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Smartphone Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max 256 GB, Dual nano SIM, deep purple Review



Very good

Revainrating 5 out of 5  
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Description of Smartphone Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max 256 GB, Dual nano SIM, deep purple

A magical new way to interact with iPhone. Innovative safety features designed to save lives. Innovative 48MP camera for amazing detail. All of them are equipped with the latest smartphone chip. With a ceramic screen, more durable than the glass of any smartphone. Waterproof. Surgical grade stainless steel. Introducing Dynamic Island, Apple''s truly innovative hardware and software solution. It plays music, sports scores, FaceTime and more - all without distracting you from what you''re doing. The display is always on. Always ready. A display that becomes 2 times brighter in the sun. Now the lock...


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Revainrating 5 out of 5

I'm very happy with the product, it's very satisfying.

If this is not a problem for you (applications do not work) and they cannot be transferred from the old iPhone of banks that are under , etc. and they are not even in the App Store, then everything else is fine

  • New original phone
  • From the old iPhone, applications of banks that are not copied under , only icons for example Tinkoff, Amazon, MKB and others, as well as NTV-plus and even Rambler

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I am amazed at how well the product is made, just magically!

The ability to choose a 1 terabyte version is a definite plus. A high-quality 48 megapixel camera from SONY, as it should be in the best traditions, is a definite plus! This phone has a faster LPDDR5 RAM, which is also a definite plus, since this type of memory is included in the low power consumption segment, which is clearly reflected in the battery life of the smartphone. The processor, unlike the same 13 Pro, is also higher-frequency, since a different architecture is used. At 13, the size…

  • Fast o. Memory LPDDR5, more efficient processor on the new architecture, modern version of Bluetooth
  • The back cover.

Because assistance is being discontinued, it is important to prescribe the settings for the distribution of the internet. Quality of the communication system with no alterations. You will still be able to pay for Apple services through mobile operators up until the end of the year 2022. Has some pros: Simply said, a new phone is always a new phone. Face recognition happens in what seems like a split second when it works so well. All of the services are operational. Display and cameras of a high

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The best thing for the money, I'm glad I chose this option.

Various advantages: To put it another way, the top)) is a very great device; the screen is wonderful, and the battery lasts for an extremely long time. Having these drawbacks: It is probably not worth switching from 12 or 13 pro and max to run, unless there is an irresistible want to feel new chips, which, although there are, are not so significant for me. If there is such a desire, then it is probably worth switching.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A great option for this money, I definitely recommend it!

Has some pros: In general, I think everything is great, and nothing is broken. Great camera. The vendor is fantastic; they brought, examined, assisted, and provided a check. The charge is beautifully preserved. A few drawbacks: the first day was quite warm, but things are back to normal today. The previous one had to be changed due to this very reason. However, I complete my work almost entirely without putting down the phone, so the possibility exists given this.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The purchase brought only positive emotions.

As the owner of an android flagship, there is something to compare with. No, everything is convenient, not everything is thought out, but there are undeniable advantages. So the balance is perfect. Many thanks to the seller! I recommend you to all my friends.

  • A lot of them. Basically the camera of course.
  • Not without it, but there is a balance

Bought as a gift, the person is happy with everything Got pros: Solid, good phone. Big screen, great camera. In one phrase, we can say that all functions are top-notch Has cons: High price. For people who have been on android or older iPhone models for a long time, it may be unusual for them not to unlock the screen with a fingerprint

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Just super, the product is made wonderfully, very satisfied.

Delivered quickly and on time. All as agreed. Dali check Got pros: The main thing is the price, maybe it was much higher for competitors. Build quality and so on at height, original products. Cons below: Payment only in cash, in our time it is not very convenient, especially considering all sorts of cashback programs and so on.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

One of the best offers, glad I bought it.

Delivered very quickly. The seller is friendly, helped to activate and check for originality on the site. Showed me where to look. I recommend.

  • With the purchase saved several hours of working time. Works fast. Well, iPhone, what can I say. The original, of course. All good.
  • No

Revainrating 4 out of 5

I am completely satisfied, item complies with description.

If you are not a photographer, but just took out your phone and took a picture and are not going to professionally process the photo, then you don’t need about max, take 14 plus and save a good amount

  • The phone itself is cool no doubt
  • Strongly protruding cameras

Hello! I bought 14 pro Max for 512 GB from the seller IP Makeevich K. A. Phone if I'm not mistaken, French. Well packaged, arrived on time. A nice bonus to the phone from the seller, Cover and protective glass! Thank you seller and definitely recommend! Happy shopping everyone 🙋

  • Original
  • Not identified

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Good quality product, I rate this purchase excellent.

I bought Iphone 14 Pro Max 1TB Deep Purple from the seller GOODSTORE. RU Initially, I ordered Esim + Sim, but after a couple of hours the manager called and said that only Sim + Sim (China) was available with the parameters I needed. For me, this is not critical, but it was embarrassing that the price remained unchanged - 150,000, that is, it doesn’t matter what slots for SIM cards you have in the store, the phone costs the same, although comparing with competitors, the cost varies depending…

  • I have been using Iphone since 2022, first it was 6, then 7 Plus, then 11 Pro Max (512). As expected, switching from 11 Pro Max to 14 Pro Max turned out to be cool - changes in the camera are directly noticeable, the interface is smoother, color reproduction is better, and 120 Hz for games is generally flying away! Innovation with Dynamic island was also to our liking. Outwardly, everything is also good, stylish and harmonious, the color is Deep Purple.
  • Always on Display - it seems to me an overly hyped thing, and I turned it off already on the second day, because it feels like it eats a charge much faster. I would like Apple to return the charging blocks to the box package again - you have to buy too much if you take someone as a gift.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I am very happy with this purchase, I will advise everyone!

A good replacement for blogging gadgets like Osmo pocket. It can partially replace the camera (with certain skills and knowledge, you can shoot commercials). Must-have for Backstage. Pros: Shooting video, smoothness and quality. Variety of modes. The sound is good. The battery is also good. With its cons: Changed some quick settings, it's not clear how to switch the battery to save mode quickly (it was through the right swipe down). There is some list of functions where this can be done by…