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black eyelashes lash&go mix 0,10/l/ 7-14 mm (16 lines) logo

I have been using this company for a long time, everything is fine. Normal price, no marriage, I really like the L bend of this particular companySee full review

s.oliver sneakers, size 40, black logo

Offering my honest take on it.In reality, the shoes look much better. Very comfortable - the leg is resting. I definitely recommend this model.See full review


Different pros: Price, at a low and medium level it works very quietly, it cleans the air well, it is easy to pour water Got cons: Weakly moisturizes, does not raise humidity above 40, although it works for days (room 20 m2)See full review


I really liked the liner. Comfortable brush with soft bristles. Inside the ball, which does not allow the leash to dry out. In general, I am satisfiedSee full review

cooking thermometer, shiny kitchen, temperature probe, electronic thermometer, confectionery thermometer, kitchen thermometer logo

The numbers change slowly. You cannot put it in boiling water and immediately see its temperature. The numbers will slowly increase from smaller to larger.See full review


When I switched to wearing contact lenses, this brand was the first. For three years of wearing, I tried 5-6 manufacturers, I bought some abroad. During this time, so to speak, favorite lenses appeared. As a rule, I buy packs of 90 pieces, since I often go abroad, I recently purchased it, only there. After the borders were closed, my stocks ran out and I got hold of Bausch & Lomb Soflens Daily Disposable lenses on the stock market. Felt the difference right away. When taken out of the container,See full review


Received my Tribe Maya today. I am definitely satisfied with my choice. Above all praise. At first I looked towards the well-known Xiaomi brand. But I chose Tribe. Thank you for the quality and for such a product👏👏👏See full review


If offered coffee, you can treat yourself. Since coffee is dominated by robusta (a type of coffee), it is strong with bitterness and a high content of caffeine. Consider 100ml * 2 is a harmless portion for a healthy body per day. I do not recommend. Has pros: Coffee of the third grade, the composition of 80-90% Robusta, the rest is Arabica. According to the indicators checked by Roskontrol, the indicators correspond to safety in terms of the content of toxic elements: • Lead • Arsenic • MercurySee full review


Some pros: The knife is good, apparently the original. The blades are sharp, all the tools are securely fixed and open pleasantly hard. Some cons: There are some minor scratches on the plastic case. I take a knife for myself, when worn in a pocket with keys, it will still be scratched, but if I took it as a gift, I would have to return it.See full review

smart watch novelty 2022 series 8 / smart watch / smart watch black logo

The watch is cool, brutal. On the hand hold well, do not fall off. The strap is made of very high quality and pleasant to the touch material. Thank you.See full review

michael kors bradshaw chronograph bracelet logo

I ordered a watch from this supplier. The clock came earlier than planned, it was possible to look before paying. Opened the box and fell in love. The service center said that the real ones. So I recommendSee full review

merries xl japanese diaper 👶 pants - 38 pieces (12-22 kg) logo

Perfect! 1. The is completely covered! 2. Do not leak at all! 3. We bought all possible diapers for comparison, these are certainly the best, because I have never seen such a light rubber band in volume in any company! 4. When the diaper is full, the is completely dry and NOT cold!See full review

💡 portable touch screen makeup mirror with adjustable led brightness & usb rechargeable by jordan & judy - vanity mirror logo

Honest thoughts on this item.I am very satisfied with the mirror, it is a pleasure to do makeup, the only thing is that I have to charge it quite oftenSee full review

elizavecca stick milky piggy sun great block spf 50, 22 g, 22 ml, 1 pc logo

The protection is good, but as it turned out during operation, after application, it is better to additionally distribute it over the skin with your hand Different pros: Pleasant texture, does not make the skin greasy, lies well under makeup With its cons: Expiration date until the end of August 21, despite the fact that the order was made in April. Not very nice, and even without a discount for 700.See full review

pampers active baby-dry 4 diapers, 9-14 kg, 106 pcs. logo

#honestlyOpampers Good diapers. They sit well, but I can run through (alas, this happened). Especially after "big" affairs or at night. We use it mainly during the day at home or for a walk. Satisfied with the price and large profitable packaging. Size matchSee full review

room temperature and humidity sensor aqara temperature and humidity sensor logo

Sharing my unbiased conclusion.Has pros: Connected instantly. The data is more or less correct. Got cons: Once a month, approximately loses contact with the gateway.See full review

vegetable cutter with interchangeable nozzles plus nicerdicer logo

You need to handle carefully and be careful, safety is paramount, as the knives are very sharp. Other than that it's convenient and easy to use.See full review

trimmer andis d-8 slimline pro li, chrome logo

Received the parcel today. The appearance of the box and the product is good. The set is complete. I really liked the machine. I'll start actively using it at work, I'll look at the working moments. Thank you!See full review

wireless headphones apple airpods 3 magsafe charging case, white logo

Pros: Excellent headphones, after traffic jams it is very convenient for online work, the ears do not get tired. Some cons: No noise cancellation. In the subway, you still have to use old traffic jams (Jabra elite 75t, excellent noise reduction and adaptive equalizer, but uncomfortable for work and long use)See full review

bic 3 flex hybrid interchangeable cassette set - pack of 4 logo

As usual! At first you buy blades with a machine, you use them for a sufficient time, as soon as you get additional blades, as always, it won't last long! Well, it's like that everywhere now.See full review

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