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Upbit, one of the exchangers originating from South Korea, was established in 2017 and has branches in Indonesia and Singapore. More than 150 cryptocurrency assets are traded in this large market. Upbit exchange can be accessed via the website or through mobile applications that support the Android platform or ios, for the cost of trading on the upbit exchange is quite cheap and also supports direct exchange into local currencies so that it can make withdrawals directly to a bank account. As forSee full review

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I first knew about this latoken exchange about 1 year ago, I used it several times to make exchanges, my experience using this exchange, firstly the design of the web is very complex, it might make some new people use it a little confused as well I first used this exchange, and also the process of opening the website is quite long in my opinion, but recently latoken changed its appearance to be more fresh and new, but it is still a long time in the process of opening and using its website and wiSee full review

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Indodax is one of the cryptocurrency exchangers made in Indonesia, is the first exchanger that I used as well as a place to store my digital assets until now, the experience of using this exchanger is more than 1 year, this exchanger supports the exchange of 64 digital coins with pairs into Indonesian rupiah currency, and 11 digital coins for exchange to bitcoin, for me Indonesian people are the right exchangers to make exchanges because they can directly buy and sell coins that are owned directSee full review

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Normally most wallets are only used to store digital assets in the form of crypto coins, different from this wallet enjin, this wallet has many functions ranging from storing digital assets, namely coins or crypto tokens, direct exchange within the wallet itself, the cost of sending coins that can be arranged itself, and different from other wallets this wallet is the first wallet that supports compatible tokens for ERC-721 and ERC-1155 where tokens of this type are tokens games, this wallet hasSee full review

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Binance coin is a product made by binance itself which is a famous exchanger among professional traders, this coin in my opinion is successful in its development because it is a promising and good investment crypto for the long term, seen from the trend of prices on this coin that slowly rises every time. In addition to a good coin to invest, even in using it in a very fast and cheap transaction in shipping costs, this coin has a good thing that is rarely owned by other crypto coins. For now, thSee full review

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Blockchain wallet is a wallet that I think is good, has a good reputation, and is safe for storing cryptocurrency. The main purpose of this Blockchain wallet is to provide block browsing services for its users, currently the blockchain wallet supports several cryptos, namely: bitcoin, bitcoincash, etherium, xlm, pax. Those are some cryptos supported by this wallet that I know of, blockchain is a safe wallet because it supports two-factor authentication, making the phrase account recovery. In crySee full review

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Trust wallet is a wallet that in my opinion is a good and safe wallet, for approximately 6 months I use trust wallet I feel a lot of ease in using it, starting from a simple display, fast delivery, and a lot of support for coins or other tokens, and do not forget this wallet always provides the latest updates. In this wallet users can also exchange coins / tokens that are already supported by trust wallet, do not forget to support the exchange of BEP2 coin assets that can be directly carried outSee full review

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