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huohou molybdenum vanadium steel kitchen knife set (hu0158), 6pcs, huohou molybdenum vanadium steel kitchen knife set logo

Knives are just class, when you hold them in your hand, you feel delight. The best knives I have ever had. Very sharp. Well made, well packaged. The knife holder deserves special attention. Very high quality and heavy, with rubber feet.See full review

merries baby diapers, size m, 6-11 kg, 64 count (imported from japan) logo

Pro do not leak: I used them only during the day, change every 3 hours. I put it on at night, they don’t leak, but after 8-10 hours they are overcrowded and the is cold. For the night we are more cowards fit.See full review

kumho road venture m/t kl71 215/75 r15 106q all season logo

It is supported by the Chevrolet Niva (R15 75 215, with the steering wheel completely unscrewed to the side in the arches wipers), and it is in its standard position. Traveled approximately 35,000 to 40,000 kilometers across all four seasons. She would not have been demolished if it were not for the faulty alignment (it was in excellent condition, but because of the incorrect alignment, it was demolished in a week). It is nearly impossible to get in my size, and at the time that I purchased it, See full review

children's 3-wheel scooter globber primo foldable fantasy lights, blue logo

The quality is so great that this is my second purchase from the same company (in conjunction with the relocation). We're happy with only one scooter, but it has to be a good one because our neighbors on the property are all buying multiples. The kid enjoys it and rides happily. The scooter is now an intimate possession. Highly suggested! The benefits: Elegant, lightweight, sturdy, portable, simple to maintain, height-adjustable, and removable handle. The downsides are: A slim handle, visually sSee full review

carob coffee maker de "longhi ecp 31.21, black logo

Water heats up quickly, coffee strength is manually adjusted by how much water is poured through the horn before shutting off. Different pros: Good reliable coffee maker, Italian horn, pressure 15 bar. Making coffee is easy, given that everything has to be done by hand. The ideal device for those who want to brew a couple of cups of truly delicious coffee without much effort, while not overpaying for a coffee MACHINE. Cons below: It vibrates and makes a little more noise than I expected, but thiSee full review

mattress proson plain, 90x195 cm, spring logo

Got pros: Follows the shape of the body. Soft and comfortable to sleep on Cons: The springs rustle. If a person is overweight, it will rustle. Not to creak, namely to rustle. Tried flipping the mattress. They put a mattress pad, better fatSee full review

ground coffee lavazza crema e gusto classico, vacuum packed, 250 g logo

Got pros: Excellent, strong coffee, I have been buying it for a long time Cons below: For some reason, the same coffee, but from Finland, is stronger and more aromatic than this!See full review

vacuum cleaner deerma dx700s eu, black logo

Some advantages include the fact that it does an excellent job of picking up trash and can even remove pet hair from the carpet, despite the absence of lint on the brush that would normally be used for that purpose. Excellent choice for a studio or one-bedroom apartment. Some disadvantages include that it heats up very quickly and that it is quite possible that you will have to replace the filter in the flask that catches dust and debris on a regular basis.See full review

motorola talkabout t42 radio, 2 pcs. logo

With its pros: All liked it. chic inexpensive walkie-talkies. children are happy Some cons: yes, they probably don't. slightly non-intuitive settings (channel selection).See full review

vitamin d3 caps, 5000 iu, 360 pcs. logo

This drug was prescribed to me by a doctor, because. my therapeutic dosage is 10.000 units, and here is a convenient form and dose for taking and assimilation. The package arrived well packaged. Outwardly, bottles and capsules do not differ from Eicherba. Expiry date 2024. If someone does not absorb it after taking D, contact the doctors, the problem is not with the drug, but with the body. I recommend to buy.See full review

coffeemaker kitfort kt-706, black logo

Superior espresso machine. Husband was interested but hesitant to make the purchase. I thought it would be nice to get him something. We only drink coffee now because it's convenient, quick, and delicious. I think everyone should read it!See full review

nokian tyres hakkapeliitta 9 suv 235/50 r18 101t winter logo

I used these tires last year on my LEXUS 450D, and after driving through the snow and ice, I noticed that about 30% of the spikes had worn away. Perhaps now someone will claim that he tore from the site, that the speeds are high, and that he drove on asphalt during the summer. Not at all! I didn't drive in the summer because this vehicle isn't fast, you can't take off from a specific location, and vice versa. Before HKPL 8, there weren't any issues of this nature. If you look at the photos, it wSee full review

vacuum cleaner dyson cyclone v10 motorhead (sv12), grey/red logo

V10 is in the apartment, and V8 is in the home. We have 2 of these. We tested six different vacuum cleaners, including two vertical ones, because there were cats around. This is not an exaggeration when I say that Dyson is a magnitude superior. True, the price reflects that. It is also quite calm. We have three different turbo brushes in terms of equipment, but we only utilize the regular one.See full review

citrus juicer kitfort kt-1108, black/silver logo

In general, a very pleasant and convenient device, the power is sufficient, it copes with oranges with a bang (other citrus fruits have not yet been tried). The key issue is reliability, how long it will work. The previous juicer (of another manufacturer) failed after a couple of years - the gear in the engine mechanism was worn out and the torque element began to "scroll". We hope this will not cause such problems.See full review

projector wanbo projector t6 max 1920x1080 (full hd), 3000:1, 550 lm, lcd, 1.94 kg logo

Pros: Excellent picture, ease of use, interface - buzzing. HDMI connectivity is great. Overall a great projector for the money. Different cons: Noise. This moment was not thought out at all and the noise is really audible, it is not really quietSee full review

docker cap without visor cotton fb1, black, 52-60 logo

Pros below: Qualitatively sewn, convenient adjustment around the circumference of the head with Velcro, the material perfectly absorbs moisture. Has cons: There is only one drawback for me, too deep landing, sits a little on the ears, if tightly dressed.See full review

xiaomi mi robot vacuum-mop essential robot vacuum cleaner, white logo

The vacuum cleaner can sometimes get tangled in the fabric left on the floor, and then it gives signals for help, all this is cool :))See full review

toaster kitfort kt-2014-2, beige logo

I bought it on the market thanks to the split service, which is quite handy. The toaster performed well and had all the features I needed; what impressed me the most was that they included the option to toast frozen bread (who keeps bread in the freezer?) for that price. From The lack of tongs for removing toasts and the rapidity with which they cook are the only real drawbacks. After utilizing Kitfort machinery for over a year, I can attest to its reliability.See full review

rozhkovy coffee maker kitfort kt-702, black logo

In overall, the acquisition meets all of the expectations. The coffee is starting to brew. My prediction of how the Americano would turn out was spot on. There is a milk frother designed just for cappuccino, but I never use it. Pros: Elegant construction. There is a sensor for both the temperature and the pressure. On the other hand, the typical user does not really require it. very nice buttons. It is very obvious that the pressure is being felt. There are lights that serve as indicators. Very See full review

computer chair everprof ergo for executive, upholstery: textile, color: black logo

You will not be able to get a refund for this chair if you decided to go ahead and purchase it despite the fact that while putting it together you discovered that it is made of slag. After all, the gas lift cannot be removed without causing damage to the system. It was simply shocking to have such support. I called them for assistance when there were only five days remaining till the conclusion of the return period. At first, they stated that it was highly improbable that they would be able to See full review

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