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Leaky lids for jars

I used honey jars as I am a beekeeper. The lids don't close properly and I had to buy similar paper between the lid and jar to ensure a good seal.See full review

bostanten leather backpack satchel shoulder logo

Received it about a week ago but so far I like it very much. It seems to be of good quality, it has a lot of space and I like all the pockets inside. My only complaint is that the zippers are stiff - wish they were a little easier to open.See full review

kit stainless steel apple peeler logo

Pretty easy to use once you get the hang of it - the instructions aren't very helpful at first - they need more detailed instructions so you know how to start the process .See full review

sonos versatile amplifier powering entertainment logo

Wow great on speakers

OK It's not that long ago for me but I'm still amazed at the sound quality and the relatively easy setup if you have some software/electronics setup knowledge. I hooked it up to Polk bookshelf speakers (fantastic sound) and hooked it up to Sonos Ones in the living room. Brilliant sound from Sonos OnSee full review

sioro bathrobe loungewear absorbent housecoat logo

My husband gave it to me. What a luxurious soft spa robe after a warm shower! Also absorbs very well, which I had hoped for in a bathrobe after a shower.See full review

ziqian inflatable portable adjustable airplanes logo

This product is really well made and you can use it as a pillow and a footstool. Honestly, it's amazing how compact it is. You can use the pump they provide you to inflate it or you can just inflate it with your mouth. For me it was much easier and faster to use my mouth. Let's talk about comfort, iSee full review

sumind metallic curtains decoration birthday event & party supplies for decorations logo

They kept the whole of October! I don't know why all the bad reviews. Just make sure you hang it high enough so it doesn't drag on the floor!See full review

akb73996701 replacement control applicable soundplate logo

Soundbar Remote Control

This is the second unit I have purchased. My dog ate the first one. With the first device, I had to press the buttons multiple times to activate the soundbar's functions. The second block works much better. I don't have to get up to use the soundbar, cinema mode works fine and the volume controls woSee full review

band4u compatible with samsung galaxy watch 3 bands 41mm logo

I have to wear a quick release harness to work and it was a challenge to find the right one. I have bought others and they are usually too small. My wrist is eight inches long and they barely fit. However, this watch display is quite long, very comfortable and good looking. I've ordered a few more. See full review

panasonic cordless hhr 65aaabu rechargeable battery logo

While these batteries charge and hold a charge like Panasonic. I don't know how long they will last since I installed them in my phones a week ago. I think they will last just as long.See full review

sunsgne christmas multicolor ceramic hanging logo

They are perfect and just what I was looking for. I definitely recommend using the LED version instead of incandescent bulbs as they get hot. The LEDs always stay cool and they even send replacement bulbs.See full review

powell company parcel 13 drawer cabinet logo

If you've ever seen a price on Apothecary Chests you probably know they cost a fortune. I've dreamed of one of these chests for years and when I found this one I couldn't believe the price. I ordered it and held my breath hoping it would look as good as the photos. does! And it's well done. I use miSee full review

outdoor b right christmas 11modes dimmable logo

I bought 6 of these in August in anticipation of Christmas. I installed them, connected them together and they worked great. I was missing 3 sets so went back to 3 in November. The new arrivals have a completely different light control mechanism that is incompatible with the old ones. Colors/brightnSee full review

ulrikenly waterproof foldable removable bedroom furniture logo

I bought this for my living room. The parts don't fit together properly so it's very wobbly. The legs were uneven and misaligned, making assembly difficult. And the tray doesn't even sit flat on the base. Very disappointed. I do not recommend buying this.See full review

spunko stainless scrubber commercial bathroom logo

Works well in cleaners

Bought these to replace my old brushes. Was surprised by the small box it came in (didn't know it came unassembled). It was pretty easy to figure out how to assemble it. Cleans well, strong grip; does a good job!See full review

omoone cropped distressed trucker xx large women's clothing logo

Wrong color for women

So either they sent me a light blue denim jacket or it's lighter than the one in the picture. I ordered dark blue but it is light blue. I love the jacket but wanted a navy blue.See full review

stondino supplies flashing glasses spinning logo

I ordered this for my son's birthday party at the arcade. We just started stuffing his goodies in my pockets and I noticed I didn't get any dinosaur stickers. I'm missing the red finger indicator and it wasn't made in a different color. I have 5 transparent, green, blue and 4 red. Also, I may have rSee full review

remixd audioflex bluetooth earbuds headphones logo

You get what you pay for

Super cheap headphones. I bought them from Fry's Grocery (Kroger). A beep will be heard when connected via Bluetooth. I threw them away after trying them once.See full review

kitchen pro stainless chainmail scrubber silicone logo

I liked it. I was looking for an eco-friendly (non-plastic, reusable) alternative to Scotchbrite-style pads. The problem is that the cross-section of each ring is round; no edge, no grip to scrape together. The only thing I find it useful for is removing leftover oats from the pan before using. I usSee full review

office star executive leather espresso logo

I'm so glad I decided to take the plunge and buy this chair. I work from home and spend a lot of time in my chair and I can tell you it was 100% better than my old office chair and I didn't realize how bad my old chair was getting until I sat in this one. I'm 5'8" and have curves and hips, but the sSee full review

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