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cpu cooler deepcool gamma archer pro, black logo

I was looking for a cooler with a 120mm fan and PWM for socket 775. The case is narrow, so the tower one will not fit, but this one is just right. Now all the coolers in the system unit (and there are 4 of them - for blowing in / blowing out, a system unit cooler and a processor cooler) are 120 mm in diameter, the system turned out to be quiet. A few tips: 1) - on the "ring" that is attached to the motherboard, where special clips are inserted in the form of "studs", there are jumpers, dependiSee full review

32" tv tuvio full hd dled on yandex.tv platform, stv-32fdfbk1r, black logo

Pros: FULL HD picture quality for a reasonable price and Alice's support Has cons: Very often ated, which sometimes interferes with watching TVSee full review

hankook tire kinergy eco 2 k435 175/65 r14 82h summer logo

Sharing my firsthand view.There was no information about Kitvy. Let's see how they show themselves. The quality seems to be normal.See full review

electric scooter midway i- max pro gray (18000 mah, up to 40 km/h, 600 w) logo

Some pros: Moderately fast, you can go far on a single charge (with my weight of 86 kg, I drove even further than the manufacturer claims), well made Some cons: Too heavy. This is not visible in the picture and video and it seems that the scooter is not so heavy. In fact, this is a misleading feeling.See full review

refrigerator biryusa 110, white logo

Service centers refuse to repair, denying that if the refrigerator does not cool, this is normal. In one center they sent them to hell and sent them away, in another, white-handed women generally work. One such "navel of the earth" came - "They sent you to another center, but I came to look so good, bothered" I myself have not a single tool in my suitcase, only a couple of pieces of paper, more like a courier, who is also afraid to get wet in the rain . He said that the refrigerator works well, See full review

electric scooter kugoo m4 11 ah, up to 120 kg, black logo

Has pros: The child really liked the scooter - a solid look, interesting design, in short, there is something to brag to friends. Got cons: The price is certainly not low, if it were cheaper, of course it would be better.See full review

car compressor swat swt-106 60 l/min 5.5 atm silver logo

Pros below: Really good performance. Small size, adapter for connecting to the battery. Adequate cost. Different cons: The fastening to the nipple is twisting. The last century - they could put a quick release.See full review

hdmi to vga adapter converter hdmi to vga + audio, 1080p, hdmi 2 vga for monitor, tv, laptop, computer, ps3, xbox, pc logo

I connected a VGA monitor to a DVB-T2 digital tuner. Everything works. The only drawback is a lot of wires. VGA wire. HDMI wire. 5 volt power supply with USB output. . After I bought a TV with an HDMI input.See full review

jonnesway automotive tool set s04h624101s, 101 pcs. logo

In addition to this set, I bought only: 1) a socket head with a square bit for unscrewing plugs for draining oil from the engine and gearbox. 2) socket head with TORX 60 bit (maximum TORX 55 in the set). Has some pros: Probably the best tool kit for self-repair and maintenance of the car. The build quality is excellent. Of the tools, there are all the most frequently used and more. Different cons: Bits (TORX, hexagonal and others, located in two plastic holders) rust. I found out after the forceSee full review

digital piano yamaha p-45 black logo

Branded keyboard friend with great functionality for the price A painfully familiar example for whom this device is suitable: children who begin to comprehend playing the keys at a music school, but whose parents have a rather limited budget: they can be tempted by prices of 10, 5, and sometimes even 2 thousands for Ebay for all sorts of "Volga", "Octave", "October" and so on. But firstly, you can run into a non-tunable instrument, and secondly, not every master (you will still spend money on itSee full review

adapter baseus usb type-c - usb type-c / mini jack 3.5 mm (l41), black logo

So waiting for the adapter and so disappointed. Unfortunately, the adapter didn't work. Neither headphones nor charging work through it with the iPad.See full review


The market also tried to steal money. Probably someone will say a trifle, but for 50-100s from 1000 people and already a great profit per day! When placing an order, delivery cost 249, and when you pay already 299. To which they answered well, if you don’t like it, cancel it! Well said!See full review


So: water from a 70-meter well, having passed all the stages of purification, enters a storage tank that cannot be disassembled over time, microorganisms get there with water - which begin to multiply there at the room temperature of the storage tank - forming bacterial mucus on the walls of the storage tank that spoils both the water and your intestines., - if you are ready to buy a new filter every couple of years for 10,000, then this product is for you, I would not recommend it even to enemiSee full review


To raise sales, the description indicated the production of Germany, but 2022 (Lukoil) received it. I could not return the money yet. More than three weeks have passed.See full review


I liked boxing a lot. In addition to the fact that the box looks very aesthetically pleasing, the plastic itself is painted very high quality, the color is glossy black metallic. All internal fittings are of very high quality and work like clockwork. Although the box latches automatically, the lock is locked separately with a key, so you will not forget the keys inside the locked box. At a speed of 110, if the box is empty, then it becomes audible (I don’t know how it is with full clogging, haveSee full review


Its pros: The set comes with two gorgeous nozzles. Magnetic, for relatively short screws, and a nozzle for long screws. If you push the outer tube forward on it, then it, not allowing the screw to warp too much, will allow you to tighten self-tapping screws with a length of at least 150, even longer, with one hand. What is also valuable - there are no random bits in the set. All of them are designed to be used in these two nozzles - short bits - in a nozzle for long self-tapping screws, elongateSee full review

grill red solution steakpro rgm-m805, grey/metal logo

let's start in order, what immediately attracted attention was the design of not only even the grill, but also the boxes, plus the company, removable panels were important, they are here, the grill can be deployed to its full length, I cooked kupaty for the first use for testing, it turned out to be fried inside and a crust (not black) plus, I also bought a steak, decided to try it according to the recipe (book included), chose the mode until fully cooked, I was also satisfied with the result, tSee full review


The stand is awesome. Stylish, functionally meets all the declared characteristics. Very easily soiled, a perfectionist's nightmare, in terms of drop marks. If that doesn't bother you, then this is the stand for you. I wipe my rack endlessly .See full review

computer headset a4tech hs-28, black logo

Pros: beautiful, comfortable for me, the volume control is very convenient)) the sound is also normal and not expensive))) Got cons: the microphone is not very good (they hear me as if I'm sitting in a bank (((See full review


Here's my take on this item.Got pros: Overall good tires, except for lateral strength Has some cons: Pierced a tire in the countryside a week after purchaseSee full review

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