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organizer stanley stst1-70720 sort master light, 29.5x21.5x6.5 cm, black logo

The cells of the inside of the box are so-so. It was necessary to carry out a surgical operation by quailing part of the partitions. Although he tinkered with this operationSee full review

oil compressor remeza sb4/s-100.lb30a, 100 l, 2.2 kw logo

From 0 bar to 10 pumps exactly 3 minutes 20 seconds Pros below: Pretty quiet - very noticeable compared to the ELITECH coaxial two-piston (it doesn't matter which company you compare with, they are all loud) The balloon is painted with dignity, nothing rattles or spills inside it, the grate on the belt does not rattle. Everything is fixed and tight. Screwed the wheels, plugged it in - ready to go. Some cons: A small, but still a drawback in my opinion - one quick release for air outlet, it wouldSee full review

cordiant snow cross 195/65 r15 91t winter logo

I bought tires for the first season from lack of money. After Goodyear, she didn’t show herself as a standard, BUT, she served faithfully, faithfully, all winter, lost a spike on the drive wheels and went to the garage (from where she was stolen). Became the choice of new tires. There was money this time, but after reading the reviews, I realized that the Cordiant was very good (in one, the spikes fly out on the Nordman, in the other, the cord cuts on the curb on the gislaved, etc. ). I thought See full review

arctic thermal pad tp-1 (apt2012), 4 pcs logo

I took for the GTX 1060 video card from Palit. We got up like relatives, in principle there is nothing to add, they cope with their functionSee full review

grill de"longhi cgh920d, black/silver logo

Exploiting 4 months with curiosity and intensively. This device is the first. Tried different recipes. Generally satisfied. I recommendSee full review

logitech g g502 lightspeed, black logo

I owned Logitech MX Master 2s and G402. I decided to sell everything and take one mouse for work and games. I did not consider other companies only because of the wheel from Logitech. So I was crazy about the MX 2s wheel and today I received the G502. I was disappointed. Yes, it has free spin, but compared to MX 2s it's like a Chinese fake, there is no sense of control during free spin, the wheel release button is very loud. In short, if you are thinking how can I buy 2in1, then do not repeat mSee full review


Different pros: Stood in place like a native. Works fine. How much is enough - I do not know, we'll see. But so far everything is great. Cons: Haven't found it yet. When it runs out or there are flaws in the print, it will become clear whether the quality is good or not.See full review


It was installed quite successfully on 402dn, to be honest, we were afraid that there would be problems. Of the pluses, there is also a resource, it is cool, the price, of course, is incommensurable with the original, I definitely recommend it.See full review


Cats eat well, but do not overeat. The condition of the skin and coat is excellent, the tray does not smell, when visiting the veterinarian, no health problems were revealed, what else is needed. I tried Royal, I didn’t notice the difference, since you can’t buy it in our village, and Purina is much cheaper, of course this is my choice. From the Purina line, this one is loved more than the rest. I think in terms of price-quality ratio it is quite consistent with the inscription on the package - See full review

sunglasses whitelab thor lumi red logo

There is polarization. They sit comfortably and do not rub, very light. Attention Magnet Thank you In the light of blue does not give. Bark bark don't make their way If the light gets inside, you can see the reflectionSee full review


In general, there are no complaints about the product. It sucks even on the lowest setting. Climbs everywhere, a lot of nozzles, handsome!See full review


The USB-C connector in my copy was not of high quality, it was not fixed and the plastic on it was falling apart. Winding in MagSafe works, charged iPhone Pro Max and AirPods. So the score is 2. The Chinese who assembled the product are punished and in the corner.See full review


It seems that this particular model is old and is discharged by itself. If not for this moment, then I would have come to terms with the most idiotic location of the charging input.See full review

laser level bosch gll 3-80 c professional + bm 1 + l-boxx 136 (0601063r02) logo

I came across a comment to the DEWALT DCE089D1G review, where a person has a similar problem. Most likely, the components and beam projection technologies are borrowed from each other or made by the same Chinese factory. The accuracy of the level and the attitude towards the client of both the SC and the Bosch support are at a low level.See full review


I will not name any specific advantages and disadvantages. Everything suits me. It's been two days since I've been washing dishes in it. Works quietly, launders just fly away. I looked in the instructions and the water consumption is very small. I have never loaded it to the full, but I see that it will fit a lot. In general, for me the most important thing is CLEAN dishes and saved TIME. With this dishwasher, I got it all.See full review


Grilled food is not only tasty, but also healthy. I am engaged in a variety professionally and help others, so I eat exclusively right. Why grilling is good for people like me and those who want to lose weight or just get in shape. Here you can not use oil at all. We also do not use salt, the actual salt contained in the products is quite enough, the grill brings it to the surface, for taste buds. Fish, meat, vegetables - this is quite enough for good nutrition.See full review


Pros: Super constructor. The son has already assembled the car halfway Got cons: Of the shortcomings, only the price) I understand you need to pay for the brand.See full review


In fact, I would give a rating of 4.5, but, unfortunately, this is not possible. There is no point in talking about lighting. The mouse, in general, is good, but it takes a little getting used to the wireless and its weight. The only big minus is the wheel (scrolling down is normal, but when scrolling up, an incomprehensible sound occurs). Also, if you bring the mouse with the base to your ear, you will hear a squeak (does not interfere), most likely this is a side effect of the radio channel. SSee full review


I do not recommend this vacuum cleaner for purchase if you have pets. Due to the fact that every 5 minutes you have to clean the wool, it starts to annoy and you want to finish cleaning, quit this business So I'm sure all the pluses can be found in another vacuum cleaner, and this minus is quite critical Pros: Convenient vacuum cleaner, in the sense that you can quickly take and vacuum a certain place No need to run around the house and reconnect the vacuum cleaner from outlet to outlet The charSee full review


Pretty tough, but so what? Braking is not sporty, but for normal driving everything is ok. Ride on it, but not lie down. It will last longer. With its pros: Price. Handling. track does not throw, although it may depend on the machine. Quiet. Balance in all respects for a city dweller. Some cons: It seems that it does not slow down by 5, softly too. Lateral acceleration also does not seem to hold super. It's ok for unsportsmanlike driving.See full review

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