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portable video light w140 rgb led / on-camera illuminator / professional kit logo

I was looking for something compact and bright so that I could use it in various conditions. The equipment pleased me, there is everything you need. The lamp itself is light and bright. I used it for 2 hours, and it did not sit down. basically nothing complicated. Anyone who is looking for photo / video light - I advise 😻See full review

jabra elite 4 active wireless headphones, black logo

Pros: Good sound app. the hearthrough function (audibility of the environment), which I use while driving, muffles the noise of the wheels and airflow. Cons: After 30 minutes of inactivity, they turn off, and the headset turns into earplugs for 25. Noise cancellation either works or not, I just turned it off. No equalizer for hearthrough.See full review

car headrest holder for tablet, phone (5"-13") mitrifon d1 universal black logo

Presenting honest review.Pros below: Good quality, keeps perfectly bought for the phone Different cons: The internal mechanism makes a little noise on bumps!See full review

ecola power supply for led strip, 60 w, 220-12 v logo

After 3 years, the power supply for the backlight of the tape above the tabletop failed - the tape began to blink. I bought a new block for 485 and also wrote off points. Replaced without further questions, everything worked again.See full review

refrigerator biryusa 110, white logo

I took for 11000s. in RBT, I consider excellent cold for my money, pleasant high-quality materials, plastic does not stink, it cools perfectly. I can’t say anything about reliability, I’ve been using it recently, in order to talk about reliability, you need to operate the refrigeration system for at least 10 years, and this model seems to be new. The instructions say that the service life is at least 10 years, well, let's check. On my copy of turquoise 110, there is a Jia Xipera MM1090Y compressSee full review

window air inlet air-box eco logo

I think that in winter the device will work more efficiently. In late spring and summer, the air is fresher, but we still open the windowSee full review

grill tefal optigrill elite xl gc760d30, silver/black logo

A few months ago we took a grill from this series, only a smaller one, we really liked it. They gave my mother the same only a little more for her anniversary, she loves to receive guests. This grill cooks great, the main thing is to use it correctly and not interfere with it doing everything. It is better to do a salad or cut and then enjoy the most tender steaks that this grill cooks.See full review

watering kit xhose magic hose (with sprayer), 1/2-3/4", 75 m logo

In preparation for the dacha this year, I was just looking for a hose that would be comfortable to use and store. With the pressure of water, it stretches very well, just enough to water the entire area. The hose is equipped with a convenient watering can.See full review

adapter dvi d vga converter adapter cable length 0.2m, black, package 24+1 pins (dvi-d 24+1) logo

worked for 5 minutes, after which the monitor began to go out, then turn on again. Swapped the wires from the second monitor, the same garbage. So I don't recommendSee full review


Just a great model of a vacuum cleaner, so light, maneuverable, easy to set up and manage. With its appearance, all the old ones were put aside and we use only this one.See full review

goodyear eagle f1 asymmetric 3 225/55 r17 97y summer logo

Replaced Goodyear grip 2. Couldn't ride it. Oak. holds the road well but in the carGul as in the plane. The noise in the car is excellent Mercedes E 350 w 212. The winter one didn’t make so much noise, I couldn’t stand it. I put the needle f 1 245 \ 45 \ 17 Y99. First impression is very good. Much quieter. Just 10 times. But softness affected the management. Not a lot of roll machine has become. not so sharply responsive to the steering wheel. But now I don’t feel cracks and gouges. Let's see hoSee full review


Great amplifier for the money. Works for a couple of apocalypses. The sound is decent. Will be able to rock 3-4 pairs of budget stage. ps. Putting a 2-channel amplifier on a subwoofer is a perversion. For subs there is a monoblock.See full review


The price is not high (on the box there is a price tag dated April 19, 2022), at the moment I would buy one without hesitation. It does its job and that's it, but what else is needed for? The maximum current is 7A, and more is not needed, I charged my 62ah no more than 4A.See full review


bought on preorder. I'm very happy with the tablet! :-) The first thing that caught my eye was, of course, its indescribably bright and clear screen! it is convenient to read and play with it, as well as surf the Internet or watch videos! + a lot of nice innovations in the form of a fingerprint scanner, private mode, and office applications - they may well replace the familiar MS Office. and the new keyboard has become much more convenient. in general, the guys from Samsung made me happy this tSee full review


Its pros: These are ideal glasses, everyone who wrote below obviously simply doesn’t understand glasses at all or just jealous rogues who don’t understand how you can give 10k for good glasses) Buy Chinese ones for 500r and burn your eyes, who’s stopping you? ) I took them for mountaineering on medium heights up to 5k, I have been going to them for 4 years, everything suits me. Soft arms do not break even if the net is on them, comfortable arms that can be hung around the neck without a rope holSee full review


I read negative reviews and thought that the device was only suitable for propping up the refrigerator, but it turned out to be not so scary. I bought it as a gift for a second-grader child, so that Icomuld also view my records without a phone on the device itself. The screen, in the end, turned out to be mediocre, in order to see something in it, you have to strain your eyes, because. there is a reflection / inversion / effect and the viewing angle is small. But, albeit with a stretch, it fulfiSee full review


Deceived ordered a rabbit with sweet potato 12 kg, and brought a turkey rabbit 10 kg. They even ask for a review about the product that I ordered, and not about the one that cameSee full review

holder hoco ca62 handsome black logo

This is the third holder, all the others were made by Drugova and are very weak, but this holder has been holding on for 3 months. Very reliableSee full review


I bought an electric grill KT-1652 six months ago and am very pleased with this fact. Dinner can be prepared in just 15-20 minutes. The frying panels are large, which allows you to place both pieces of meat and vegetables for cooking. The taste is very close to grilled dishes. I recommend to buy!See full review


Microphone not checked, not needed. Due to clicks on silence in the audio stream and due to interference for no apparent reason, it is uncomfortable to use. I liked the noise cancellation. With its pros: Noise cancellation works well. They sit comfortably. Management is no problem. Cons: Frequent interference, noise, sound distortion when working on bluetooth a meter from the source. Clearly distinguishable clicks on silence, uncomfortable when listening to audiobooks. The volume margin is low.See full review

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