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Pampers Active Baby-Dry 4 diapers, 9-14 kg, 106 pcs. Review



Very good

Revainrating 4.5 out of 5  
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Description of Pampers Active Baby-Dry 4 diapers, 9-14 kg, 106 pcs.

Product Overview

Introducing the Pampers Active Baby-Dry 4 diapers, specially designed for little ones weighing between 9-14 kg. With its innovative air channel technology, these diapers offer superior dryness and comfort for your baby's delicate skin. Pampers has always been a trusted name in baby care, and their Active Baby-Dry range takes diapering to a whole new level.

Unmatched Dryness for Your Baby

When it comes to keeping your baby's skin dry, the Pampers Active Baby-Dry 4 diapers are in a league of their own. The unique air channels incorporated into these diapers enhance airflow, allowing...


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I like these diapers, they are simple, but they do their job one hundred percent. They have a very cute, delicate pattern, and the design is concise and does not hurt the eyes. Diapers absorb a lot, one lasts us all night, and nothing leaks. Moisture in the inner layer is distributed evenly, so the diaper does not hang behind the bag and does not form a lump between the legs. This probably can only happen if the child is left in a diaper all day, but when my daughter is active, I try to change…

  • Velcro can be attached several times; They absorb a lot; Absorb quickly; Evenly distribute moisture Cute design; Do not leak; They don't slip.
  • Do not stretch on the back.

I also like this line from Pampers, as well as Premium Care. Yes, and Active Baby diapers are more budgetary. They are especially suitable for summer, as they are very thin and light. In them, the skin of babies will be able to breathe. And side fasteners, and cuffs, and design - everyone is happy. They sit well in my son, they don’t rub anywhere, they don’t hinder movement. And they absorb very quickly and do not leak, despite the fact that they are very thin. We take different packages, but…

  • thin and light; absorb well; do not rub or irritate the skin; strong and elastic side fasteners;
  • No

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Great product, a pleasure to use.

For me, this is the most convenient pack if I'm going on vacation, as the box is usually suitable for home use. Always promotions, you can buy really good diapers very profitably. And how thin they are! The skin does not fade, remains dry and not irritated. Just an incomparable cute design, the drawing is simply touching. 3 absorbent channels are just the bomb! Moisture is distributed evenly throughout the diaper, does not crumple at all. #honestlyOpampers

  • Fast absorbency. Dryness is perfect even after the night.
  • I liked it very much, we have been using it for more than 5 years

Revainrating 1 out of 5

The product is not good, I will not buy any more.

In addition to other shortcomings, size 4 is fully consistent with size 3 from the same manufacturer. They are NOTHING different from each other, except for the price and the number on the package. That is, on the face of impudent deceit and swindle. Well, they stink too. They don't smell, they stink. It's kind of counterfeit. I am confused when I see positive reviews. Laudatory odes to this division are not clear to me, and raise doubts about the mental health of those who wrote. Although they

  • NO
  • Manufacturer scam. Doesn't match description. Strong smell. Poor absorbency compared to other brands. They do not hold liquid callas at all.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Good value for money, I recommend.

Hi all! We love diapers of the same brand, but due to the lack of our favorites in the store, we took the cheaper Pampers Sleep & Play. In my opinion, they are small, less than the same Premium Care. Very light and thin which is a plus. There is no elastic on the back, but Velcro fastens well. Due to the lack of an elastic band on the back, there is a possibility of liquid stools leaking. And I noticed that when filling, it hangs a little. I like the design. And the smell when filling is…

  • Thin, light, breathable, cute design
  • Hang down as it fills up, sometimes leaked

Revainrating 5 out of 5

One of the best offers, glad I bought it.

We have been using Pampers diapers for more than six months - we tried different ones - both in orange packaging and from the limited series "Smeshariki", but I personally liked it more in such a box (namely, unpainted) - for some reason they seemed more delicate and thin than in small packs. Sufficient absorption, comfortable fit. The child, although active, does not leak. We did not have any allergic reactions, but I would like to remove the fragrance (after all, for the delicate skin of a…

  • I am glad that there are often profitable offers for purchase, a good price / quality ratio.
  • I don't like strong fragrance #honestlyOpampers

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A really necessary purchase, glad I found this product.

We have been using these diapers for 9 months since the birth of the baby. We like them very much. Very good pampers diapers, do not leak, comfortable, soft belt, the child is very comfortable to move in pampers diapers. The main thing is not any allergies, Attractive, not expensive price. Very convenient packaging, I usually take it in boxes. Nice design, love it. I advise everyone and I myself will continue to use pampers diapers.

  • Comfortable, do not leak, good price, non-allergenic.
  • No

Great diaper. Price quality. I will not change to others, because satisfied completely. Yes, the premium care line is softer and more gentle, but they absorb equally well. There are soft rubber bands and bumpers that provide protection against leaks. Liquid stool does not flow. A diaper lasts for 4 hours, and more is not needed. If you take even cheaper diaper options, then they require frequent changes, which means there is no savings. We have enough for the night (but this is individual, it…

  • Comfortable, thin, absorbent well.
  • A little small

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I'm very happy, it really is worth buying.

In general, I recommend this product for families whose budget is calculated, it doesn’t hit the pocket so well and the child is comfortable in them.

  • As a mother on maternity leave without additional income, I really like these diapers, good value for money. First of all, you can always buy them at a discount. Secondly, I like that they are thin and despite this they absorb well and do not leak. Quite soft and pleasant, they do not cause any diaper rash and redness. At night, they do an excellent job of their task, because. we usually shed a little once at night and in the morning when we already wake up everything else that has accumulated during the night. And for us, this is the only diaper to which there is no allergy.
  • Velcro a couple of times come across torn off already.

Budget, but not a bad series. Thin and soft diapers themselves, comfortable Velcro, stick well and peel off several times, perfectly fix the diaper. The quality corresponds to the price, they absorb not badly, but they are not enough for more than 4 hours, that is, you can’t put them on at night. Does not irritate baby's skin. There is no absorbency indicator. The design is pleasant as always, but the outer surface of the diaper is a bit harsh. #honestlyOpampers

  • Thin, budget, good Velcro
  • Not long enough

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A good quality product, I rate this purchase perfectly.

PAMPERS ACTIVE BABY DRIVE are our very first diapers. Back in 2022, when I gave birth to my first child, on the eve of the new year in the maternity hospital, each woman in labor was presented with welcome boxes. It was everything you need, from mom's pads to the smallest Pampers diapers. At that time, the range of the brand was small, but these diapers were sold everywhere. This was a great advantage because I tried not to change diapers so as not to get irritated. Also, in the first minutes…

  • Rubber bands, fragrance, absorb well, design

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The quality is at the level, I am satisfied with everything.

The diapers are comfortable to use. The baby is comfortable. But a couple of times they were worn at night and they leaked. But for this price range, they are excellent. The legs do not rub, there is no redness, there is no allergy. The fragrance is pleasant. #honestopampers

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Best thing for the money, glad I did it.

#honestlyOpampers I really like Pampers diapers. They absorb perfectly, they sit perfectly on the child, even when moving they do not slip and do not leak. Never had any rashes

With my second child I buy these diapers, the most important thing is that they are dry inside, you can walk in them at least half a day. But outwardly, at the same time, it doesn’t look very good, they sag a lot, they begin to smell like urine and become damp on the outside.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Excellent product, the best quality.

#Chestnoopampers good comfortable diapers. They go to size. When filled with moisture, they do not crumple and do not leak. They do not cause allergies, there are no diaper rash and redness after use. Interesting beautiful diaper design.