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hoco ca50 black holder logo

Has some pros Performs its function, keeps the smartphone on the dash normally. Cons below: It lasts exactly for a year, then the holder becomes loose and when driving it can fly off along with the phone.See full review

tablet digma optima kids 7 (2019), 1 gb/16 gb, wi-fi, blue logo

Different pros: Design. The child threw it on the floor, the tablet did not break. Discharges quickly. Its cons: It discharges quickly, 20 minutes of work, it sometimes loads applications slowly.See full review

70mai dash cam pro plus rear cam set a500s-1, 2 cameras, glonass, black logo

Its pros: Ease of installation, usability of both the software interface and buttons, the quality of shooting. Its cons: The ADAS system is just zilch, an absolutely useless thing. The voice acting in 2022 is so-so.See full review

smart xiaomi mi smart band bracelet 6ru, black logo

The connection seemed obvious to me, even though I'm now retired. The price is reasonable for the quality, and all of the functions are operational. Everything you need to know, including the steps, the pulse, and the time, is included. Bluetooth allows for the connection of messages from various social networks, which can then be selected. So, it is highly recommended. Got pros: Easily transportable and with multiple uses. I used to have a Fitbit bracelet, but it stopped working, so I decided tSee full review

49" tv lg 49uk6200 2018 led, hdr, black logo

Juicy clear picture, acceptable sound, eyes do not get tired. Comfortable. The 101Gb movie plays without brakes. Watching is a pleasure.See full review

💥 experience ultimate power protection with interactive ups powercom raptor rpt-600a euro black logo

I chose between this and more expensive options, then I realized that I see no reason to overpay for a display, metal cases, and so on. There is a voltage stabilizer, there is a good battery with a transition time of 4ms, and specifically I didn’t need anything more. I was surprised by the presence of the cold start function, which works normally and allows you to start the PC in the absence of mains voltage.See full review

smartphone realme 10 8/128 gb ru, black logo

Pros: Screen type color AMOLED, touch. 750G processor - very fast gaming! And much more, . who knows, he will understand! Has some cons Few people know that it is better than all inexpensive smartphones, at the moment it is just a bomb.See full review

wi-fi router tp-link tl-mr6400, black logo

The device was bought to organize video surveillance in the country and use the Internet along the way. Before buying, a consultant from the tp-link technical department explained by phone that they say he cannot guarantee that the router will transmit a signal over a distance of 50 m, since much depends on the properties of the client device, but vouches for 20 m. It turned out that this is not entirely true. The problem was solved with the tp-link RE-360 repeater. Do not confuse with 365!See full review

70mai dash cam midrive d01, black logo

I bought this registrar of the 2022 version in the xiaomi express store. The reason for the choice was the price of the sensor from Sony, its compactness and a bunch of positive reviews on YouTube. In fact, the quality of shooting is rather mediocre at night, so generally terrible numbers in motion are practically unreadable, often the device may freeze and not record at all and you won’t even know about it. And now, in my case, the paired device is apple7+ by code, you can download the applicatSee full review

home computer case aerocool evo mini black logo

For the first time I assembled the system myself, I liked that there are holes for attaching hard and ssd. Nothing vibrates and no noise can be heard from it, only when you remove the glass. usb and buttons on the edge of the front panel, convenient. Different pros: Compact dimensions. There are side openings for ventilation. RGB backlight. Quiet cooler. Has cons: Inconvenient bolts for removing tempered glass. There is no reset button.See full review

game console sony playstation 5 825gb ssd ru, white logo

In general, the purchase was one that met all of my expectations and more. Everything arrived in the appropriate amount of time. There have been no reports of malfunctions or issues with the set-top box itself. I play because it brings me joy. Has pros: Rapid download speeds. You often have the option in many games to change the graphics setting, giving you the choice between higher quality and a higher frame rate. All games that were released on discs or in digital format are fully playable on See full review

smartphone apple iphone 13 pro max 128 gb, sky blue logo

Has pros: Great phone. It attracts a good, simple camera with a cinematic effect and a large screen. With its cons. There is no significant difference from the previous generation.See full review

📺 sony bdv-e4100 home cinema system logo

I chose to watch movies either from the built-in DVD / Bluray or from the screw / Dune. Therefore, the main thing was the sound. I listened on the top of the neck to how the products of LG, SAMs, Sony and JBL sound. Skis sound very plastic, Samsung has good models. I really liked the sound of Sony and JBL, I'm not special in speakers and sound and this is my first cinema, but there is a music school behind me. With a budget of 20 thousand (December 15), Sony won. I lost everything that was on thSee full review

🗺️ imap-5200 navigator by prology logo

I have been using this product for less than a month. During this time, the navigator proved to be excellent. Very pleased with the 5-inch touch screen with a special anti-reflective coating from the sun. In addition, the Prology iMap-5200 has an excellent capacitive battery that can provide continuous operation for 2 hours. An equally important feature is the fact that the iMap-5200 already has the necessary software pre-installed and you don't need to buy additional maps. For a short period ofSee full review

wireless headphones apple airpods 3 magsafe charging case, white logo

The original, do not be afraid, they arrived quickly, well packaged, they play perfectly, if they were around 10, then there would be no price.See full review

tv set set xiaomi mi box s cn, black logo

Pros below: Turned an old TV into a smart one. You can change colors a little, compact. Cons: Wifi 5G does not want to work normally, but maybe these are my crooked hands. 2.4 is enough for the eyes.See full review

💡 xiaomi mijia lite intelligent led table lamp - 8w, white armature and shade logo

Got pros: The lamp is of good quality, in the hands it does not give the impression of a flimsy cheap thing. At the maximum brightness mode, more than enough to work under the lamp. Got cons: Flat plug without adapter included, had to go to 1000 little thingsSee full review

audio toothbrush revyline rl 050, blue logo

It's time to change my electric toothbrush, it has long been obsolete. Yes, and tired of changing batteries, good batteries are very expensive. And then I came across a toothbrush on the Internet - Revyline RL 05. Everything I need, this brush has: - rechargeable, two cleaning modes and the cleaning head itself is oblong, not round like my old brush. There are many reviews and most of them are good, the price tag is divine. I ordered a brush on aliexpress, and now, after four long-awaited days, See full review

motorola moto g5s 3/32gb dual sim smartphone, grey logo

Everyone liked the phone, but the only drawback completely killed all the positive impression. I’ll have to bring a new (!) to repair, I don’t even know how to demonstrate when handing over for repair :( On March 14, lenovo acknowledged the impossibility of repairing the phone. Money returned. Has pros: I liked everything, but the rating is bad due to one single flaw. Its cons: Sudden problem - once the phone cools down a little, the touch stops working. Doesn't respond to touch at all. InteresSee full review

logitech m310 wireless compact mouse, dark gray logo

Got pros: 1. Comfortable 2. Easy to connect to computer 3. The battery charge lasts for a long time (I bought it in April, I didn’t change the battery, it was branded. The battery sat down in early September). Got cons: 1. After a few months of use, the plastic began to turn black 2. Noisy 3. Turns off and lights up red, although the battery has not yet completely sat down (I inserted the battery into another mouse, it worked)See full review

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