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Yes, it really flashes ; -) In order for this particular board to be detected in Win10, you need to download the drivers from here: Then, in the device manager, select USB-Ser 2.0 or something like that in other devices, there, respectively, select the driver manually and select the folder where you unpacked this archive. After that, the Arduino IDE sees the port and the board and everything immediately works like clockwork. There are also drivers for Mac and Linux. But I have not tried it See full review

smartphone apple iphone 14 pro max 256 gb, dual nano sim, deep purple logo

The ability to choose a 1 terabyte version is a definite plus. A high-quality 48 megapixel camera from SONY, as it should be in the best traditions, is a definite plus! This phone has a faster LPDDR5 RAM, which is also a definite plus, since this type of memory is included in the low power consumption segment, which is clearly reflected in the battery life of the smartphone. The processor, unlike the same 13 Pro, is also higher-frequency, since a different architecture is used. At 13, the size oSee full review

luxvisage pin up ultra matt lipstick 524 bella logo

I guessed with the color. I really like this color. I searched for a long time on Ozone but found it here. What I liked here in is that the color of the lipstick matches the color in the picture.See full review

l10 pro cleaner navigation by dreametech logo

Some pros: Very well orientated in space. Very cool suction dust on carpets. Some cons: If you have tels on the edges of the carpet, then due to the high power of the motor, it can them in and get stuck.See full review

frame trampoline bondy sport 8ft 244x244x220 cm, blue logo

A year has passed since I started looking for a trampoline for my kids to use. Because I am an athlete myself, I considered all of my options carefully before making my decision. After making the decision to purchase this trampoline, I had no regrets. Simply put, children aged 8 years old to 3 years old do not climb out. We came up with a bunch of activities, and the kids play them and jump in it themselves, and we made sure that everything was as safe as it could be! I am really pleased with thSee full review

convector noirot spot e-3 plus 1000, white logo

I ordered three more of these convectors, sometimes they give us heating later, we have to freeze, that year I bought one, and now, while prices have not risen, three more.See full review

smartwatch amazfit gtr 4 46 mm wi-fi, superspeed black logo

Has pros: battery, screen, quality of sensors, dials (+ they are in AOD mode) Cons: sometimes the screen flickers when the screen is turned off or on a gray background (maybe from the cold, until I understand)See full review

sleep mask routemark, stroboscope with a pattern art. lebedev studio multicolor logo

Its pros: the design of the mask is better than many masks I have tried, the outer side is tactilely very pleasant. Its cons: there is irritation on the forehead, inconvenient to wash, you can not pull out the soft part in order to wash the shellSee full review

bridgestone blizzak dm-v2 215/60 r17 96 winter logo

Disappointed, at temperatures of 0.-10 on ice it absolutely stops holding. The effect is unstable depending on the chemistry on the road and temperature. Sometimes you can "fly" unpredictably on ice. At -15 and below, there are no complaints. Thought how is it possible? - the rubber looks like suede. Sometimes it clings to the surface, and sometimes wet porridge with ice sticks to it. I highly do not recommend. I would change to the old blizzak. This porous technology is extremely vicious and unSee full review

trixie litter separating system turquoise logo

Placed an order No. 5522582 on the website from the phone in 5 minutes. There were no goods in our city. For self-delivery, a date was offered in 7 days, and by courier with delivery in 2 days. Of course, I opted for free shipping. The courier brought the goods from the neighboring city right on time W called ahead of time and was polite. I recommend the store, I put 5 points for the work. The toilet is just super, very high quality. The cat appreciated it.See full review

smart bracelet xiaomi mi smart band 7 global for russia, black logo

Pros: The model is excellent, but I don't see any purpose to purchase more than six models. With drawbacks: No matter how far away I was from the phone, I was constantly detached from it.See full review

jacket nike therma park20 cw6157-451, size s, dark blue logo

I was looking for a jacket by analogy with the one that has already served flawlessly for a long time and has proven itself in the best way With its pros: the jacket is very light, the weight is almost not felt, it is pleasant to wear, fits snugly to the body, can be rolled up and put in any bag or package, does not take up much space it fully complies with the declared characteristics in terms of wind protection and water resistance, these are its main advantages, you feel completely protected See full review

children's sneakers sneakers nike star runner 3 size 28.5. foot length 17.5 cm. logo

Sneakers for a leg of 19 cm with a margin of 1-1.5 cm. The insole cannot be removed, it's hard to say for sure, I think as it is written on the tongue - it would be ideal for 19.5 cm. My daughter is 6 years old, they took it for running and sports activities. Hard heel, excellent sole (for sure they will not slip), very very light - weightless! It closes with one Velcro, the child puts on / takes off without any problems. The leg is held in a sneaker without Velcro - even if you jerk your foot, See full review

xiaomi mi mijia air humidifier (mjjsq02lx), white logo

It makes noise, but not much, if it is not at the head of the bed, then you can sleep peacefully under it. The light from the power indicator interferes more - it is very bright, I had to stick it with a piece of paper)See full review

trimmer philips oneblade pro qp6510/20, black logo

As someone who has used electric devices for the face before, including three razors and a universal styler, I can state that the device does an excellent job of performing its functions, which include trimming and styling stubble or a short beard. It is possible to give them the outlines of a haircut, and if desired, they may even be shaved, but the quality of the shave will not be as great as it would be after using a razor (the state will be approximately the same as it would be in the eveninSee full review

play rito foldable trike black logo

I do not recommend this bike for purchase, this is a complete (misunderstanding). The basket that is on the rear axle of the bike is constantly splashed due to the lack of fenders over the rear wheels. It is impossible to control the so-called parental handle, you have to constantly steer and the handle itself dangles. Before that, the older child was bought a bike of a different brand, which was more reliable and handled perfectly without any backlash. This bike is good when standing still.See full review

viomi v2 max robot vacuum cleaner, black logo

For the money, it's a great vacuum cleaner in my opinion. One of the main requirements when choosing was the presence of a dry and wet cleaning mode at the same time, this vacuum cleaner copes with this task with a bang. He builds and remembers the map well, he doesn’t hit walls and objects, he doesn’t say “stupid” phrases, which is also a plus for me - everything is just on business)See full review

clumping filler cat's best smart pellets, 10l logo

The advantages greatly outweigh the disadvantages. When the classic filler of the same company was used, it adhered very strongly to the paws of a long-haired cat, and moderately adhered to the paws of a short-haired cat. Because of this, I had to constantly vacuum, because despite the closed toilets and various rugs, after each trip to the toilet, the filler scattered around a lot. And with this filler, the situation has improved dramatically.See full review

cosrx korean aloe vera juice sunscreen | aloe soothing sun cream 50ml, 85g, 50ml logo

I ordered two spfs for comparison, this one came first, so there is nothing to compare yet, but I would like to note that for problem sensitive skin prone to redness from any even the most gentle cream, it fit perfectly, I was even pleasantly surprised. When applying 1/2 teaspoon on the face for 20-30 minutes, it was well absorbed, almost does not whiten the face, fits perfectly under makeup. There is a wild heat in Hong Kong now and he fully coped with all the declared functions, which I cannotSee full review

vacuum cleaner dreame v11, gray logo

A vibrating plate between 11 and newer T20, the choice fell on 11. Their price is almost the same, in T20, a removable battery and a more recent design are pluses, but I didn’t take it because I didn’t like the automatic turbo brush, which itself regulates power depending on the surface, all the same, I want to manage this moment myself, plus they had a brush marriage at the start, many wrote that they break in the first months due to the assembly curve, but the removable battery is not a panaceSee full review

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