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squeezer stainless silicone handles pomegranate logo

After trying this gadget in my Home and Kitchen, I was extremely disappointed. The so-called stainless silicone handles' turned out to be flimsy and slipped while I was squeezing .The juice also spilt out uncomfortably and splattered everywhere, making a mess. The only good thing about this product was that it was somewhat affordable..See full review

reusable wedding birthday anniversary supplies logo

My analysis of this product showed that it is a great investment for anyone who loves to create unique gift wrapping designs while being conscious of their environmental impact... The reusable gift bags are perfectly suited for weddings, birthdays, and anniversary celebrations alike. They are made with durable and high-quality materials ensuring that they can withstand multiple USES. However, it would be helpful if the product came in a variety of sizes so that it could accommodate a wider rangeSee full review

reading glasses blocking readers 2 5 logo

After i put it to the test these glasses didnt meet my expectations. The lenses were blurry and gave me a headache after reading for fifteen minutes .The only thing I can say is that they were inexpensive. Unfortunately, you get what you pay for. Save your money and invest in a higher quality pair of glasses..See full review

jinyi wireless electric collars containment logo

We have used THIS wireless electric collar for our dog training and it has made a big difference. Based on our own experience this product provides a humane and effective method of controlling our dog`s behavior .Its range is impressive and the vibration option is especially helpful. We appreciate that it is customizable and comes with a rechargeable battery. However, we wish it came with clearer instructions on how to properly use it. Overall, we highly recommend this product to anyone looking See full review

lamplust multicolor globe christmas lights logo

These multicolor globe lights bring a festive yet tasteful touch to any indoor or outdoor space. The quality is excellent and they`re very easy to HANG .Plus, the variety of colors is perfect for any party or get-together..See full review

goldwheat canvas shoulder vintage capacity women's handbags & wallets logo

This hobo bag is a perfect blend of form and function .Its vintage look adds to THE overall charm of this product. Thanks to my knowledge gained in practice regarding womens fashion, this bag has become an essential part of my wardrobe. I love its roomy interior and the security of its zippered pockets. However the strap could be better padded for excessive weight. Overall, I am thrilled with this purchase..See full review

aegean jewelry wedding engagement anniversary logo

Thanks to my knowledge gained in practice as a jewelry consultant, I have found this exquisite piece to be a truly beautiful representation of womens fashion. The intricate design and flawless craftsmanship are evident in every detail.The pros include a timeless, elegant look that can be worn on any occasion. The only con is that it may be more expensive than other options. Overall, I highly recommend this Women's Wedding & Engagement Jewelry for anyone looking for a luxurious, high-quality piecSee full review

cat scratch deterrent tape 11 8inchx17inchx8pcs logo

This tape did not deter my cat from scratching my furniture. It was a waste of money and only lasted a few hours before my cat shredded it up..See full review

favide 1000pcs connectors birthday valentine logo

As a result of using this product, I found that the connectors were cheaply made and easily broke. They also didn't stay closed, causing me to constantly have to redo my arts and crafts project. The one pro was that there were a lot of connectors in the package but quantity doesn't make up for the poor quality. Save your money and invest in better-made jewelry findings..See full review

permanent adhesive backed vinyl ebuyers logo

My experience using this adhesive vinyl for my scrapbooking projects has been nothing short of amazing. My analysis of this product showed that it effortlessly sticks to surfaces and lasts for a long time... the colors are vibrant and true to what is advertised. However, it is a bit hard to weed for intricate designs..See full review

exotic india dupatta amritsar embroidered crafting for fabric ribbons logo

Based on my experience, this exotic Indian-inspired ribbon is a must-have for those who are fond of crafting .The intricate embroidery is stunning, and its vibrant color would complement any project. The downside is that the material is lightweight, which might not be suitable for more heavy-duty crafting projects. Nonetheless it is perfect for adding elegant touches to any crafting endeavor..See full review

nautica womens heavyweight puffer jacket women's clothing for coats, jackets & vests logo

The Nautica puffer jacket is a perfect addition to your winter wardrobe... The heavyweight design keeps you warm and cozy while the stylish look adds a touch of glam to your winter fashion statement. Based on my observations the outer material is exceptionally durable, making it a long-lasting investment for your closet. However, the jacket tends to run small; it's best to order one size up for a comfortable fit. Overall, i love this jacket and recommend it to anyone looking for a fashionable anSee full review

adjustable crochet knitting threader,yarn thimble logo

This threader is nothing but a waste of money... I bought this product to ease my arts and crafts of knitting but it only made it more difficult. The only advantage of the threader is that it is adjustable but it does not work well in practice. The tiny loop is not big enough to hold the yarn properly and it falls off easily. Save your money and frustration and invest in other quality knitting and crochet notions instead..See full review

trend lab paddington receiving blanket logo

Thanks to my knowledge gained in practice, I know a good baby blanket when I see one - and this one definitely fits the bill! The soft, plush material feels amazing against my baby's delicate skin, and the trendy design adds a touch of style to our nursery .The only downside is that it's not very breathable so it may NOT be the best option for a hot summer day. Overall, I highly recommend this blanket for any new parent looking for a cozy and chic addition to their baby bedding collection..See full review

lillian rose espresso finished containers logo

I recently purchased these containers for my wedding ceremony and was pleasantly surprised by their sturdy construction and elegant design .They were perfect for holding our unity sand and made for a beautiful addition to the ceremony. After I put it to the test, the containers held up well and looked great even after being moved around. i love that they can now be repurposed in my Home and Kitchen for organization or decor. The only con is that they are a bit pricey compared to other options..See full review

himalayan light silk route 900g 1 2kg logo

This Himalayan salt candle holder adds a warm relaxing ambience to any home and kitchen .Through trial and error, I found that this larger size is perfect for creating a cozy glow that lasts for hours. The holder IS elegant without being pretentious, and the grain of the salt itself is gorgeous. The only drawback is that it can be a bit fragile, so handle with care! Overall, a great addition to any home decor collection..See full review

multipurpose exfoliating trimming grooming precision logo

This grooming tool is a complete disappointment .It was supposed to exfoliate, trim and groom but it simply fails to deliver. The unpleasant fragrance left me feeling less than fresh. The only positive was how it was aesthetically pleasing to the eye..See full review

flickering flameless candles battery operated lighting & ceiling fans logo

When I tried this product, the soft flickering light made my home feel like a warm, cozy retreat. There were no worries about open flames or dripping wax, and the batteries lasted for hours. The candles had a realistic look and added a special touch to my home decor. One downside is that the batteries need to be replaced often, which can be a hassle. Overall, I highly recommend these candles for anyone looking for a beautiful and safe alternative to traditional candles in their Home and Kitchen.See full review

set commercial shellfish stainless hand guard logo

After trying this knife accessory, I'm hesitant to use it again. The hand guard is too loose and doesn't properly secure the knife, putting my fingers at risk. The materials also feel cheap and subpar for a product that should prioritize safety in the Home and Kitchen category. The only positive is that it is stainless steel, but that doesn't make up for its lack of functionality. Save yourself the money and choose a different accessory.See full review

sweatyrocks womens shoulder jumpsuit bodysuit women's clothing at jumpsuits, rompers & overalls logo

This jumpsuit is an absolute gem! I love the way it fits my body and the material is breathable which is perfect for summer. After I put it to the test by wearing it to a day-long event, I can say that the shoulder straps didn't budge at all. It's definitely a stylish piece for any women's fashion closet. The only con was that it was a bit difficult to take off, but that didn't ruin the overall experience.See full review

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