full review

trussardi my land eau de toilette, 100 ml logo

A very cool scent is an analogue of toilet water in the form of a grenade from the 90s called goodbye weapons. I recommend it to all the boys. Checked nostalgia will not let you go. . Some pros: Gentlemen, those who passed 90-2022 to you here. When the first time I puffed, the feeling of deja vu did not leave me. Something painfully familiar smell from the 90s. With its cons: The fact that I did not know before that my favorite smell is backSee full review

continental contipremiumcontact 5 195/55 r16 87 year old logo

With its pros: Holds the road well. In the rain through deep puddles passes smoothly. Its cons: On potholes in the asphalt, you need to be careful, it can break through. Sides are weak! !See full review

flowing electric water heater electrolux npx 12-18 sensomatic pro, white logo

The device was purchased for a separate bath. The bath is used about once a week. Since it is cold in winter and the water in the pipes can freeze, the use of a conventional water heater per 100 liters is very inconvenient, it is constantly heating the water, and when washing, water would have to be saved, in addition, the size of such a water heater will take away a significant part of the "wash room" room. Instantaneous water heater has helped to avoid many of these inconveniences. You just neSee full review

goodyear eagle f1 asymmetric 3 225/55 r17 97y summer logo

Drove 1,000 km - city and highway, Goodyear tires are very soft, so it's scary. I was driving along the highway in heavy rain - the tires are stable, I didn’t feel rutting (I was driving along the M-2 to Hong Kong), once I hit a puddle - so the tires dispersed the water, there was no aquaplaning, I drove like on rails, 140 km / h. Returned in the evening the temperature dropped to +3 and the speed had to slow down, maybe the tires are purely summer. Tires chose 2 months. I want to add informatioSee full review

32" tv tuvio full hd dled on yandex.tv platform, stv-32fdfbk1r, black logo

All the shortcomings lie in the firmware, because there are no complaints about the hardware. The TV often falls off the Wi-Fi network, and until you manually go into the settings and switch on and off, it refuses to look for a network. Apps crash frequently. Example: if you watched YouTube and decided to go to Kinopoisk, then with a probability of 50% the system will throw YouTube out of memory, but it won’t launch the right one either. If the developers finish the above-described jambs, then tSee full review


Soft rubber in moderation. The protector looks to be hooked. I don't think it will be noisy. Tomorrow I will install and add a review if I do not forget)See full review


I recommend to buy. Pros: He copes with his tasks with a bang. Excellent build quality, good set. Allows you to overclock your processor. Has some cons: Perhaps the size, but this must be taken into account when choosing.See full review


Simple, inexpensive watches, time shows what more you want from them. Has pros: Laconic design, strong case, water resistance, accuracy of movement. Has some cons: The holes on the strap have two positions - tightly overtight and dangling on the handSee full review


Personal takeaways from using it.Has some pros: I was very surprised) by wifi, it works relatively fast) Cons: well, it is ated very often)) well, this is not a drawback))See full review


Providing an honest assessment.Its pros: Lightweight table tripod with standard thread. Has cons: It is made only of plastic, there is no metal frame in the legs.See full review


At first, I parked three times an hour. After loading halfway, I began to park every 8 seconds. I had to keep the video file turned on so that the heads would not park. After a full load, parking stopped altogether. a black series disk. A month later it started parking again every few seconds. I bought another one, the second one is also constantly parked. I have to keep both disks in HD file playback mode, then the heads do not park. over two years.See full review


Different pros: Powerful processor, gorgeous screen, 120Hz, great sound, capacious battery. With its cons: Of the minuses, the lack of Google services, and then everything is solved))See full review


For my spayed cat, this is the perfect food. He eats everything down to the last crumb. There are no problems with digestion now, she is active and playful, the coat is shiny, dense. The food is not large in the form of triangles, with a special texture of granules that clean the teeth, as a result there is no smell from the mouth.See full review


It was possible to safely buy at 3.5 kW, since it is completely satisfied with the temperature. I bought it for 6.5 kW because of the reviews that it does not heat. For those who do not heat, I advise you to check the wiring. I also advise the manufacturer to make it possible to connect the heater to the tap, thickening the plastic will cost a maximum of 200-300, and the number of bad reviews about something that does not hold pressure (although it should not hold pressure) will decrease and theSee full review


This year I chose tires for a long time, I could not decide. As a result, I decided not to reinvent the wheel and take the proven Yokohama, but a different model. Geolandar G057 has not rolled before, but the quality of the manufacturer has always suited me. This time they didn't disappoint either. Rubber gently walks on the road, does not make noise in the cabin, even when driving out of town and at high speed. Holds grip well and wicks water well.See full review


Bought 2 months ago. I am specifically writing a review late, because I wanted to understand all the impressions about this rubber, to ride on snow and ice. Only the first 500 km were noisy, after running everything is fine. before that there was pirelli formula ice tires, almost the same in terms of noise. Very soft and comfortable tires, pits and bumps absorbs with a bang. They grip the asphalt very well too, so far everything suits on ice. I traveled on wet snow, rowing is excellent. There isSee full review

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