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Coiled cable REXANT 01-0045, 305 m, black Review



Very good

Revainrating 4 out of 5  
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Description of Coiled cable REXANT 01-0045, 305 m, black

Cable UTP 4PR 24AWG, CAT5e, outdoor (OUTDOOR) (bay 305 m) REXANT. Unshielded twisted pair, conductor material highly purified oxygen-free copper, gauge (24 AWG). Sheath material - PE (PE). Scope of cable: - Local networks of general purpose. - Home networks. - Small business networks. - Computer networks. - Data networks. - Telephony. - Digital television. - Video surveillance systems (IP-cameras). - Security and access control systems. - Highly specialized networks (commercial equipment, warehouse networks, production networks using non-standard peripheral equipment, such as machine tools, CVTs, printing machines). A twisted pair cable connects and transmits a signal between computers, computers and a server. Certificates: The use of the cable is regulated by the Customs Union Certificate of Conformity (EAC). The twisted pair cable fully complies with the requirements of the ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B.2 standard and the international standard ISO/IEC 11801 2002 Edition (Edition 2). Technical description: The cable has 8 (eight cores), four pairs (4PR) Conductor Material: High Purity Oxygen Free Copper, 24AWG Conductor insulation: High density polyethylene (HDPE), 0.9 mm diameter Shielding UTP: no shield External insulation: PE - polyethylene (PE), thickness 0.5 mm Overall cable diameter: 5.1mm Cable bending radius minimum withstands 8 (eight) external cable diameters Frequency range: 1-100MHz Working temperature: -60.+60 °C, laying and installation of cables must be carried out at a temperature not lower than -10 °C Packing: 305 m coil / two coils in a box. Service life: 25 years


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Revainrating 5 out of 5

The purchase brought only positive emotions.

Works, I recommend. Has some pros: I took it to connect cameras with PoE. High-quality conductor did an excellent job with the delivery of food) True, the distance from the source in my case was gentle - from 4 to ~ 20 meters. Different cons: Didn't find it. The price is more expensive than that of a non-name with an incomprehensible section, but for such veins it is more than adequate.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Just a terrible product, very upset.

The seller systematically changes the price tag from 199 for 305 meters to several thousand, which frankly fools buyers about the real value of the goods

  • Couldn't check
  • Instead of the ordered 305 meters for almost 300, the seller hurried to send a meter, which costs 30 in stores, Durilovo pure water