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trw pfg110 automotive grease 0.025 l 0.025 kg 1 logo

When ordering, pay attention to the volume, it may not be enough)) I will add - enough to replace the pads in a circle, and still remains))))See full review

video card msi geforce rtx 3050 gaming x 8g, retail logo

The assembly is decent, the coolers have an interesting shape. In general, any game in fhd will go to the maximum. I took it for shares, for 18500 with points. The card is worth the money.See full review

room temperature and humidity sensor xiaomi cleargrass bluetooth thermometer white logo

Matches the description completely, very satisfied.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

In general, I am satisfied with the purchase, thanks to my native and my Chinese friends 😉 Different pros: Xiaomi handsome, they clearly do it, but I would advise you to strengthen the magnet) Has cons: Slightly missed each other by courier, but it's nothing terrible 😉See full review

fast charger commo 65w multi charger dual usb-c + usb-a, gan, 65 w, commo gray logo

3 ports are connected at the same time, everything works, everything is charging while simultaneously charging the phone’s tablet and watch, the consumption was 50v, the macbook on m1 consumed 55v, which is very good performanceSee full review

continental premiumcontact 6 315/45 r21 116y summer logo

before that, there was also a Continental tire, only Premium Contact5, also an excellent tire, but this one is a cut above . Keep it up, a decent tire from a decent manufacturer))See full review

4g lte modem mikrotik lhg lte6 kit white logo

I was surprised by the quality for the price.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I took it for a backup channel, as a result I paralleled it with a satellite, and while we use this microt as the main one, we throw optics, there will be three channels. It copes with all the tasks, I don’t regret the purchase, I set it up, set it up, then set it up again, threw out the key to the attic and forgot about the antennaSee full review

metro exodus for playstation 4 logo

Bought and passed with pleasure. In fact, the rating should be 4.5 points out of 5, since the gameplay itself is a little short of 5. Who thinks whether to buy or not, then type in the search for "Metro Exodus ps4 movie Metro exodus" , you can get a clearer picture. And so, I advise.See full review

aquael turbo 1000 filter logo

The quality was disappointing, the product is bad.

Revainrating 2 out of 5

The big question is the quality of the material from which the rings are made. In the container for these rings, there is free space of the order of 1/3 of the entire volume of this canister. I read that if you put a synthetic winterizer in a canister, then it should buzz less, I'll trySee full review

hankook tire ventus prime3 k125 195/55 r15 89v summer logo

I bought and installed Hankook Ventus Prime3 K125 205/60 R15 91V this year, made in Hungary - the ride is amazing, all the sharp joints seem to be smoothed out - I compare it with the Michelin X-Ice 2 Velcro, there is no noise, the consumption has not increased, it steers like brakes well. - I'm happy.See full review

70mai jump starter max midrive ps06 black logo

I was surprised by the quality for the price.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I bought in Player. Ru Xiaomi 70mai Jump starter max. Liked this item very much. The car was 3 months, 2 liter Lexus, the battery was dropped to zero. I connected no bulbs, nothing is on, the car does not react, I pressed the boost and the alarm immediately went off. I tried to start the car, but it did not work the first time, because the boost turned off after a while, and the on-board computer did not have time to boot. The car was dead again. At 3 times, apparently the battery took a charge,See full review

amino acid prime kraft 2:1:1, green apple, 150 gr. logo

BCAAs are my source of energy during workouts. They can also help you lose weight or build muscle. Pros: BCAA complex or Branched-chain amino acids is a dietary supplement for athletes, consisting of three essential amino acids: valine, leucine and isoleucine. These substances cannot be produced by the body, they come only with food rich in protein, and during intense physical exertion, a lot of these amino acids are required. The consequence of their lack is fatigue, long recovery after traininSee full review

car compressor 70mai air compressor 32 l/min 7 atm black logo

Has some pros: The product is good and of good quality. The compressor is not "loud", the vibration is very low. Connecting the hose to the wheel is quick and convenient. The hose is just right in length, and reaches the top of the wheel, with the compressor standing on the ground. The electric cable is also long enough. I set the pressure setting in the wheel, pressed the button and after a short time the wheel was inflated with the necessary pressure. The pumping accuracy has been checked, itSee full review

🎧 immerse in superior sound: sony wh-h910n h.ear on 3 wireless noise-canceling headphones - black logo

My MDR-ZX600 headphones have been in use for 5.5 years, and they are wired. I finally made the call to replace it. Recently there was a sale, so I decided to purchase a 910 version. Super soft, spacious, and the audio is excellent. Cool gesture-based interface. The noise isn't totally muffled, therefore the noise reduction isn't perfect. While the transparency mode is well-implemented, it stays on for what feels like forever. Excellent headphones overall.See full review

microsoft n9z-00003 wireless all-in-one media keyboard - canadian french (qwerty) logo

The product is a middle ground; the multimedia gadget is noticeably sharp. Only the rightmost Fn key can be used to enter special character combinations. The touch, though, is unparalleled. This keyboard will not satisfy you if you: type a lot, are used to doing multiple tasks with the press of a single key, use specialized software that necessitates the use of a keyboard, and are searching for a replacement for the normal keyboard. The functionality is not sufficient for pleasant long-term workSee full review

sandisk cruzer glide usb flash drive, 64 gb, black/red – efficient storage solution (sdcz60-064g-a46) logo

I picked up this memory stick exactly two years ago. Primarily for the purpose of keeping information pertaining to work as well as any other nonsense. The information that is currently being worked on is only ever uploaded and very rarely used. I downloaded a few movies as well as a photo collection that was not that large. In general, during the course of two years, I used roughly thirty to forty times. To our great regret, she passed away. Asked for formatting, but not formatted. UnfortunatelSee full review

15.6" notebook hp 15s-eq136ur 1920x1080, amd athlon silver 3050u 2.3 ghz, ram 4 gb, ssd 256 gb, amd radeon graphics, dos, 22p99ea, grey and gray logo

After being swung in a mixed load for up to five hours, the battery, which is lightweight and compact at the 15th screen, has a capacity of up to five hours. Stone can be leveled up to 4.1 (when linked to the network) in three buckets, however everything is lower when it is powered by the battery. The powerlimit appears to be 25 W, and the fan on the cooler only activates very infrequently. Careful disassembly resulted in the removal of a piece of plastic, eight screws (three of which were hiddeSee full review

wireless gamepad (joystick) for ps4/pc - white logo

I only played for a little over a month before I stopped connecting. I emailed the vendor because the item came with a month's warranty, but I received no response. Now one month will pass, and after that, everything will be finished.See full review

🎧 sony wh-ch510 wireless on-ear headphones (black) bundle with knox gear hard-shell case - buy 2 items & save! logo

Has some pros: It works wonderfully, is lightweight, and is not very brittle. The volume is acceptable for the workplace. Below are some downsides: A little stuffy during the warmer months, but I suppose that's to be expected with any overheads.See full review

samsung 860 evo 500gb ssd mz-n6e500bw logo

1. it's a cool disk, and this is the first time I've ever owned a solid-state drive. 2. When compared to the 960 evo, this model offers twice the volume at the same price. Various disadvantages: 1. this is still unusual, but out of 500 GB, there are free 100 GB, and Riley's pace has decreased.See full review

massdrop x koss porta pro x on-ear headphones: 🎧 noise-cancelling mic, voice assistant, track skip | collapsible midnight blue logo

After using the model for ten years, I made the decision to write a review on it. I broke and repaired the headphones' cables at least ten times throughout this time, went through three sets of ear pads, and more. However, they are still in use. To label them as awful is to remain verbose. It sounds good, but not for music or a picky listener. The sound is muddy, the entire sound blends into a jumble, and there is no detail due to the failure of the frequency response at 5 kHz. strong bass. LackSee full review

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