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video card afox geforce gt730 4gb (af730-4096d5h5), retail logo

Not a bad product, nothing extraordinary.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

For some reason, the seller did not indicate that new drivers should not be expected for her. Yes, it doesn't match the specifications. One good return issued without problemsSee full review

smartphone apple iphone 14 pro max 256 gb, dual nano sim, deep purple logo

Bought as a gift, the person is happy with everything Got pros: Solid, good phone. Big screen, great camera. In one phrase, we can say that all functions are top-notch Has cons: High price. For people who have been on android or older iPhone models for a long time, it may be unusual for them not to unlock the screen with a fingerprintSee full review

video card gigabyte geforce rtx 3080 ti gaming oc 12g (gv-n308tgaming oc-12gd), retail logo

The first time I took the Rtx 3050 Gaming OC 8gb 3x trio from Gigabyte and was completely satisfied with the cooling, now the Rtx 3080 Gaming OC 12gb 3x trio is also satisfied, despite the reviews that it is hot and the 100+ memory heats up. Took for 89kSee full review

smartphone xiaomi poco x4 pro 5g 8/256 gb global, dual nano sim, laser black logo

I am delighted, the product is really worthy.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

An excellent smartphone, I didn’t take it for games, for the average user everything just flies, it didn’t slow down at all. Very happy with the purchase.See full review

ring selfie lamp led rgb 26 cm desktop color with phone holder and selfie bluetooth remote control logo

If you consider this purchase as a complete set (remote control / tripod / lamp) - then be prepared to be upset, they may not report the Bluetooth remote controlSee full review

smart bulb yandex with alice, base e27, 8 w, rgb color logo

In general, it’s cool, of course - to control your voice, different modes, but how the main light will be dim, for a floor lamp it’s ok or you need a chandelier with several lamps, but then it’s expensive.See full review

wrist watch diesel master chief dz1206 quartz, waterproof, arrow light, anti-glare glass, silver logo

The watch was purchased as a gift. Large dial, heavy for a large man. Third year of use. Even the battery has not been changed yet. You can see the time in complete darkness, you can swim and dive shallowly. The watch has withstood several drops on tiles, but still shows the exact time. Cool and reliable watch.See full review

cablexpert mini jack 3.5 - 2 x rca (ccab-02-35m2rm), 1.5 m, black logo

Got pros: The quality of the materials, did not break, did not bend, did not stretch over time, does not catch pickups, the jack is not bent, it works with a bang with the indicated amplifier Different cons: On the side of the tulips, uncomfortable caps had to be unscrewedSee full review

floor fan vitek vt-1948, black logo

No complaints, I recommend to buy.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

The nut for fixing the blades has a reverse thread and, accordingly, the reverse torques of twisting and unscrewing. He worked in the heat without a break for 5 days in a row. No overheating - Excellent.See full review

wiha 7103 adapter inch micro bits logo

Total length 25 mm. The landing depth for bits is 8.2 mm. The seat is 4.1 mm wide, and the microbits themselves are 3.9 mm thick. Adapter wall thickness 0.9 mm. Adapter weight 4 grams. See full review

transcend ts64gjf750k 64gb jetflash black logo

What you need, a cool purchase, I advise you.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

In general, a good flash drive. Recording, unlike many competitors, goes without jerks, the speed keeps stable. But the body leaves a lot to be desired. ) See full review

philips ep3246/70 series 3200 lattego coffee machine, black/silver logo

It's not a bad product, nothing extraordinary.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

I bought this coffee maker a little over a year ago. All this time it works fine. What upset - the quality of the cappuccinatore. When buying, I bribed its easy cleaning - I dismantled and washed any tubes. Now a little over a year - and the cappuccinatore is already out of order. Due to the impact of steam in the channels of the glass, the plastic is destroyed. Already now it does not close tightly and in the process of preparing a coffee drink, sometimes milk, sometimes water drips out of the See full review

tire michelin primacy 3 215/55 r18 99v logo

Great quality, happy with it one hundred percent!

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Stood on VW Golf 4 from 2022 to 2022. The wet grip of the Primases is excellent in my opinion. Despite the fact that they fell in love with me in the tavern, saying that there were 6 drainage paths, but it turned out to be 4, I didn’t even think when buying that 6 grooves did not exist at all in nature (at that time), but a maximum of 4, with they do their job very well. There is no aquaplaning whatsoever. The car stays on its trajectory and does not float; when flying into large puddles, the tiSee full review

📷 canon ef 35mm f/1.4l ii usm lens: precision and clarity, lens only logo

If there are grandmothers available for this lens, you should get one of those. In that case, going with the first 35 is your best bet, and you shouldn't stress about it. The modifications are not particularly noteworthy, but the lens has a greater potential to soothe the spirit or the inner ego. Got pros: So! It has a sharper focus! If he could get a little sharper, maybe everything would be perfect there.) Right now, I am unable to do aberrations at all; I shot against the light, etc., and I'mSee full review

🎥 logitech c270 webcam: crystal clear video and superior quality logo

If the top of the monitor is particularly spacious, you should exercise extra caution. In this situation, the use of forceful repair will not be effective. Kamka will lie on it. On the other hand, it is very dependable and stays in place unless you actively move it with your finger.See full review

🎧 panasonic rp-hje125e-w - ergofit design in-ear headphones logo

The most incredible headphones! I was surprised to learn that for 400 dollars, you can purchase ears of such a high quality. The headphones have a low price, an excellent sound quality, a comfortable design, and they do not fall out of your ears. I strongly suggest it to everyone!See full review

💪 amd fd6300wmhkbox fx-6300 black edition: 6-core processor with unparalleled performance logo

The cores come first. Each of the four 8xxx modules has an instruction decoder, a floating point math, an integer math, and a block of L2 cache built into it. If we are working with integers, then the stone has eight cores; if we are working with fractional numbers, then it has four cores. To summarize, the stone has eight cores. Now we will discuss the chipset. If the dilemma of which chipset to use is still on the mind of the dear reader, the solution to this conundrum is as simple as peelingSee full review

canon eos 5d mark iv logo

In 2022, the 5D4 is a technologically old camera. For the same price, the secondary market can provide far more compelling options, such as the mark 3 plus an excellent supplementary lens. Since the new lines of kenon optics have already been launched for this system and the older EF optics can be mounted using a native adapter, Tem. who is in the market for a new item now might want to consider the EOS R5.See full review

🖱️ logitech m187 wireless mini mouse: compact and convenient mouse for on-the-go productivity logo

I have been using solely these mouse for the past five years; due of their small size, they are quite convenient; but, over this time period, four of the pieces have malfunctioned. A mouse of this kind requires replacement once every twelve months. I use a computer quite a lot. With its positives being: Extremely relaxing and cozy. After that, it is difficult to locate something that is suitable since you become so accustomed to it. Even if it does what it's supposed to, it gives the idea that oSee full review

📱 black xiaomi redmi note 5 global smartphone - 6/128 gb logo

I believe it will still be relevant in 2022 and for at least another two years. FOR YOUR MONEY, TOP! The phone is 1.5 years old as of June 30, 2022, thus naturally the battery doesn't last as long, there are minor lags, and it gets very hot when playing games. Generally speaking, you can still utilize it, but its usefulness is limited. Even the manufacturer says the product has a two-year service life. The phone is powered on and will get MIUI 12.See full review

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