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🦷 white/blue/cyan oral-b oxyjet pro 2000 toothbrush cleaning system logo

I wouldn’t buy it for 9 thousand, but since this device went for 2500, this is its red price, and it’s too high . We’ve seen better.See full review

15.6" notebook msi gp66 leopard 11ug-285xru 1920x1080, intel core i7 11800h 2.3ghz, ram 16gb, ssd 512gb, nvidia geforce rtx 3070, no os, 9s7-154322-285, black logo

Its pros: Powerful, well-assembled, full-fledged video card - pulls everything from games to video editing! Efficient cooling system, with its own setting program! Got cons: The touchpad is not the most comfortable tactile, there are screen glareSee full review

smart bracelet xiaomi mi band 3 global, black logo

At first I was alerted that the interface is all in Chinese (it depends on what language is installed in the phone - it is 2022 there). As a result, everything is ok, the 2022 language appeared - it was necessary to wait for two official firmware ates in a row - they will come automatically by air after connecting to the phone (you need the standard application to find the bracelet) and charging in a few minutes.See full review

headphones 1more triple driver in-ear e1001, black/silver logo

Undoubtedly high-quality sound, especially in foam ear pads (included) But are you ready to pay that kind of money for such a short operation, it's up to you. Personally, I'm disappointedSee full review

smart bracelet xiaomi mi band 2, black logo

I’m thinking of taking the same ones, but to be honest, I’m upset by the loss, and the fact that they are so loose in the strap. Pros below: holds a charge for a long time, all functions work properly, simple control, wore 24 hours a day, bathed with them in the shower. Its cons: the plastic scratches very quickly and the cell where the watch is inserted loosened up, the result was that the watch was lost, by the way, I used it for 4 months, only.See full review

holika holika all kill cleansing oil to foam moisture, 155 ml logo

With its pros. Pleasant smell, easy to use for cleansing and removing makeup Got cons: It does not completely cleanse, it is better to go with foam after that if the cosmetics are dense. Slightly tightens the skin in winterSee full review

pliers remington s8670, black logo

In general, the model is excellent, straight supermultistyler. It is quite small, combines several different styling tools, very convenient when creating complex hairstyles. She treats her hair very carefully, even with very naughty and tough ones like mine (straightening lasts all week!). There are nozzles for different types of curls, small and larger. Personally, I used it only for small ones, but I think I will try all the attachments. The only thing, it seems to me, for sufficiently long haSee full review

children’s smartwatch elari kidphone 4gr wi-fi, black logo

For now, three days. Time will tell how much they justify their price. If something changes for the worse, I will add a review. A little more than a week passed and the usb charging fell apart, the child crushed the contact group somewhere. This cable is not for sale. The manufacturer was not prepared for sales, from the word - at all. Without the original charger, the watch turned into trash, for an expensive price.See full review

asus vivowatch bp smart watch, black logo

So far the clock is a month old, but I like it. All functions work and measurements are accurate. At least the strap is not removable, but it is not bad, soft, I hope that it will last a long time.See full review

wireless marshall mid bluetooth headphones, black logo

Pros below: They hold a charge for a long time, acceptable sound insulation, good sound Some cons: For 3-4 hours, compresses the ears into the head from discomfort to painSee full review

jbl tune 115 tws wireless headphones, black logo

Got pros: Surprisingly the first vacuum headphones that do not fall out of my ears. Cons: The sound is flat. Perhaps the long-term use of Apple headphones affects. Bass was not particularly heard. The color of the mints live is different from the picture.See full review

robot vacuum cleaner roborock s7 ru, white logo

The experience of using is about 4 months and a little, the price at that time was 35440. We thought for a long time about purchasing a specific model and a robot vacuum cleaner in particular, but decided to stop at this, more "pop" option, reviewed a very large number of video reviews on YouTube, and this model met all expectations. Every time I am amazed at the amount of dust collected, the apartment is 62m, but the robot travels for 40 with a little, it takes him 40-45 minutes. The dust contaSee full review

geyser coffee maker bialetti mukka express (2 cups), white/black logo

Some pros: The only geyser coffee maker from Bialetti that can cook latte no worse than in many cafes! Different cons: Didn't find it. With proper care, it lasts a long time, you just need to immediately remove and rinse the valve after making coffee.See full review

kitfort toaster kt-2014-3, red logo

Stylish and comfortable toaster. Wide grooves for toasting, while thin toasts are pressed from the sides and stand upright. No need to turn over to shake out the crumbs, there is a tray.See full review

xiaomi miiiw gaming mouse pad (mwgp01) black logo

I recommend to buy, I am completely satisfied with the purchase, I have been looking for something like this for a long time. Suitable for anyone who needs a comfortable mouse pad. 5 out of 5. Different pros: Excellent coverage, good accuracy of movement of optical and laser mice, the mat is thin, does not cause discomfort in work. The rug is hard and comfortable. The size is perfect - not small, but not too huge, suitable even for narrow tables 80-100 cm. I have been using it for several monthsSee full review

schwarzkopf professional hairspray professionnelle laque super strong hold, extra strong fixation, 500 ml logo

Pros below: I have been using this varnish for many years, many stylists consider it the best. I ordered it for a promotion, it is very profitable. Has some cons One of the two varnishes turned out to be defective, does not spray, spits, sticky from head to toe in varnish. It's a shame, it's impossible to use. So the joy was spoiled.See full review

oral-b pro 570 crossaction, white-blue logo

In general, a very nice brush. After a brief stint with the vibrating Xiaomi, I decided to switch back to oral-b. The teeth are very effectively cleaned. There are several different brush heads available for purchase. My wife complained that the nozzle was too stiff, so I purchased an extra one so that she could participate in the conversation about it. Not nearly as harmful to the teeth as using a vibrating toothbrush, which, with just one slip-up, may deliver strong blows of plastic to the teeSee full review

samsung galaxy a20s smartphone 3/32 gb ru, blue logo

In general, you can live, but only if you are an elderly parent, if it is VERY critical for you to spend an extra 2-3 thousand on xiaomi in installments, and if you have honor with Google services, I would not even look in the direction of this device. Here it would be 1/3 faster, it would be possible to recommend both as the main phone and as a "workhorse". Some pros: Convenient size, nice screen, despite the low resolution, android from samsung, everything is familiar. Its cons: Poor performanSee full review

photo camera canon powershot g9 x mark ii, black logo

Got pros: underweight Big die for his size Good lens The presence of an optical stabilizer With its cons. not very powerful battery a little uncomfortable in the hand due to the small sizeSee full review

wireless compact mouse logitech m280, black logo

Has some pros: Used this mouse for 1.5 years and no problems! Works at the table, and in bed, and on uneven surfaces. Its cons: Sometimes you have to put something to level the surface if you are not working at the table.See full review

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