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32" tv tuvio full hd dled on yandex.tv platform, stv-32fdfbk1r, black logo

It was very interesting to try the product from with their own services on board, when buying we knew what we were going for Satisfied with the TV, it will perform all its functions poorlySee full review

cordiant snow cross 195/65 r15 91t winter logo

I bought tires along with disks for a new Grant at the end of 2022. In the city, the tires behaved adequately - no difficulties, everything was predictable, standard. At the same time, the rubber also did not demonstrate any super-qualities, although it may be due to an unsuccessful batch or a low load index - a very interesting combination: the rubber is both hard and rolling. Yes, 82T is probably the cause. But, again, this is Grant! Kama-Euro 217 for the summer comes from the salon with the sSee full review

logitech g g502 lightspeed, black logo

A chic mouse took for my money for 8,650 excluding delivery. I highly recommend. But for this amount. Ordered through express. Third-party stores are not adequate prices. I saw a price tag under 20 thousand)) About the mouse itself, the next I am a large man and there was a fear that the mouse would not be very comfortable to hold in my hand, but there is no argonomics thought out and lies like flying in.See full review

induction hob iplate yz-t24, black logo

I advise! Pros: The thing is excellent, completely satisfied. I took it for distillation, 2 kW step by 100, what you need Has cons: Packaging should be more serious. Came in original packaging.See full review

charging station for 2 gamepads with charge indicators playstation dualsense 5, dobe tp5-0528 logo

Useful device, I really like it. Gamepads are constantly on it, i. E. you don’t have to look for them around the house after the children, well, they are always charged accordingly, and they charge quickly enough.See full review

toyo proxes r888r 225/50 r15 91w summer logo

Bought not the first time, on a turbo pelvis💪 Not for civilian use, a very rigid sidewall, very, not every tire changer will undertake to assemble, put on only on a machine with a third hand, otherwise there is a great chance to break the tire or scratch the disc, at least.See full review

tool set bort btk-46, 46 pcs., black logo

Damn it people, this set costs about 1500. (at the price of a 1/4 branded ratchet), but are you serious about claims as to a set for 5000? Interestingly, you make the same claims to the Zhiguli, comparing them with foreign cars? If you want to use the tool on an ongoing basis, then this set is not for you (it will not live even a month in the service), look aside, for example, such sets as Ombra OMT57S (57 items) FORCE 2462 (46 items) Well, of course, they cost twice as much, and we want the coSee full review

engine foam decoking lavr complex, 400 ml, ln2510 logo

I judged the work of the remedy by candles. It was difficult to clean the deposit on the skirt of the candle without a tool even with a metal brush. After several minutes of the candle being in the well of the cylinder filled with foam, the carbon deposits from her skirt were simply wiped off with a rag. I hoped that it would reach the injectors (GDI), and clean the intake valves, but it felt like this did not happen. It definitely didn’t get worse, but the engine didn’t become new either. ProbaSee full review

wheel disk ifree tortuga 7х17/5х114.3 d67.1 et45, hai wei logo

I look at them without a car, no emotions, but when you put them on a car, they seem to change. Love the look of the car with these wheels!See full review

antifreeze coolstream premium 40 1 l logo

I am very glad that Coolstream has not left the market, I don’t know better than Premiuma for my Ford Focus. It was poured in factories, so you can be sure of the qualitySee full review

window air inlet air-box eco logo

Has some pros: works well in a multi-storey building. let's see how it will be in another apartment, there is a weak draft Cons: you cannot select another filter. need to be bought. one size. have to put on several windows at onceSee full review

plumbing pliers kraftool 22065 250 mm silver/green logo

Bought for home and possible professional use. I am very pleased, because for 5 thousand I took the 250th and 180th key for myself instead of one 250th knipex. Very satisfied. The execution is good. The coin bends easily. Covers large sizes. The applicability is limitlessSee full review


There is also a partybox 300, there was not enough power at the parties, someone constantly wanted to make it louder . . we don’t even set the partybox 1000 to the maximum, in the first mode it’s a bass boost, and everything cracks) the sound is top👍🏿 never regretted that I bought . partybox 1000 is clearly not for home, I use it only at parties, for these purposes I took it . the party is rocking with a bang!See full review


Pros: After running in, it doesn't make much noise to my ears. Good brakes. Its cons: Kaliya, you have to be careful with her. But here maybe my experience is not enough.See full review


Purchased in an online store, order 426679. Picked up at Perspektivnaya. If you pick up at Perspektivnaya, then this is a large wholesale base. Be prepared that you can stand in line for an hour and a half, because. wholesale buyers are loaded. Has pros: The candle comes in a blister. After installing the lawn mower, it immediately started up. Has some cons: Not found in product. If you pick up goods at Perspektivnaya, 3, you can run into a queue of 1.5-2 hours, because this is a wholesale base.See full review

car central locking keyless door lock system with 4 actuators for door lock 12v logo

Central lock of good quality, pleasant tactile. After installation and use, I will try to talk about practicality. The seller packed well and securely for shipment. The set is complete. This store shows the responsibility of the seller, I recommend the store.See full review

fishing line, braided, four layers, 100 meters, 0.100mm, rybista rb-wire logo

Pros below: a snotty thread, the main plus is the price - the rest somehow don’t exist. Its cons: it breaks easily with your hands, any hook = breakage of the nozzle, which means that the price of the thread does not matter if you cut off a dozen other spinners and a jig in a day.See full review


Support responded quickly Its pros: I took to replace the burned-out LSA-417 amplifier in the UHF antenna Locus L0252022 purchased 10 years ago - when it worked - the quality was no more than 80%, the signal level was no more than 60-65% and sometimes channels were lost, the image crumbled, etc. I removed the rear housing under the antenna from the antenna and sealed the hole The mustache for receiving a meter signal, respectively, did not become the same I removed the board from the body of theSee full review

air washer with aroma function electrolux ehw-620, white logo

They gave it to children, they have a one-room apartment of approx. 4 sq. m. They say that it has become much more pleasant to sleep - the airways do not drySee full review


My opinion - Nikon D90 is the best device in its price range. I'm pleased with the purchase. The analogs under consideration were: Canon 500D / 550D, Sony A550, Nikon D5000, Canon 40D Got pros: 1) Low noise. You can shoot at ISO 1600 and print 20x30 photos, no noise will be noticeable. ISO 3200 when viewed on a monitor, noise is noticeable, there is a slight loss of color. 2) Very comfortable in hand and in control, I appreciated Nikon's ergonomics to the fullest! It is also very strong and solSee full review

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