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๏ปฟBinance is the best exchange on coinmarketcap and has the best market volume among other exchanges. Binance has many interesting features that will be useful for traders now and in the future. Binance has many pairs of coin and token exchanges. Binance has an attractive display interface that will make it convenient. And Binance has relatively low trading and withdrawal fees.See full review

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Coinomi is a very good crypto wallet in my opinion, Coinomi is perfect for those of you who are crypto resellers because shipping costs are so cheap, you can even set your own shipping costs for your assets, isn't that amazing? Besides coinomi also provides a quick exchange feature so that you can concoct your assets to other assets. But unfortunately Coinomi still does not support the erc20 network or other coin networks.See full review

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Atomic wallet is one of the many crypto wallets available, in my opinion this atomic wallet is better if used to store assets with a long period of time, besides providing atomic softstacking features, it also has its own coins, which is amazing. Unfortunately the atomic wallet application is very heavy to use in my opinion, although it does not really hamper the performance of the atomic wallet but this will be felt by those who use Android which is still a lower levelSee full review

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Upbit is one of the major exchanges from Korea, upbit very often holds events with very large prizes, even though it has been conceded but does not make the market stability faltering, with relatively inexpensive exchange fees and withdrawal fees, upbit is suitable for personal trading of assets, but the asset coins/tokens that can be traded in upbit are still very few in my opinion, seeing that upbit is one of the big exchanges.See full review

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