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children's pool intex pool intex 56493np (191x178x61) logo

Absolutely useless product, not suitable for use.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

For such a price (2800), you can put a pump in the kit. The pool is not worth the money. I was very disappointed in Intex. This is the 5th pool of this company and such a disappointment.See full review

wrist watch casio pro trek prt-b70-1e logo

Wonderful quality, one hundred percent satisfied!

Revainrating 5 out of 5

They connect to a smartphone, all the declared functions are present. There is no original warranty in the box, because. they are no longer officially supplied, but there is a seller's warranty.See full review

compact dishwasher weissgauff tdw 4006, white logo

The machine is excellent, but I personally don't see the manufacturer's justification for a rapid program: for me, this program would be the most frequently used, but I can't think of a case in which quickly, literally in a half-hour (a definite bonus in speed), WET dishes may be needed. As a result, one star is deducted, but since this is only my viewpoint, it might not be a drawback for everyone.See full review

13.6" apple macbook air 13 2022 2560x1664, apple m2, ram 8 gb, lpddr5, ssd 256 gb, apple graphics 8-core, macos, mly33zp/a, midnight, english layout logo

A lenovo thinkpad came before it, but the poppy's display is superior in every way. The display simply cannot be any better, in my opinion. A boost to 14.14.1 would be great for me. When I upload a lot of photographs and movies, the poppy gets stuck occasionally, but otherwise, everything works smoothly and quickly. You'll need some time to adjust after coming from Windows; it took me two days to get the hang of a few things, and it's draining. However, I think I may be starting to understand. See full review

de "longhi ecam 23.460 coffee machine, black logo

For 30 days of use, the car asked to change the filter for the second time, I did the decalcification once in two weeks after the purchase. We pour water from the cooler, it seems that the water consumption when turning it on and off is almost like a cup of coffee) Two types of foam plus just hot milk or hot water, about 5 settings for coffee strength and volume. I bought it in , as always, fast delivery and good price but cash only.See full review

cocoon red castle cocoonababy blanc 40 x 69 white logo

The child did not like it very much. I slept there from strength 2 times, sometimes I lay when I was in the mood, but did not sleep. The thing is not essential, there is a high probability that the child will not like it, although they write about him that the child feels, by position, as again in the womb. Well, that's it. Or mine didn’t really like it in the womb 😅See full review

contact lenses alcon dailies total1, 30 pcs., r 8.5, d -9.5 logo

I have been using these lenses for 2 years now. I couldn’t find anything better than them, although the price is huge, especially since marriage comes across from time to time. For me, the main drawback is the difficulty of determining the wrong side. There are no marks on the lens and its shape is almost the same when turned inside out. There were several cases when I still wore them inside out and realized this only while driving on the way to workSee full review

wireless aqara water leak sensor white for other countries logo

These sensors are present in both the bathroom and the kitchen (where a washing machine is located). Of course, we occasionally check them, and they function swiftly. At the same time, there were no problems with installation today, and tools weren't even required. They cost one penny. Additionally, as it is much more convenient, we linked Aqara Hub to the base (we also have switches and sweethearts from them).See full review

vacuum cleaner jimmy jv51, white/red logo

In fact, the disadvantages are not so serious. All such vacuum cleaners have a long charge - about 5-6 hours, but one charge is enough for quite a long time. The lack of an indicator hinders a little, but not much. All in all, a great vacuum cleaner!See full review

grand price photochromic polarized bleached rimless sunglasses for day and night driving - black logo

Probably worth their money . Otherwise, how to explain that they are moving apart and spontaneously change their geometry))) maybe it's "high technology"?See full review

tetra test 6in1 aquarium water tests, 25 pcs., 15 g, set logo

Good tests, ph, kh, gh, cl shows correctly. Checked on different water, there were no errors. It is not clear only with nitrites and nitrates, perhaps a smaller value does not show. For the first time, a great option, but there you can already slowly get drip tests.See full review

vacuum cleaner deerma dx115c, black logo

Pros: powerful and lightweight vacuum cleaner, easy to clean, does not take up much space Cons below: Air blowing is from below, because of this, wool and light debris scatter around the roomSee full review

reversal wallet, sand logo

Pros include high-quality construction and thick leather. The addition of a tiny pouch is a nice touch. Has some drawbacks, such as a cumbersome bill clip. The plane is not completely covered, and the bills protrude slightly.See full review

🪑 comfortable bergamo computer chair: textile upholstery, grey color logo

Definitely not worth your money. You can consider it lucky if it lasts for a few years and the material does not sell out. They used a child seat from the same manufacturer a few years ago. The seat was covered in a mesh-like material up until it broke through, but the view was unattractive.See full review

aquael ultramax 2000 external filter logo

The aquarium stands three meters from the head of the bed. The noise is minimal, not disturbing at all. The prefilter is conveniently cleaned, the basket is removed, even the hands do not get wet. Transparent hoses are a little overgrown with algae, but I think this is simply not visible on opaque ones. Assembled and installed in half an hour. The flute was not put on, the husband does not like the sound of the murmur of water. The flow is conveniently adjustable. the 400 liter aquarium has beenSee full review

mesh inhaler (nebulizer) xiaomi andon vp-m3a, white logo

Our youngest child often has false croup, so we needed an inhaler that will always be with us: on the plane, train, travel. Now I am always calm, because everything you need is at hand. It was very lazy to take a large compressor on trips and once we had to call an ambulance, because we didn’t have our inhaler with us, and my son had an attack.See full review

projector wanbo projector t6 max 1920x1080 (full hd), 3000:1, 550 lm, lcd, 1.94 kg logo

I recommend as a first projector. Great toy for the whole family. On long, winter evenings, watch a good movie about love in the dark on the wall with a mug of mulled wine! Beauty!See full review

xiaomi mijia m365 pro electric scooter, up to 100 kg, black logo

Very happy with the scooter. I ride long distances (mostly 5-8 km trips), so a small mileage in sport mode is not critical for me. In general, the impressions were in line with expectations. If you dig into the reviews, then other users also indicate a real mileage of 25-30 km. Got pros: - Little weight. I am surprised by the comments that this scooter is heavy. Why all of a sudden? Ninebots with similar characteristics weigh 18kg+ - this is already heavy. And here the weight of the whole scootSee full review

composter master garden with lid 800 (800 l) green logo

For three months, only pluses were revealed, I regret that I didn’t buy it earlier! It is easy to assemble, the pegs enter with effort. Put on a pallet for evenness. Until the last tier was installed.See full review

kitfort toaster kt-2036, red logo

Crumbs fall to the bottom of the toaster, making cleanup a hassle. Toasting regular bread, or anything that isn't a perfect square, is a hassle. The flexibility to customize the roasting time is a welcome feature. The simplistic style will help you blend in with any decor. Simple to operate, it facilitates the preparation of tasty toast. I have used Kitfort items for quite some time, and I have always been pleased with them.See full review

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