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nintendo switch oled game console 64 gb, no games, neon blue/neon red logo

With its pros: Excellent console, the screen is larger than other versions, the sound is excellent, the build quality is at a high level. Some cons: The plug connector is not for 2022, but there is an adapter. The buttons on the right joystick are worse than those on the left.See full review

gaming chair zombie viking-4 aero, upholstery: imitation leather/textile, color: black logo

The chair came without a marriage, assembled in 20 minutes so as not to strain, turned on the video on YouTube and everything was like clockwork.See full review

satellite set-top box-client general satellite gs-c592 (set-top box-client) logo

Got pros: Fast delivery. The functionality is good. Compatible with a set from seven years ago. Works with TV on hdmi and tulips (rca) Fast cold start Its cons: No watch The presence of WiFi, which you can connect, but not useSee full review

grill kitfort kt-1655, black logo

Meat for grilling is better to choose juicier. Cauliflower is excellent. Of course, do not forget to marinate and grease the surface with oil. Some pros: Everything works, the price is small compared to other stores, heating is fast Cons below: I would like a larger gap between the spiers, the slope for draining fat is insufficientSee full review

led lamps with y6d lens (120w, 6500k, h4 base) for vaz 2101-21099, 2113, 2114, lada niva 4x4, granta, largus logo

Advised everyone on DRIVE2; ) Got pros: Bright, the color is clearly "White". Excellent STG, adjustable with a bolt on the bulbs themselves (apart from the headlight settings). Easy to connect. Its cons: I didn’t find it, I’ve been driving with them for more than a month.See full review

computer chair bloody gc-500 gaming, upholstery: imitation leather, color: black logo

In fact, the budget is like a Pesal already. A little clumsy. The hydraulics work almost perfectly. There are blunts at the moment when you try to lower the back of the chair with a lever or pull it up a turn. To raise it, you must first press it so that it lowers and then only there will be a move to increase. And also if you need to do the opposite. With its pros: Yes, this is a budget chair. Yes, it has nothing to do with Atech. But done albeit clumsily. But it gets its money back. Some cons:See full review

drainage pump daewoo ddp 7500p (5kw, 7500l/hour) logo

Purchased a drainage pump to pump out water in the cellar. It does its job very well. The cable is not long, but enough to use with a cellar. It also pumps out dirty water, which is very good. While happy with everything, no complaints.See full review

adapter isa ad02 16 a white/grey 1 pc. logo

It was not Isa who arrived, but Marken, but I don’t care, apparently the stencil at the factory broke. At a price of 136, of which there were 135 bonuses and 1 live rupee + free next day delivery to your home by click ( is connected) - communism has come! Holds plugs firmly - both American and European. It fits into the socket evenly, with a slight protrusion. Undocumented function: you can plug in both an American and a European in parallel. It is clear that it is not possible to power microwavSee full review

roland fp-10 digital piano black logo

For a long time I thought about what piano to buy for myself for lessons. There was a choice between CASIO CDP-S100, Casio CDP-350, Roland FP-10 and Medeli SP4200. I was very attracted to Medel with its characteristics and price, I thought for a long time whether I should take it. But after careful consideration, I decided not to give in. Despite the fact that the tool may be good, unfortunately, there are few reviews on the Internet for it, and apart from dry numbers in the characteristics, theSee full review

avs k3n16m wrench set, 16 pcs, black/red logo

The use was domestic. How they will behave under a serious load, for example, with throwing a pipe for a lever, when a large diameter nut does not lend itself, I can’t say. Its pros: The step between key sizes is +1 - it is not so easy to buy some sizes, not just one, but even in a set. Convenient roll storage. They look good. Its cons: The head of the key is at a slight but angle to the handle, which narrows the scope.See full review

petrol cultivator daewoo dat 3530 (3.5hp, 26cm) logo

All is well at work. It starts up very easily even after a winter downtime in a country barn, does not “cough”. Corresponds to the declared characteristics. The only thing to keep in mind is the noise from the 2-stroke engine. For some, it will still be better than an electric one, which works much quieter. But for work at a distance from the outlet, this model is more than the best option.See full review


Got pros: It is convenient in management and the convenient developing handle. Takes up little space. Some cons: A lot of hair is wrapped around the brush. Therefore, it is not very convenient. The brush is very hard to clean.See full review


The watch is super. Took a child. There are enough functions. They work well and look very nice. The charge lasts for a long timeSee full review


Considerations on usability.Pros: I was very surprised) by wifi, it works relatively fast) Different cons: well, it is ated very often)) well, this is not a drawback))See full review


Firstly; price tag, very expensive. Secondly; noisy, too noisy, thirdly; absolutely useless thing for cooling. Someone in the review wrote that it does not moisturize, this is not true, it moisturizes well, intensive moisturizing works in the ala cold mode. For example, in the Ob there is a similar miracle of technology, a couple of thousand cheaper, much more powerful and an order of magnitude quieter. But without a remote control and push-button design. Outcome; returned this device. Good moodSee full review


Cool column, the sound is just awesome) Holds a charge for a long time, easy to connect, stylish appearance and convenient size. Thanks for a great product! 🔥👌See full review


If you have hot water on the right - this is one of the options. I took it at discounts for 12.990s, although the price was from 16.000 to 19.990 from different suppliers. The thread knob has a pronounced neutral position with a click. Temperature differences work out for about 3-4 seconds. A plus is the swivel exit to the shower - I needed it upstairs for the shower rack. For 13 thousand an excellent solution, for 20 probably would not have considered buying.See full review


A candid review of the product.Pros below: For such a price, a very cool comfortable monopod! Cons: I think to unscrew the pedal, it often interferesSee full review


Some pros: The best column in comparison with 100-300 series. They hum terribly at low volume, pissing off the neighbors, and this one does an excellent job with low background music and it is completely inaudible at night. Some cons: Smelly plastic as well as on 200, 300 and 310 series. I've been using all these columns for a year now, but they still give off the smell of stale socks during operation. This is especially felt when you enter the room. Not enough high frequencies. Well, it does noSee full review


We chose an electric grill for a long time) We were looking for a grill with removable panels, and my husband and I are satisfied! Vegetables, mushrooms, fish and meat are just super! The disadvantage has already been indicated above, but it's not super annoying, I just try not to put the dish on this small area. The panels are removed together with the heating mechanism, it is convenient to wash. All in all, a great grill for the money!See full review

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