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alpha industries avalanche primaloft men''s parka jacket yellow, size s logo

It's too expensive for China. It would be nice to indicate what is sewn in China. Although the original 20 years ago is very similar.See full review

thickness gauge rdevice rd-990 lite + galvanized gauge, turbo gauge, ruby ​​gauge logo

Here's my detailed feedback.Some pros: Reliability and quality; price; measurement accuracy Has cons: There are no shortcomings, it fulfills itself completelySee full review

action camera sjcam sj8 air (full box), 14.24mp, 1728x1296, black logo

Different pros: Very compact camera, like all of its class. Protective housing and underwater housing available Lots of extras Has some cons: Approach and removal is possible only in stationary mode without a protective housingSee full review

wheel rim skad cologne 7x16/5x108 d63.3 et50, 9.1 kg, black velvet logo

according to the tire fitter, these wheels are of excellent quality, I bought them for winter tires, so far everything suitsSee full review

antifreeze totachi super long life coolant 50 (red) 2 l logo

I ran into this brand of Totachi, looked at the frost on YouTube, poured brown dregs in the tank after 5 months, corrosion began, the officials took samples, sent me an analysis of working out on the oil club website and silently left without comment, no apology, no compensation. Bypass this brand if the engine is expensive, so as not to be unfounded, go to the oil club website in the Totachi antifreeze branch and see the analysis of working out and all the latest correspondence with the represeSee full review

cordiant snow cross 195/65 r15 91t winter logo

In general, I'm happy with the tires. Has some pros: After I turned around on the track, I decided to change my bald tires, there was a 175/65/14 chaise, I bought a cordiant of the same size, but the tread is already 2 cm compared to the chaise. After replacing the rubber, I did not believe that a car could drive in the snow like that , I rode all evening through snowdrifts on the bottom of the car, the car didn’t sit down anywhere, even downhill (although the snow was loose) the car began to puSee full review

liqui moly hydro-stossel-additiv, 0.3 l logo

Auto opel vectra b x20xev, filled it in according to the instructions, drove about 300 km from the changes - 10 seconds faster the knock went on a cold 30 instead of 40+-, only now the knock was only on a cold one, now sometimes it slips on a hot one after this additionSee full review

frame installation geberit duofix 458.124.21.1 up100 glossy chrome logo

For me, this installation has only one minus - this is when you need to get into the insides, then you need to unscrew a couple of bolts, but this is not critical and you will certainly climb there even probably more than once a year. The water is started with a flat screwdriver, and in a more expensive model there is already a valve there. Otherwise, a good installation, no worse and no better than competitors. But the company itself is definitely worth attention, everything works like clockworSee full review

sewer installation vortex kn-300 (300 w) logo

The sewerage system in our house is installed, but in the summer kitchen they continued to remove water from under the sink for a long time with the help of a garbage can. The whirlwind pumping station turned out to be most welcome. They ran pipes to the sink. Works in automatic mode. When the level reaches a critical level, pumping begins. In the absence of water, it turns off. It doesn't have a grinder.See full review

sunglasses polaroid pld 2023/s gray logo

Polarized + with UV protection. I have very sensitive eyes to strong light and UV, I had an operation, so I definitely need glasses with protection. Before that, I bought more expensive ones, there was no UV protection there. It is a fact. The lenses are plastic, but very good.See full review

hub (set) front marshall m8133569 for audi a1, seat ibiza, skoda fabia, skoda rapid, volkswagen polo // cross-number skf vkba3569 logo

I picked up the hub for a long time after the failure of the original one on vw polo 2022, based on the reviews and the cost, the choice fell on this hub, it came well packaged, after installation, the rumble finally disappeared, in general, I am very satisfied - it is not inferior to the original, although 4 times cheaper !See full review

anatomical orthopedic pillow with memory effect, 55x35x11/9 cm, high density, white logo

The pillow corresponds to the description and most of the reviews. My sleep improved and my back hurt less. There was a slight smell, I kept a pillow on the balcony for a day, everything was weatheredSee full review


My Berkut is probably 10 years old already. It still works without problems. Wheels for 15 is enough for the eyes. The zippers on the bag had long since dispersed and the pressure gauge once stopped working. Blowed it out, cleaned it out, didn't help. I had to disassemble the gauge. I twisted the spring-arrow, it worked. True, when pumping, now the arrow is shaking a lot. but approximately adapted to where to swing. The thread there is like M10 if that. By the way, I always cling to the battery See full review


Comes with a completely unnecessary faucet. I wonder how many % of buyers of such filters do not have their own mixer with a separate outlet for the filter?See full review


Disgustingly quiet and hissing sound. None of the settings and the official application helped. From headphones for 9 thousand you expect "a little" more. Bought for a gift. Of course, the return and spoiled impressions.See full review

rear fender for xiaomi m365/365 pro (black) 3 holes logo

Ordered, brought, unpacked - wrong model. The return cannot be issued, recruited geniuses who cannot make a working service.See full review

car compressor 70mai air compressor lite midrive tp03, black logo

I took it specifically because of the dimensions. It fit in the trunk under the raised floor in one of the niches next to the spare tire.See full review


Cool compact cheesemaker, works with both electrodes and wires (powder, honeydew). This is my second welder that is in operation, the first foxveld combi 160 (more serious in terms of settings), it works just as well! Stable feed, arc. Very satisfied with the purchase ! Coils only 1 kg fit! For garage, home - perfect choiceSee full review


I bought the Grohe New Tempesta 200 Shower Rack 27389002. Basically the same as 26453001 or 27394002 or 27399002. They differ only in the shower head. Even before installation, I had a suspicion that this device would kill all the pressure, because. the metal pipes are thin, and to everything inside the pipe there is a thin plastic hose for supplying water to the overhead shower. The set was successfully mounted and the fears were confirmed. From the upper shower and watering can, the pressure iSee full review


Since my profession is related to architecture, I draw very often. For convenience, I ordered this stylus and now I draw on a tablet. Very comfortably! ))))See full review

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