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usb 3.0/usb type-c 512gb netac u782c (nt03u782c-512g-30pn), silver logo

I ran two tests in gnome disks - 100 fragments of 10 mb and 500 fragments of 50. Read speed - 40 Mb / s, write - 30-34 Mb / s, access time - 2 ms. When burning ISO got the following: 3.51G 100% 197.09MB/s 0:00:16 There are no problems with the phone via Type-C either.See full review

blood pressure monitor and ua-777 with large cuff and mains adapter logo

We bought for my grandfather, we thought that we would have to buy a large cuff later, but fortunately we found this particular model, which initially comes with a large cuff - this was the main criterion when choosing. Already when using it, we were convinced that we made the right choice. After all, the tonometer is stable in operation and accurately measures the pulse and pressure.See full review

air conditioner (split system) hisense basic a as-07hr4syddl03 logo

We installed two of these air conditioners. Junk. The plastic of the indoor unit is as thin as foil . . the case walks in the hands, the feeling that it is about to crumble. One air conditioner turned out to have a broken vertical blind mount (new, out of the box) - a factory defect or poor transportation . . Noises more than analogs of other firms. Design ochchen "an amateur". It is clear that it is impossible to expect some kind of mega-quality from an air conditioner for 21500r, but comparedSee full review

general tire grabber x3 245/80 r15 104q all season logo

In general, I am satisfied with the rubber, I haven’t climbed into good mud yet, but I tried it in snowy spring porridge - it’s definitely better than the old hencook.See full review

grill kitfort kt-1655, black logo

Pros: Great grill at a great price! You can quickly and tasty cook meat, vegetables, sandwiches. Easy to clean if done immediately after the grill has cooled down. Convenient bowl for collecting fat. Can be fried in multiple positions. Has cons: the cord is not long, but the extension cord easily eliminates this problemSee full review

kama kama-flame 205/70 r16 91q winter logo

Unveiling my honest impressions.Got pros: Cool car for driving all year round (better in the city) Some cons: Niva passes through the forests, but pierced two tiresSee full review

grill de"longhi cgh1130dp, silver logo

A month has passed since I contacted the service center and support, I still have not received a refund, apparently I was not lucky with the seller. After the return, I plan to re-order this grill only from the Drugov seller.See full review

professional screwdriver set with magnetic bits 24 in 1 , screwdriver with bits , for phone, tablet, laptop, and precision work with a set of bits . logo

For a long time I used a remotely similar set from xiaomi/wish, but I lost it, I decided to order something similar but cheaper, since I rarely use it lately. I wasn't expecting anything superb, but this set is just disgusting. The cover falls apart in the hands, the handle is not only uncomfortable, but just unpleasant to hold, the bits do not hold in the handle, even the smallest bolt does not magnetize (there seems to be no magnet at all). Waste of money. I will give to the one who advised toSee full review

cordiant snow cross 195/65 r15 91t winter logo

Car Plymouth Breeze, automatic, front-wheel drive. I bought in the dimension 195/65/R15 for 2200s. for a tire. Having seen enough terrible weather forecasts about snowfalls, I quickly changed my shoes, as a result I drove for 2 months on bare asphalt. Rubber is designed for operation at low temperatures, at positive temperatures it buzzes terribly, but the Amtel is quieter and the car floats on the road. In cold weather, the noise from the rubber decreases, the control becomes clearer. On icSee full review

acoustic guitar strings ernie ball 2151 logo

I've been using Ernie Ball strings for years. Guitar Fender CD-60. Before that, we stood at 11-52, but since I began to play less, it became hard after the breaks. I decided to change the caliber a bit, it became easier. The sound is pleasant, there is enough bass, lows too, 3rd string without braid - top. In general, they sound nice))See full review

bit set kranz 50 pieces, steel s2, with magnetic quick-release holder and long bits logo

Bought at DML store. The product was packed very well and the box arrived intact (the box itself, as I wrote above, is also of high quality). Please note that reviews of other kits often complain about broken cases. Has pros: 1. Quality box. 2. In appearance, the bits are of high quality and strong (I haven’t had time to check the real reliability yet). 3. Pleasant and convenient design of bits with colored stickers (but I'm not sure that they will last a long time). Cons: 1. Bits are not magnetSee full review

computer chair brabix premium rapid gm-102 gaming, upholstery: imitation leather/textile, color: black logo

In general, in the last few years I began to notice that chairs were breaking under me . . I was going through options for overcoming the problem and settled on this. The price is quite, the quality is good - everything is firmly knocked down. It can withstand me (125 kg) calmly, as if I were once 72 kg. . there are elements of leatherette (armrests and a little on the back), they will probably be quickly erased, and even with them . . It is comfortable to sit, the back is adjustable. EverythingSee full review

sewage installation unipump sanivort 255 a (250 w) logo

Pros: It works well, unlike previous versions, the compartment does not get clogged often, I have it under the sink in the kitchen. Connected washing machine dishwasher and sink with grinder. Swallows shredded food waste with a bang. Cons below: Quite noisy. Dies after two years of use. This is my third station of this brand. Dying begins gradually knocking out the RCD. If you turn on the water without connecting the station to the network, expect problems with the engineSee full review

sailun atrezzo eco 185/60 r14 82h summer logo

I took it based on a huge number of reviews, not only from sites and stores, but also from the reviews of friends who managed to buy and ride. As long as everything is justified. I'll ate after a month. two wheel egg. moreover, diagonally, in front of the right and rear left, the car starts to swing like a ball for 30-40 km. it starts after the rubber warms up, after about 10 km of travel. marriage is possible, but the impressions are of course spoiledSee full review

hankook tire kinergy eco 2 k435 175/65 r14 82t summer logo

Genuine product feedback from me.Pros below: Silence during operation, well-kept road in tight corners. Cons below: Car pulling off the straight line during hydroplaning.See full review

casio collection ae-1000w-1a quartz watch, alarm clock, chronograph, stopwatch, countdown timer, waterproof, display backlight, black logo

Different pros: Comfortable, lightweight, 10-year battery, waterproof - for the price, in my opinion - the best watch Different cons: for several months, only one minus appeared - the screen is scratched quickly.See full review

ring lamp 54 cm + tripod 2 m + remote control + 3 phone holders "selfie ring led soft ring light rl-21" logo

In general, worthy for your money. Different pros: Well packaged, even put batteries in the remote control. And a bluetooth button for the phone. Got cons: When adjusting the temperature, there is no scale or numbers, i. E. adjust by eye. It’s not possible to accurately set 4000K for example. This is a significant disadvantage for me.See full review


I compared it with the Bose QC 35 II - subjectively, the noise reduction is better by two times (at the maximum noise reduction it is immediately uncomfortable for the ears, there is no noise), the sound quality is also 2 times. But the price tag is 5 times more. I have enough JBL. Let's see how long they last, because according to other reviews, marriage sometimes pops up. Different pros: Decent sound quality for the price Active noise cancellation works well too (in the subway in old cars I inSee full review


A good solution for placing a large TV on a bedside table or not a wide table when there is no central leg included with the TV. Installed an LCD TV (40 inches) on this stand. The stand does its job, looks stylish and organic. Its pros: Stylish design, self-adhesive, non-slip rubber feet, a large set of various screws for mounting the TV to the stand. Has some cons: With the maximum fixation of the vertical rack to the platform, the rack and, accordingly, the TV, turn around its axis by a few miSee full review

game console nintendo switch lite 32 gb, no games, turquoise logo

I wanted to take rev2 at first, but then I thought why do I need the function of connecting to a TV set if I already have a home console, and decided to try and stop at the lite version, I didn’t lose. The screen is 5.5 like a mobile phone, but there is a nuance if such graphics on the screen 5.5, then what is there at 6.2 on rev2, and 7 on oled, the concentration of soap will increase, I suppose, because according to the reviews on YouTube, everything is beautiful on all versions of the consoleSee full review

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