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men''s polo shirt 65m-rr-1366 red-n-rock"s blue 46 logo

Perfect fit for height 175. The quality is excellent. The length is just right. Now they make a lot of long ones, but this is just the right thing. Cool polo!See full review

s.oliver sneakers, size 37, blue logo

Personal insights on this product.In reality, the shoes look much better. Very comfortable - the leg is resting. I definitely recommend this model.See full review


The set corresponds to the declared. Cooking takes little time - it was a pleasant surprise. Doesn't smoke, doesn't splash. For example, pork neck on the bone literally 5 minutes without prior marinating. We hope that the Chinese assembly of the grill will not let you down, and I trust the manufacturer.See full review


With its pros: Prior to that, I fed Hills urinari for the prevention of stones - ZERO sense. As soon as this food was started, the cat began to write not 1, but 2 times a day, the urine became light. Also, after switching to the piano, the cat's fur stopped climbing (before that, he shed all year round). Regular food used to give purine. It may be individual and depends on the individual cat, but this food really works in my case. The veterinarian said that the cat needs to drink more - I did nSee full review

smartphone apple iphone 14 pro 256 gb, dual: nano sim + esim, deep purple logo

Thanks for quick delivery! Ordered yesterday, delivered today. I wrote to the chat with a question about the delivery, they answered very quickly and after a few hours I had the phone.See full review

7" tablet prestigio smartkids (2019), 1/16 gb, wi-fi, android 8.1, blue logo

A wonderful product, its nice to use.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I watched reviews of new tablets of this model, this tablet is in excellent working condition, like new, you can say I got it for nothing.See full review

gillette fusion power refill cartridges shave & hair removal logo

I have been using it for over 5 years. Shave is great with no irritation. I don't use lotions or creams after shaving. There is no irritation.See full review

ultimate fitness tracker: xiaomi mi smart 🏋️ band 6 - 1.56'' offers unmatched features and performance logo

after sitting for two hours, I still managed to connect to the phone through the Zepp life application, maybe someone will helpSee full review

🌟 wella invigo blonde shampoo - 250ml: enhance your hair's natural beauty logo

Presenting my honest feedback.In combination with the same balm, it helps to keep the color of dyed hair in cold tones and does not turn yellow.See full review

buy the original white venta lw25 humidifier for exceptional air quality logo

In general, I am satisfied with the purchase, in mode 3 it quickly enough makes the desired level of humidity in the room, I leave it in mode 2 for the night and do not hear it at all) I recommend it. Different pros: Easy to use, no filters to replace, easy to clean, clean humidified air. Cons: In winter, when the heating is on and the window is ajar, the humidity in the room does not rise above 47%, but I would like more.See full review

l "oreal professionnel blondifier mask for shining bleached and highlighted hair, 250 ml, jar logo

I bought a large size at a discount. The mask is just great! Hair is shiny, healthy, well-groomed, like after a salon. Smells very nice after the mask. Economical consumption. I will definitely buy more!See full review

🏺 gaggia viva de luxe metallic/black carob coffee maker logo

Excellent ergonomics and attractive appearance. The body is made of strong and durable plastic. My wife and I are coffee addicts and drink coffee all the time. I liked the ease of use, careful and gentle attitude to grinding during cooking. Serves coffee without extra particles, boils well.See full review

colgate toothbrush ultrasoft: gentle and efficient oral care in blue logo

My independent take on it.Different pros: Ultra soft, fine bristles. Cleans well between teeth. Cons below: There were better brushes, even from this manufacturer.See full review

🎉 6m garland string lights with 100 multi-colored lights on a green wire - es00100/5f logo

Very good garland for the money. All lights are on and the modes switch automatically. The board is not really needed. I recommend)See full review

pampers active baby-dry 4 diapers, 9-14 kg, 106 pcs. logo

#honestlyOpampers I really like Pampers diapers. They absorb perfectly, they sit perfectly on the child, even when moving they do not slip and do not leak. Never had any rashesSee full review

saw bosch keo, 0600861900 logo

Unbiased insights on this product.Pros: Comfortable handle, can be operated with one hand Has cons: The power supply has a not very convenient connector.See full review

🚚 tigar cargospeed 185/80 r15 103r summer: enhanced performance and durability for cargo vehicles logo

Car gazelle Next tires tigar 195/75 R 16 weight of an empty car 3 tons I load 4-5 tons wheels I pump 6.5 atm Rear 5.5 ATM. front mileage already 80,000 thousand no problemsSee full review

night projector star master starry sky 012-1361, 2.6 w, armature color: purple, plafon color: colorless logo

Silence and ease of use Some pros: I am very calmed by the night light, it feels like I got into my childhood. In our three-ruble note on the fifth floor, where there were no stresses and life barriers. Has some cons: I have only one. I am retired with debt. I had to hurt myself financiallySee full review

air mattress intex king classic downy 64755 (203x183x25) logo

After 12 hours, I had to pump up, was blown away by half. Outventure in the same size keeps quietly for two days. In general, everyone praises (maybe I was unlucky)See full review

sony wi-c310 wireless headphones, blue logo

Interference caught only a couple of times and then next to the cell towers. Maybe it's related somehow. Good headphones for the money. Its pros: Turns off automatically when idle Hold charge well Good quality for your money When turned on, it notifies you of the charge level and the battery icon on your smartphone Cons: - Noise from the blows of wires on clothes (the so-called stethoscope)See full review

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