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in cold weather without rain, I used it as an additional bottom for a tent, folding it in half - it worked better than with a friend, just an additional single-layer bottom. Some pros: light, compact immediately with stretch marks and pegs and a cover. has loops and grommets (I like loops more - somehow it feels more reliable). Doesn't let water through. Cons: the extension cord of a friend on a 5x3 tent is of better quality - they do not twist, but this is a slight discomfort during installatioSee full review

tunga zodiak 2 185/65 r15 92t summer logo

User insights on this purchase.I put it forward, the steering wheel does not hit, the car drives smoothly, in general, I am satisfied.See full review

compressor inhaler (nebulizer) and cn-231, white logo

The fact that the company gives a 5-year warranty on the main unit inspires confidence, that's for sure. After a month of use, I can say that the device fully justifies its cost. to be honest, I was afraid that the hopes for his work would not be justified, because I chose based on reviews on the Internet only, but in fact it turned out to be quite a good device. Yes, it buzzes during operation, but how it sprays the filled solution!See full review

cable atcom usb - microusb (at9174), 0.8 m, black logo

Personal impressions of this item.Satisfied, the quality is excellent, previously I had cables made of soft material and broke every timeSee full review

gloves for men sports insulated sensory black m logo

You can take for sports, in the forest. However, Alec is twice cheaper. With its pros: They do not slip, up to minus 10 degrees you can hang on the horizontal bar. Some cons: After a month, the seam between the thumb and forefinger parted. Not critical. Mended.See full review

charging cable belkin usb-lightning for apple iphone 1.2 m white logo

Excellent quality and price. Charges phone quickly. The cord is long enough and well made. There were no performance or performance issues. Thank youSee full review


Successfully changed the thermal paste both on the process and on the vidyuhi. I have been using this thermal paste for a long time - it has never let me down.See full review


I bought it in the most famous Chinese store for half the 2022 price, I also ordered a Bolt dongle there. True, without the 2022 layout, but for me it is not critical, because. I type blindly, which I recommend to everyone to learn. What an ambush! I needed a keyboard to connect to two PCs via a KVM switch. So, it doesn’t work through Bolt MX Keys (at least with ATEN, which I don’t know better than switches). Sadness, because the keyboard is just sweet even after the mechanics :(See full review

continental contipremiumcontact 5 195/55 r16 87 year old logo

Ideal tires, very quiet, excellent roll-out, keeps the road at speeds of more than 170 km / h, as if you were driving a hundred, comfortable.See full review


I got this synthesizer for free, so you can’t complain about its quality, but nevertheless, I’ll leave my review. I'm comparing this synthesizer with its analogue at the cost of Roland GO-61K (Roland is a little bit more expensive). Externally, the synthesizers are very similar, both have 61 keys, both are compact, both are beautiful red. Both are aimed at (this is emphasized) using the external Chordana Play application. But in terms of filling, the tools are completely different. I'll start wiSee full review

executive computer chair everprof ergo, upholstery: textile, color: turquoise logo

Looks cool, unusual design and very comfortable back. Quality finish, easy to care for. The landing is deep, comfortable, especially if you have back problems. I spend almost the whole day in it, my back is resting.See full review


I took it for trips from the train to the cottage on the dirt road (3 km) and from the station to the house when I travel alone. Because the car is unprofitable for benzo and time. Cool, of course, in the country the very first I find myself effortlessly at all. It would be possible to ride a bike, but it takes up more space, you can’t get into public transport in full, and in hot weather you’ll sweat all over before you get there. And this is not always normal. Accum took specifically for his nSee full review


Usually, they start with the advantages, but I will start with the disadvantages. A little prehistory. Was bought for his wife in the fall of 20, the rest of the season skated without problems. During the winter 20/21, improvements were made, namely: a rear wing bracket was installed, a transfer to chamber tires (standard casting is very hard), a battery was fixed, the motor cover and decks were put on a sealant, a decorative deck edging (red) was glued, wheel bearings were lubricated and steeriSee full review


It’s good to sit in this chair after work, it perfectly kneads the back and neck, but it massages the lower back rather weakly, although the taste and color . .See full review


It stands close to the stove, it works norms, just right for a rented apartment Pros: Affordable, roomy, runs almost on the lowest setting, relatively quiet Has cons: The freezer does not close well, the main thing is not to forget to close it tightlySee full review


In general, very satisfied with the purchase. I recommend buying silicone grill tongs and something to clean burnt fat from the panels if several batches are cooked in turn Has some pros: We tried all the main dishes: meat, fish, chicken, shrimp, vegetables. Everything turns out delicious, the panels are washed quickly. With its cons: Fatty foods (especially salmon) fill the pan very quickly, and in principle, fat flies in all directions. We use the cardboard from the package so as not to kill tSee full review


Excellent quality, I watch movies and am very satisfied. Attached to the back of the bed. Good quality plastic. I recommend.See full review


For such a price will go Haven't tried it yet, I'll post later. Has pros: Made with high quality. everything is included in the kit. everything is sealed Cons: They sent another Elitech company instead of Balu as in the picture Decided to keepSee full review


This is the best option for those who do not want to buy a mega-cool router, but want to find the most powerful and budget routerSee full review

stand elgato wave mic arm lp logo

I don't think you can find anything better for the money. Rodov's racks stand like an airplane wing! I would leave a video under the review, but I can’t, so only photos!See full review

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