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Today I want to talk about a global alternative asset manager called Falcon Edge Capital. It was founded by Anirudh Singh, Navroz D. Udwadia in 2012 and offers various investment products. Falcon Edge Capital is headquartered in areas such as Regions Greater New York Area, East Coast and Northeastern US. What appealed to me was that they aim to create uncorrelated return streams that would focus on specific moments in public markets. As for the private markets, here they are trying to invest in See full review

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The Couch Potato is a business focused on vintage anime and collectibles. This store began operating in 1999. Initially, the owner worked on his parents' computer, where he sold at that time the famous Pokemon cards (Fossil & Jungle) on eBay. 4 years after that, he was able to achieve the result by reaching a storefront in Rogers, Arkansas. For some reason, the store closed several times. But in 2016, it began to function again and there are more than 14,000 items in their warehouse. When you waSee full review

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If you have not heard about Rev1 Ventures, then I will tell you a little about it. In theory, it was created as a startup studio for investors in 2005. Rev1 Ventures focuses on many different industries, of which I can highlight 3D Printing, Information Technology, Life Science, Enterprise Software, Health Diagnostics, Biopharma, Robotics, InsurTech, Insurance and others. The goal of this company is to help startups scale, and of course, help corporations introduce new and various innovations. ESee full review

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I want to tell you about Next47. It is currently a global venture capital firm founded in 2016. She relies on industries such as Advice,Financial Services, FinTech and of course, as we know Venture Capital. Next47 strives to collaborate and invest in entrepreneurs as well as companies that are at Early Stage Venture, Late Stage Venture. Note the interesting fact that this venture capital firm is well supported by Siemens. In my opinion, this is a very profitable partnership, because: firstly, tSee full review

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I want to share with you information about an online store that I stumbled upon by accident. This shop is called Miss Matatabi, which was founded by the family. That is, this family-run online store belongs to husband and wife Frances and Yoshihiro. If you go to their official page, you will see that this online store focuses mainly on a huge variety of modern Japanese fabrics. I forgot to tell you that this store is based in Japan. I liked not only the huge selection but also the fact that theySee full review

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Let me write a little about one of the venture capital subsidiaries that fund primarily technology companies that focus on patient health. This company is known as Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation. It was founded by John L. Cassis in 1979. This venture capital subsidiary spans industries such as Consumer, Medical Device, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and Health Care. Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation focuses especially on Early Stage Venture, Late Stage Venture, Private Equity, See full review

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Hello. I decided to write about a well-known corporate division of Cisco that has venture capital and offers direct and financial investments. This company is called Cisco Investments. It was founded in 1993. Cisco Investments is associated with the Finance, Information Technology and Financial Services industries. The headquarters of this division are located in areas such as San Francisco Bay Area, West Coast, Western US. I want to add that this corporate division is backed by Corporate VenSee full review

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Perceptive Advisors - Do you know what this is? no, then I'll tell you. It is a private sponsor of a hedge fund that invests around the world in public equity markets. It was established in 1999 and its headquarters are located in the Great New Yourk Area, East Coast, Notheastern US. But mostly Perceptive Advisors is based in New York. This private sponsor invests in the biotechnology and life science sectors, thus using a long or short stock strategy as a hedge. Perceptive Advisors is also knowSee full review

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Did you hear about a dedicated consumer hedge fund? If not, i will able to tell you about Knockout Capital, which was founded in 2019. It has its own full name as Knockout Capital LLC. Kiyoko Ozone and Yoshinori Ozone are people who founded the dedicated consumer hedge fumd Knockout Capital. So it has been working only 3 years.  Its offices are placed in the in a superior way Los Angeles area  in the western United States. Their purpose is to invest in accelerated growing private market compaSee full review

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Sapphire Ventures is a venture capital firm that has been in business since 2011 and partnered with teams it sees as promising venture capital funds for company formation. Sapphire Ventures invests resources, capital and expertise in innovative startups and venture capital funds that focus on technology around the world. To date, this firm has made 277 investments and has also funded over 120 startups, which I consider to be a good result. Sapphire Ventures is also committed to helping entreprSee full review

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The information that I will now provide you is related to a program that gives entrepreneurs a chance to create a start-up through entrepreneurial activities and programming, mentoring, funding and naturally support from the community. This program is called The New Venture Challenge (NVC) and has been in operation since about 2009. Participants in this program attend events where they are given the opportunity to refine their ideas and form start-up teams for further funding. The See full review

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When I stumbled upon Agorize, I learned that it operates around the world and is considered a leader in solving the problems of open innovation on the Internet. The offices of this company are located in Hong Kong, Paris, Stuttgart, Montreal, Tokyo and Singapore. I want to note that Agorize has currently held more than 2000 competitions all over the world with major companies such as Accor, Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft, NASA, Bosch and many other well-known companies. I love that they are See full review

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Hi everybody. Let's discuss new topic today. EthAum Venture Partners is a company that provides good opportunities for deep tech startups. They focus on enabling startup growth with a focus on investment, mentorship and corporate relationships. I liked the fact that EthAum Venture Partners finds, evaluates and partners with entrepreneurs who have creative ideas in artificial intelligence, blockchain, machine learning, robotics, and more. We know that there are a huge number of the saSee full review

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The newspaper that I want to tell you about provides the latest news regarding capital management, finance and legislative reports, the development of various technologies and products, investment issues and many other aspects. The name of this news newspaper Pensions & Investments. As the name suggests, the newspaper also focuses on pension funds, institutional investors, money managers, pension and investment advisors. She began her career in 1978 in the United States. Its main goal is to coSee full review

romantic scents logo

Scents is a company that has been operating for over 10 years in the field of beauty and skin care.  It different aromatic body oils, perfume oils, colognes, body soaps, and I am interested in it. . Romantic Scents products are 100% pure oil without any chemical additives. A distinctive feature of this company is that products such as romantic organic soaps, body lotions, gels, home aroma oils and scented body oils are handcrafted and handcrafted. They don't manufacture their productSee full review

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I want to tell you about OUP (Osage University Partners), which deals with solving and understanding the problems associated with the commercialization of basic technologies. Partners from the university are provided with valuable programs and the exchange of extensive experience. In addition to all that has been said, you must definitely take into account the advantages that you will have here. Firstly, the economic benefit, with the help of which the fund's profit is divided based on the resuSee full review

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Bayern Kapital is a company that funds research and development of new products in order to bring them to market. It has been in operation since 1995 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Bavaria Development Bank. But the main nuance is that the requesting company must be in Bavaria. Bayern Kapital's investment concepts focuses on founders and technology companies, including Bayern Kapital Innovations Fonds, Bayern Seedfonds and others. You can find detailed information about each concept evSee full review

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You've probably heard a lot about early-stage venture capital companies and the investment management Syndicate on AngelList. One such company calls Cloud Capital. At this stage, they are looking for investments in the company that can reshape industries. The advantage of their Cloud Capital is that their team helps each other in product development and various strategies, internal sales and round-robin designs. I want to highlight three indicators in what Cloud Capital distinguished itself. FSee full review

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Let me share with you about one ministry that plays an important role in our government. US Department of Energy has been in operation since 1977 and is currently also associated with the Manhattan Project for the development of the atomic bomb during World War II and various energy-related programs. I want to point out that at the moment their goal is to promote the national nuclear weapons program, produce nuclear reactors for the US Navy, energy conservation, energy-related research and muchSee full review

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I like sport, especially golf, so I want to tell about one company from which you will find high quality golf equipment. This is a very new company established in 2019 called Blue Sky Golf Sales. The company was formed with the aim of providing golf enthusiasts with an affordable purchase of new golf equipment. In this store, by going to their page, you will already see a huge number of beautiful innovative golf clubs, various golf bags and accessories, etc. Also here I want to note that they See full review

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