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fog led headlights 4 lenses (white + drl) / lada , xray, granta ford/mitsubishi/nissan/opel/ 90*90*78/ 12-24 v / 50 w / 2 pcs logo

They look good, to connect the "angel eyes" and turn signals, you need to apply "+" to separate wires. The connection is simple. Got pros: Made well. The ring glows white. They also connect to the turn signals and flash orange (turn signal backup) With its cons: If the diodes burn out, you will either have to disassemble and solder, or completely change the PTFSee full review

osprey stratos 36 trekking backpack logo

Its pros: Everything (almost). I have been using this bag for over a year. Cons: The slings of the main straps when wearing a backpack rub against the zipper on the pockets of the belt, on the left I almost wiped a hole. Advice to designers - make the main webbing strap higher so that it does not touch the zippers of the waist pocketsSee full review

video recorder digma freedrive 303 mirror dual, 2 cameras, black logo

Great product for the money, good value for money. Conveniently and thoughtfully done, because there is a reg and a rear-view mirror. So you can’t even say that there is a camera, you can’t see it from the outside of the car. Pros below: Good camera, great viewing angle. For the money, excellent shooting quality both during the day and at dusk. Cons: The mount is not very convenient, I hung it up and now I'm afraid to take it off. But why shoot at all?See full review

cable hoco rapid x1 usb - apple lightning, 1 m, 1 pc, white logo

If there is no desire to read the comment for a long time, then here it is without "water": from 20% to 95% - 2.5 hours of charging. Do you need it? No? we pass by, choose another wire! We don't think and we don't doubt. Let's go see another item! Gone? Well done! And now with "water", for those who like to read comments: At first I thought it might not be the original wire, but it seems that all the inscriptions are there. There can be no talk of any 2.4A there. 1A the very edge is in question.See full review

antifreeze coolstream premium 40 1 l logo

I've been flooding the Chevrolet Cruze for like a year, only my hands have reached the recall. Everything is fine in cooling, the system is in order.See full review

blood pressure monitor and ua-777 with large cuff and mains adapter logo

No comments to the manufacturer, they made a compact and fairly simple model that accurately calculates pressure. We have been convinced of this for half a year.See full review

shimano br-m375 caliper black logo

Replaced the rear brake. Got up without any problems. When set up, it brakes well. Let's see how it will be under weight and load. Weight 210 grams.See full review

32" tv tuvio full hd dled on yandex.tv platform, stv-32fdfbk1r, black logo

Great TV for your money. Shouldn't be ated. Wrote above. . Works well. Convenient remote control and menu for switching between applications. I bought it for myself, to use it, and bought it for my mother's dacha. It’s also convenient, when you turn it off from the remote control, it goes into standby mode and when you turn it on, it turns on at the moment at which it was turned off .See full review

backpack dakine 365 mini 12l faded grape logo

The backpack is very good, the only negative is that upset the delivery. I chose the date and time to be accurate for my birthday. As a result, the delivery time was postponed and brought to me 2a days later, the courier arrived at the beginning of 12 at night, and even payment by card did not work.See full review

transmission oil ford motorcraft mercon lv, 85, 0.946 l logo

Filled with a partial replacement in 6f35. The box has become softer to turn on, in cold weather there is no strained howl of the turbine, dispersing the thickened liquid. while all the rules. I think in a month I will change the oil again in order to ate by 75 percent and not think another 50 thousandSee full review

4joints powder (300 gr) (apple) logo

It dissolves easily in an ordinary glass, you can add it to any fruit drink, sometimes I just add it to tea, it turns out delicious. Good for joints, good for bones, good for skin. I will take!See full review

precision screwdriver set 25 in 1 yxcp-tools with repair bits, compact size logo

Interesting kit. For rare cases, disassemble something most it. FIG knows, of course, how strong they are, but in appearance it seems to be nothing. I am attaching some photos for reference.See full review

thickness gauge rdevice rd-990 lite + galvanized gauge, turbo gauge, ruby ​​gauge logo

Compact, lightweight, easy to use thickness gauge. From time to time I help my comrades with the selection, so this device is just a must-have. Ordered on the market with delivery, no difficulties arose. Thanks to the seller, I recommend the device.See full review


It was one of the saddest purchases of my entire life. With a rather high price of 27 thousand, there is no feeling that you paid for a real thing. Let's start with the fact that the body creaks ugly at the bottom, and for this it is not even necessary to somehow bend it, just hold it, and the frame creaks. Box made of cheap cardboard. The complete absence of accessories - even with the lousy Prestigio bought a couple of years ago, there was a case and all the necessary adapter cables, and thSee full review


Not worth the money it's being sold for. Red price 700 Pros: Compact and practical. There are basic tools. Minimum for home use. Got cons: The quality of the tools is 3+. I was very surprised that a company related to Xiaomi makes such a g.See full review


Sharing my candid thoughts.Very happy with the charger. Charges everything at once. Super fast charging. And it looks classy. I recommend.See full review


Excellent drug. Tangible effect. I recommend. True, do not expect from the very first dose to get rid of pain and discomfort in the joints. Take it regularly and you will feel better.See full review


When connected through this adapter, the image is not displayed. Actually, neither the monitor nor the computer define each other. The DP plug itself hangs inside the case.See full review

32-piece screwdriver set in pencil case, screwdrivers for repairing smartphones, glasses, electronics, toys logo

There are all the necessary sizes, the set is not suitable for serious repairs, although this is clear from the descriptionSee full review

cordiant snow cross 195/65 r15 91t winter logo

Noisy, yes, but it doesn’t walk on ice, it digs like a tractor in loose snow, you won’t find better rubber at this price. 2nd year, loss of spikes, one or two per balloon.See full review

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