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maxler vitawomen tabs, 90 pcs, neutral logo

I'm very happy, it really is worth buying.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Pros: Value for money, good volume, no taste (this is of course a plus) Its cons: I have to break each pill, because it is indicated to drink half a daySee full review

tevin suitcase, abs plastic, support legs on the side wall, 37 l, size s, 0011 logo

I took Aeroflot for hand luggage, it fit. Made with high quality, but in my opinion it is not suitable for luggage, only hand luggage. Very flimsy retractable handle. Let's see how long it takes. Arrived quickly, well packaged, no damage.See full review

gislaved nord frost 200 205/55 r16 94t winter logo

I am amazed! It was definitely worth the money!

Revainrating 5 out of 5

So winter has come, it's time to put your horse in winter shoes. I searched for a long time and settled on the value for money Gislaved NF200 I drive mostly in the city. And this tire has everything you need. 1. Asymmetric pattern (emphasized on the control of the car) 2. Average row of studding (enough for safe driving on ice, while not so noisy on asphalt! ) 3. Soft and comfortable all bumps swallow. There is something to compare, I can say far from the worst wheels on which I went. I'm compleSee full review

vacuum cleaner xiaomi mi handheld vacuum cleaner g10 global, white logo

Various advantages: Wow, that is one sweet vacuum cleaner. I really wasn't anticipating it at all! After making the purchase to upgrade from my previous Bosch wireless vertical, I was astounded by the tremendous improvement. Extremely powerful, it vacuums smartly and corners, as well as debris from skirting boards and other places that were before beyond the capacity of Bosch. Linoleum even into itself in fast mode! In automatic mode, a single charge is sufficient for five cleanings of a 38-squaSee full review

computer chair bureaucrat ch-808axsn for executive, upholstery: textile, color: black tw-11 logo

Overall a great chair. Let's see how it behaves after a while. I bought from the seller oasis. Market, and itself carried out the delivery. There are no complaints. Special thanks for the excellent system of discounts, the chair cost around 3500, taking into account the promotional code, coupon and cashback. Has pros: Easy assembly Wide and comfortable swing mechanism The gas lift inspires confidence (the chair will obviously hold the declared 120 kg) Price Cons below: Crooked (in terms of geomeSee full review

computer chair aerocool crown gaming, upholstery: imitation leather, color: black blue logo

Delivered on the day of order, thanks to www. Collected in 20 minutes with the child. The child is very pleased, he immediately adjusted the height of the chair to his height, deployed the armrests. No foreign strong smells of plastic. In the course of operation, as they say - "we will see", but for now everything suits. It looks unusually large in a small room, especially after a small child seat, but I don’t consider this a disadvantage, just a gradual change in the interiorSee full review

vacuum cleaner thomas twin t1 aquafilter, blue/white logo

I carefully approached the choice of a vacuum cleaner, since there is a small child in the house, so I want to have as little dust as possible. I really liked the vacuum cleaner, before that I had a regular vacuum cleaner with a dust bag. After cleaning with a new vacuum cleaner with an aquafilter, it feels like I didn’t have a vacuum cleaner in my house. The power of the vacuum cleaner is good, I can easily clean the carpet with a long nap. I vacuum floors and windows. In addition, you do not nSee full review

yokohama geolandar cv g058 235/65 r17 108v summer logo

Advantages: A typical tire made in the Philippines. It feels pleasant to the touch and is silent on the track. The automobile calmly carries on in the rain. Several drawbacks Feels a little bit pricey 9,000 for a wheel. 235/60/18See full review

air washer winia awx-70, white/turquoise logo

In the future, the appearance of a baby. In principle, my wife and I were already thinking about buying a humidifier purifier. And my wife was tormented by rhinitis of pregnant women, so we decided not to delay the purchase. We took this unit a little over a month ago. The wife is satisfied. Yes, I am too. The air is cleaner, moderately humid. There are no problems with this. Humidity is set as needed. Adjustable to preference. And by the way, it works quietly. Doesn't wake us up, and won't wakeSee full review

mountain bike (mtb) stels navigator 900 d 29 f020 (2022) grey/yellow 21" (requires final assembly) logo

Bought from Crystal Trees. The bike is comfortable, beautiful, but requires final assembly and tuning. On the second day of operation, the brakes leaked. Later I saw that the firm of shifters differs from the specified one (Radius, not Shimano). If on trifles, then the grips are prickly - you have to get used to it or ride with gloves on. The left barend was cut through also on the second day of skiing In general, if the shifters were the same, I would have ridden anyway, but I had to returnSee full review

smart watch garmin forerunner 55 42 mm, gray logo

I was looking for a replacement suunto spartan trainer, choosing between these and polar vantage, I took garmin because I read about polar about the poor display of the current tempo, but for me this is important. As a result, I ran into the same problem here, the pace on the clock sometimes jumps + -1 min at a constant pace. I really don't like the standard displays after suunto: they are strangely organized, the information is hard to read, and most importantly, it is not clear how this informSee full review

segway ninebot mini, 700 w, white logo

Its pros: Great Segway! Definitely recommend to buy! Very high quality, powerful, dynamic, passable and indestructible! You can safely ride, both on flat roads and on rough terrain! The battery is excellent, the power reserve does not disappear over time! Maximum speed - 18 km / h, subject to restrictions! I have been driving for 2 and a half years almost every day and I am completely satisfied with the Segway, although I initially considered miniPRO! Different cons: The speed limiter is a littSee full review

vplab ultra men's sport tab., 180 pcs. logo

Its pros: - Energy really becomes more, the difference is felt. - You become more vigorous, in order to sleep, you need 7 and a half hours (without vitamins more than 8). Got cons: - Excess vitamins are excreted in the urine, so be prepared to run to the toilet often.See full review

office chair bureaucrat ch-w695nlt, upholstery: mesh/textile, color: pink logo

Has some pros: Excellent chair, I bought a child of 6 years. Easy assembly, fairly good quality, smooth height adjustment, favorable price. Has some cons: The smell of plastic on the seat, I think it will fade with time.See full review

smart bracelet honor band 5 ru, blue logo

Purchased for use as a present. It has a wonderfully balanced appearance on the little hand of my mum. It keeps track of both the pulse and the amount of oxygen that is currently present in the blood. Some cons: Only one screen, which she can view without her glasses, and it only contains a clock.See full review

computer chair zombie thunder 1 gaming, upholstery: faux leather/textile, color: black-carbon logo

Black cloth in areas that come into contact with the body, mesh, carbon fiber, and leatherette in areas that are not reachable by the body. An armrest made of lovely, gorgeous, wear-resistant 3D PVC that is also nicer than armrests made of leatherette or plastic. The mechanism for rocking does not operate, despite the fact that there is a twist; the back unfolds to a recumbent position; it creaks slightly but otherwise remains silent; it is required to stretch it. Affordable and sturdy chair optSee full review

computer chair matt samurai black edition office, upholstery: textile, color: black logo

This chair is fantastic; I bought it as a present for my husband and was able to put it together without any hassle or extra hardware. Easy to relax in after long periods of typing.See full review

vacuum cleaner kitfort kt-541-1, blue logo

The price / quality of this purchase is on top, for this amount it is one of the best among all. The battery holds enough to clean the apartment, it’s easy to clean, it’s not at all heavy even for a wife, it’s easy to assemble and disassemble, charging is convenient, you can even screw it to the wall, but as for me, it’s easier to remove the nozzles and put the charger in a box. As a result, an excellent vacuum cleaner for the money, I recommend to buy.See full review

split system ballu bsd-09hn1, white logo

I purchased and installed the system in April of this year, now it’s more comfortable to live, and it’s not parko in the heat. The machine is just great in terms of functionality and operation. I set it up once, the equipment remembered and it works. The indoor unit looks very stylish. There is protection against the formation of ice, the air conditioner is able to carry out self-diagnosis. In addition, a timer was set, the on / off mode was set, and then on the machine.See full review

the saem cover perfection tip concealer, shade 2.5 medium deep logo

Below are some advantages: A very effective corrector. Dense. Very dense. Hides the post-acne scars, an asterisk, wreaths, and bruises on the cheeks caused by the mask. clinging to his ego like my ex did to our relationship. But unlike him, it does not roll. I am a type 2 with very fair skin. The first tone is just right. On the other hand, in general, he adapts. With these drawbacks: Not available in all locations. In the event where a discount is not offered, the price is high, and the quantiSee full review

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