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induction hob iplate yz-t24, black logo

I bought it in the village as a mobile stove, the first impression was Wow, how cool everything is, but then, the opinion changed, read the shortcomings. Pros: At first glance, it seemed that a quality product, it was nice to pick it up, there were no complaints about the work, I hope for a long service life! Has some cons: Very fragile glass, cracked the second time it was turned on, they did not understand what was the reason! The temperature control does not work correctly, the temperature waSee full review

32" tv tuvio full hd dled on yandex.tv platform, stv-32fdfbk1r, black logo

Do not buy this g . . but. It constantly switches on its own, the volume is added, the volume is reduced, without a subscription, even cable channels do not look disgusting sound . ..See full review

electric scooter midway i- max pro gray (18000 mah, up to 40 km/h, 600 w) logo

Otherwise, the scooter is a bomb. Producer - respect. Supplier - disrespect. Market, think better about reimbursement of moral waste of customers. A coupon of 1000s is a good marketing ploy, but it does not atone for such a joint. Has some pros: The manufacturer made a strong scooter. You can hammer nails. Cons below: It looks clumsy, there are irregularities in the details. Abstract: There were no screws to attach the steering wheel. The wheel was broken. There was white paint on the cabSee full review

stunt scooter techteam goliath 2021, black logo

Bought to ride with my son. I have a height of 185, weight 90 kg, I was looking for a scooter with a high handlebar and durable. This model is just right for me. It is assembled qualitatively, nothing strums, the reel is excellent on large wheels. Excellent for the price for a beginnerSee full review

power strip defender g330 (99334), 3 sockets, c/c, 10a / 2200 w black 3 m logo

Ordinary carrying on 3 sockets. The price matches the quality. Plug-in contacts are not designed for high loads, but for small consumers, that's it!See full review

stripper knipex 12 62 180 black/red logo

Great tool! I recommend! Engaged in electrician 7 years, finally decided. Now I'm wondering why I didn't take it earlier. The product is worth its money.See full review

grunberg sneakers, size 40, navi mix logo

I took it mainly for walking around the stadium (asphalt), while holding on, they wore out minimally in a couple of weeks. Took at a discount for 1830 with discounts.See full review

antifreeze coolstream jpn c blue 1.5 l logo

Antifreeze oozes from under the covers. The seals on the bottles can be broken by scrolling with your finger without effort.See full review

wheel rim k&k ks736 6.5x16/5x114.3 d66.1 et40, 9.2 kg, black diamond logo

I bought it on ASX, the departure is at least a bit different (ET45 instead of ET46), but I think this is not significant. Even taking into account that these are 16 tires (215/65), the wheels look great, although on a higher profile, it may not be so pretty. Nuts from my regular 17th casting did not fit - I will buy a set of cone nuts.See full review

wheel rim skad siena 6.5x16/5x114.3 d67.1 et38, 8.4 kg, diamond logo

With its pros: Everything is super. Rims are cool in boxes from Koles Darom. Everything is clear. All the specified parameters of the disks correspond, the appearance is just WOW! Very satisfied thanks! Some cons: There are no disadvantages. The only thing could be faster with delivery, it took 15 days. But for me it is not critical.See full review

grill kitfort kt-1655, black logo

I bought a grill not so long ago, the first experience in using it. It's cool to make club sandwiches on it. I have also tried steaks, it copes well, I managed to make a “medium” roast. There are coasters so that fat flows into a special channel for removing fat, which is also very convenient. I recommend!See full review

drainage pump daewoo ddp 7500p (5kw, 7500l/hour) logo

A simple and inexpensive pump, it copes with its tasks - it pumps water for irrigation from a container, it can be placed in barrels that are filled with rainwater. Water supply up to 30 meters is normal with pressure. Sometimes I put a couple of "turntables" for irrigation - they work. When it pumps out the entire tank - the float falls - the pump turns off and does not work at idle. Reliable simple pump.See full review


I don’t advise the product because of the flickering of a lamp with a network frequency of 50 Hz, if it doesn’t matter to you, then you can take it - the lamps are made of high quality, the base is ceramic, but the flickering indicates that they do not have a full-fledged power source, but only the simplest circuit on a diode bridge + capacitors.See full review


While everything suits all the same, the company is reliable, the main thing is to breathe correctly and use the instructions Got pros: It works well, I recently use it for lung disease, it is a good device Different cons: Noisy only a little, and so everything is fine, but the price would be lowerSee full review

digital piano yamaha p-45 black logo

Got pros: I liked everything that is required from a compact piano, namely the size, mobility, functionality, in general, and the sound is very good. Has some cons: Individual keys make a very harsh sound at maximum volume. You may need to use the services of a specialist. How serious this defect is, I don’t know yet, I hope for the best.See full review


The watch is quite heavy, not for a woman's hand. With the main function - to splurge - they cope with five, with the definition of time a little worse) If we could slightly shift tens of minutes (we are talking about the 5th dozen) from single ones or make a gap between them, then 5 stars for this toy would be adequate .See full review


First, I replaced the Beeline router, which was hanging in the corridor, with the AX50, but when it became clear that AirLink was not working properly, I had to put the Beeline in place and connect the AX50 from it with a wire in the room. Everything worked without any dancing with a tambourine. The only shame is that the signal amplifier is no longer needed, because. Wi-fi coverage is now provided by 2 routers. But that's a completely different story))See full review

air washer with aroma function electrolux ehw-620, white logo

Extremely satisfied with the purchase, I chose among a large number of humidifiers - from cheap to the most expensive. This one is not only optimal in price, but also devoid of many of the shortcomings inherent in more expensive models. It saves great when the heating season begins, before buying it, often the eyes were dry and tired from constant work at the computer - after buying it, everything went instantly, otherwise no drops helped.See full review


Durable, a couple of times I went through open hatches, only the disk was wrinkled. In the snow, the car drives to the very belly, but the tires row only forward, it is difficult to move in reverse. I skated for three seasons, I plan another one, there are no hernias and punctures, spikes began to fall out, after the first two seasons one spike was missing, for three years it became a little dull. I recommend, next time I will buy the same tires sooner.See full review

westlake tires sa57 265/50 r20 111v summer logo

Ordered 03/16/23, delivered 03/21/23. I immediately changed my shoes, the tires look great, fresh 4822, the balance is excellent 10-25g. We will test while driving 40 km. on the highway, I liked the tires. Thank you seller.See full review

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