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set-top box apple tv 4k 32gb, 2021, black logo

amazing fixture. replaced the 3rd generation, which served 8 years and is morally obsolete. set up plex, movie pub, iptv, now I have access to almost all the content that you can think of. With dualsense it is smartly played in games.See full review

laser printer hp laserjet pro m15w, h/b, a4, white logo

Pros: I quickly set it up right out of the box and synchronized with my smartphone, as for the average consumer, the print speed is very good, a cool device for the money Different cons: To be honest, I haven’t noticed yet, in general, everything suitsSee full review

smart bracelet xiaomi mi band 7 ru, black logo

Some pros: The screen has become larger and wider. There are more functions (although many, in my opinion, are not needed)! Has some cons Charging is enough for 3 days, although 14 is stated. Even despite the fact that I turned off many functions! It's annoying to charge the bracelet so often!See full review

usb flash drive verbatim store "n" go v3 64 gb, black logo

Was given to me a month ago, not used for a couple of weeks. Later it was put into operation instead of the old 32GB from another manufacturer. Today, when trying to save a PDF document, it fell off for good. The partition visually fell off, Windows suggests formatting it. An attempt to backup (from under r-studio and also from under linux) the entire partition - read errors (Buffer I / O error on device sdf. logical block 0 and other blocks, r-studio also swears, Read disk VerbatimSTORE N GSee full review

smart bracelet samsung galaxy fit2, black logo

In general, buzz for 2.5 thousand that he cost me. The initial price tag is 7000. , which was at the start of sales, to put it mildly, overpriced. XIAOMI is more functional, but the connection with Samsung health is more important to me. Pros below: Holds a charge for 8 days at maximum brightness and constant heart rate measurement. Has some cons You can’t pick up the phone (it’s convenient if the phone is not nearby and you go to it), it doesn’t count the floors. Less convenient interface for wSee full review

📻 denon avr-2113 7.1 av receiver logo

Chose between Denon, ONKYO TX-NR525 and Harman/Kardon AVR 270. Moreover, he was aimed at buying exactly at ONKYO. The wiretapping put everything in its place, I chose DENON, which I do not regret. Plays at home with: front - KEF C7 rear - Wharfedale 9.5 (there are thoughts to change to DALI Zensor 5) Turned off all the "improvers" of the sound, including Audyssey's and the sound became even better. Also, in my opinion, it is worth disabling the "Restore" function when listening to MP3 - the See full review

wireless earphones jbl tune 205bt, silver logo

Experience of use - more than a year. Excellent model, value for money. But they turned out to be not on my ears (fall out, do not hold). I gave it to my wife, she is very satisfied. I recommend this model for purchase.See full review

wall mount onkron for tv 32"-75" tilt-swivel m15 black logo

A good strong construction took off a star for the fact that in Hong Kong the set of bolts was 10, the key was put on 8, there were also not enough bolts to mount the TV. It's good that the bolts were attached to the TV. And so, if you do not take this into account, everything is fine. The design is stable, but requires padding and adjustment.See full review

notebook dell xps 13 7390 2-in-1 (3840x2160, intel core i7 1.3 ghz, ram 16 gb, ssd 512 gb, win10 home) logo

mixed impressions: it seems that the performance is good, but in general the product is still damp. I needed a beech with windows, in terms of build quality it is just starting to approach poppies, i. E. there is a certain claim to premium, while there is not enough attention to detail Different pros: a very bright 4K screen with HDR, excellent displays on macbooks, but I have never seen such a level of detail and brightness (watching movies in Bluray quality is cool). a good keyboard, it is peSee full review

xiaomi redmi airdots 3 cn wireless headphones, blue logo

Its pros: Been running for a month now and still haven't broken. Cheap and cheerful, the price absolutely corresponds to the quality. Its cons: Both the case and the headphones themselves are slightly larger than the younger models.See full review

smart xiaomi mi smart band 6 nfc global bracelet, black logo

Pros below: Holds a charge for a long time, helps a lot in sports, light, you can download an application with dials and there will be an intentional number of them With its cons. If the watch is under a wet sleeve, then there will be a lot of false touches, even if the screen is lockedSee full review

xiaomi redmi note smartphone 5 3/32 gb global, black logo

Some advantages: When compared to the note 4x, the camera is just incredible. It took me a while to warm up to the idea of using face recognition, but now that I do, I can't imagine how I ever lived without it. They have all described the benefits of drstatochno. I am going to talk about the drawbacks that I experienced. With these drawbacks: After conducting a network search, relatively few users on this forum write about the issue with the blade 4g, despite the fact that many people own one. ISee full review

canon eos 90d body camera, black logo

Very good if you need both photos and videos. Someone says that the video in 4k is soapy - it seems to be better on R . I will say one thing - if you look closely - yes. If for YouTube - no difference. However, R costs almost twice as much. I preferred to buy a normal lens (16-35 / 4L IS USM) for the rest. At the same time, I received a cashback from CANON for a promotion.See full review

pantene pro-v miracles hair thickener biotin bamboo caffeine root awakening 100ml spray logo

I found the feedback from male customers particularly interesting. For example, my girlfriend has been using it for a week, and she is pleased with everything, but even more so with how her hair has become G. It was a gift for my wife, and it's funny to see how she's transformed into a Rapunzel. Its advantages include the following: when I saw the product, I read a presentation about it on the internet, other customers suggested it to me, and I purchased the product in August of 2022. despite itSee full review

smartphone lg g6 64gb logo

LG . No, not because LG is so good, it's just that Apple is slowly sliding down, and cannot moderate its appetite in terms of prices for top-of-the-line models (this is 8 and X) Adroyd 7 has become clearly better (I compare it with ver.2. X.X), and Apple is clearly worse. Therefore, I think Androyd devices can somewhat strengthen their positions Different pros: The design of the device is convenient to use with one hand, the battery lasts until the evening. Warm lamp ips matrix, the eye is stillSee full review

wireless earphones xiaomi mi true wireless earbuds global, white logo

I bought the headphones recently, about a month ago. At first I ordered in China, but they sent broken ones. I decided to take it from the official distributor, in 2022 it is Mobilidi. He supplies equipment to many stores. I bought mine in Aliexpress. I've been using it for a month, so far only positive impressions from using them. Headphones are comfortable, do not pop out of the ears when moving. Plus, the sound is excellent, no worse than in wired headphones. And the price is quite reasonableSee full review

tv set set xiaomi mi box s cn, black logo

Excellent prefix, the only drawback is that. turn on the TV with your remote control and then turn on the set-top box, the telly turns offSee full review

electric toothbrush oral-b smart 4 4900, black/pink logo

Pros below: The first electric brush, so there is nothing to compare with. Feels like it cleans well, holds a charge decently. I don't use regular brushes anymore. Different cons: One charger for two brushes, it is very rare that you need to charge two brushes.See full review

💨 enhance your cpu cooling performance with deepcool theta 21 pwm cooler in silver/black/blue logo

I still think that the cooler is good, as they say on TDP, it does a good job. But if you are burning with the desire to play or engage in professional programs: take a tower like GAMMAX, do not torture yourself!See full review

high-quality lenovo laptop backpack b210 blue - perfect for on-the-go professionals! logo

The color is lighter than in the photo. Personally, I did not have one more pocket for books / notebooks. The rest of the backpack is cool, I wear it with pleasure. Strict, durable, versatile. Everything you need is placed. Outside two pockets - one deep, the second 10 centimeters deep. It is convenient to put all sorts of little things that you want to have at hand. See full review

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