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horizontal bar, parallel bars absolute champion athlete 98 cm black 9.6 kg logo

Different pros: Everything is going well, the design is reliable, fastening is also enough if you do not break holes in the wall, it keeps normally. Cons: I didn’t like the fact that the rubber handles are too wide in the horizontal bar mode, and it’s not so easy to move them, and even moving it to the maximum, the grip is still very wide for me and in this version the square tubes to which the crossbar is screwed interfere. The rubber grips could have been made wider so that I could adjust the See full review

extender xiaomi mi power strip 3, xmcxb01qm, 3 sockets, c/c, 10a / 2500 w white 1.8 m logo

Bought as a gift, the person was pleased. Pros below: A very handy thing, now there are many devices with Chinese plugs. Now you do not need adapters, which are shaky and usually of poor quality. Cons below: The extension plug is Chinese, it's like downloading the archiver in the archive)))See full review

multitool xiaomi nextool (kt5024), black logo

It is not entirely clear why there is an unfixed armchair in the set. In the first week, the scissors lock broke - they no longer work. Conclusion: so-so craft.See full review

synthetic engine oil idemitsu zepro touring 5w-30, 4 l logo

I really like the oil, I switched to idemitsu a long time ago. Lew constantly, I change only depending on the time of year, the main thing is to choose Japanese, although Zepro is good because it comes in a tin and is difficult to fake.See full review

western digital wd blue sata 250gb sata wds250g2b0a solid state drive logo

after installing this ssd in a PC, the percentage in performance increased by about 30-40, and if you have an old PC and it makes noise like an airplane turbine, then this is definitely a sign that you can change the old and shabby screw to a new super fast SSD, as in my opinion it is the most cost-effective and also acceptable option in terms of qualitySee full review

car compressor berkut spec-15 44 l/min 10 atm black logo

I'm very happy, it really is worth buying.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

So, as this is, first of all, an auto-pump, it must be equipped with two nozzles on the , one is quick-removal, the other is threaded, for different occasions, and balls and mattresses do not matter.See full review

smartphone apple iphone 14 pro max 256 gb, dual nano sim, deep purple logo

Doubt to take or not. We saw a couple of bad reviews that did not inspire confidence. The phone came, completely original. Sealed as it should be.See full review

carob coffee maker de "longhi ecp 31.21, black logo

I knew what I was taking, my mother-in-law has 332022, so it’s quite difficult to describe the advantages and disadvantages of what I’m already used to. Coffee is brewing. The taste largely depends on the grinding and roasting and the type of beans, and the coffee maker is secondary, the main thing is that it works.See full review

mfp laser hp laser mfp 135w, b/w, a4, white/black logo

Terrible quality, disappointed with the purchase.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

I absolutely do not recommend. If you sometimes need to scan and print documents, it may be better to take a walk to the service where they do it. I scan documents every couple of months, CONSTANTLY something goes wrong! In general, with such those. support and quality of service and software - this was the last product produced by this company.See full review

sailun atrezzo elite 225/60 r17 99v tires logo

Subjectively, after bald tires rides softer. The tire fitter highly appreciated the quality of the rubber, although he was initially negatively disposed towards the Chinese quality.See full review

viatti bosco 237 a/t 225/60 r17 99h-3110043 logo

I bought a car on these tires with a mileage of 45,000 km. and 4 years old (the car was equipped with them from the factory). I immediately noticed that the rest of the tread was "fat", but the appearance left much to be desired (tread peeling, cracks are visible in places) on all four tires. How the car was operated and at what pressure they drove is unknown. (The car was purchased in the south, so the representative can not raise the issue of improper storage (tires "from birth" were on the caSee full review

inkjet mfp hp smart tank 515, color, a4, black logo

The product is of poor quality, I do not advise.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

I think most of the reviews here are faked because this printer is actually the most epic technological set-up you can stumble upon. On paper, everything looks solid, but as soon as you buy (I took it from M. Video), neither the store nor HP itself will confirm any inconsistency with the declared characteristics or any other of your dissatisfaction. Just put it on and rolled up the sleeves.See full review

riveter stanley mr33 0-69-833 logo

I was surprised by the quality for the price.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Overall size -25.7 in length. When folded, the most protruding parts are approximately 8 cm wide. The total size of the nose with a die for riveting is approximately 5 cm. There are 3 such dies for riveting in a set - 3.2 mm, 4mm and 4.8 mm. The key for changing the dies is included, the total length of the key is 8 cm. The thickness of the key steel is 1.8mm. the thickness of the body of the riveter itself is 2 mm. The handles say they are made of rubber. But you can't say that right off the baSee full review

automobile halogen lamp osram hb3 9005 12v 60w 4500k 1pc logo

Nice price, good quality.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Just installed, nothing special to write about. Lamps are standard. I have them slightly different, although the characteristics are the same. I put it on Rio 4. On my relatives, the contact was tight, on these there is none. Not so that it hangs out straight, but not like at home either. Let's go and see how things turn out. In the photo in the box is new, in the other photo is native.See full review

viatti bosco at v-237 215/65 r16 98h summer logo

How could such a bad product be made?

Revainrating 1 out of 5

I bought this rubber new, immediately made the collapse, after 15'000 I had 25 percent of the tread left. At first I went to the ruins to give cradles - they showed me the rubber and they say you have uniform wear, this is not a collapse; I went to my mechanic - he confirmed everything is in order with the collapse, it's just wear and tear, as if you drove 50 thousand on it. In short - it's better to take used tires from a normal manufacturer for this money than this goblin. In the photo, the tiSee full review

wheel disk skad marseille 7x17/5x112 d57.1 et45, 11.5 kg, black velvet logo

I had experience using other 16" rims on the Elantra J4. 6 years all year round. Transferred summer and winter rims to those rims. I ruled a couple of times. Maybe I would have left longer, but I sold the car. I have been riding these rims for 2 years. So far there are no problems. They are balanced "I just bought new tires. I bought them for 4900. 12kg weight of the disk. I wrote it as a flaw. But I'm not completely sure that this is a big minus. But they look really cool!"See full review

💪 amd fd6300wmhkbox fx-6300 black edition: 6-core processor with unparalleled performance logo

The FX-6300 is the subject of the review that was written. I have a lot of experience with iron, and I appreciate AMD for the way it handles its price policy. It came as a great relief to me when they announced that they will finally be releasing something worthwhile for the new series, and not these flawed 6100-6200 and other processors with the same number of cores. Changed over from a Phenom x4 965 running at 3.4 GHz. The change was successful on two fronts: first, productivity rose by 10-15%See full review

🎥 logitech c270 webcam: crystal clear video and superior quality logo

Super camera! For her money, it's probably the best one I've seen thus far. Do not expect her to break records, but for the amount that she charges, you will not find anything better. You just need to buy it and plug it into a USB port for it to work. On this, all of the issues that have been occurring with the camera will be resolved. The unfortunate result of the covid outbreak was a significant increase in the price. However, this is how the market works. I was somewhat aback when I saw that See full review

📸 sandisk extreme 64gb microsd - sdsqxa2-064g-gn6ma: enhance 4k uhd performance with a1/a2 capabilities logo

I made the decision to purchase a replacement card for my Nintendo Switch, and I went with this one instead of the Sandisk Ultra card I had previously. Although the switch does not support reading more than 100 megabytes, I generally checked the crystal with a disk and discovered that their speeds are practically the same for reading 98 megabytes and transferring 80. However, people who bought the crystal for specialized tasks like photo and video filming or something else will be upset by the mSee full review

amd ryzen 5600g 12 thread processor logo

Has some pros: The best value for your money. The excellent built-in core Vega7 performs at the same level as the GTX 750ti, and users have the ability to allot as much as 16 GB of visual RAM. This is the entry for games released prior to the year 2022, in case you are not a gamer. Despite this, they are able to play CyberPunk at 30 frames per second. The central processing unit is designed to be reliable for the next ten years, based on the rate of innovation seen now; I've already made the traSee full review

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