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doll l.o.l. surprise! omg doll series 4.5 - sunshine 27 cm, 572787 logo

Happy with the purchase. The doll sits beautifully on the shelf. Everything suits me. It was originally packed in a box. Different pros: The doll is original, bought at a discount), I'm beautiful on the shelf Cons below: Unlike the first collection, the quality of the hair has changed. A little climb, but it's not critical. Removed the seat. The doll can only stand.See full review

cordiant winter drive 195/55 r15 85t logo

This tire has been in use by me for the past three months. Before this, in the beginning of the 14th spring, I purchased Cordiant summer tires. The balance between the price and the quality was excellent, and it more than met my expectations. I also made the decision to stay with this company throughout the winter. Size 205/65 R15. Auto - Chevrolet Evanda. Everything is to my liking. Once more, the ratio of cost to benefit! Up to 30 grams of balancing is considered standard for all four wheels. See full review

xiaomi mi electric shaver (msw501) en, black logo

I bought this razor, having two shavers: Panasonic 9-series and Philips, also a top line. Now, in the post-apocalyptic period, it is very expensive to buy consumables for Panasonic. This razor costs all 3 times cheaper than one set of knives for Panas. In terms of shaving quality, it is much closer to Panasonic, which is the undisputed leader on this planet. Head and shoulders above Phillips, who generally s, crawling and crawling in the same place and one horseradish shaves so-so, long and painSee full review

buy gillette fusion5 power razors for men - complete shaving kit with razor, blade refill, and battery logo

Previously, I bought goods on aliexpress. Ru at a discount of excellent quality. This time, seeing an attractive price for Gillette blades, I placed an order. A week later, after receiving it, I inserted the removable block into the shaving machine and oh HORROR . with a few movements I managed to pull out my bristles and cut myself. This has never happened to me in 30 years of using Gillette's shaving kits. I opened the reviews and saw many people with similar problems. Shame on Procter & GamblSee full review

car seat junion monti group 1/2/3 (9-36 kg), isofix, black logo

Before buying this chair, we had the simplest chair where the booster can be detached from the back. I suffered with the old chair when we went to distant plants and the child fell asleep, I had to hold her head. Everything about this chair is great. The child's head does not fall, the child sleeps perfectly in the chair. My child even sits alone in the back of the chair, and my husband and I eat in front. I really like the fabric and design. My capricious and restless child sits perfectly in thSee full review

children's balance bike-transformer 3 in 1 junion buzzi, yellow logo

It took a long time to choose what to order for the summer for my daughter. The choice was between a bike and a balance bike. And how glad I am that I stumbled upon a 3 in 1 balance bike. It is compact, lightweight and comfortable. The assembly is very simple. And what is very pleasing is that the transformation occurs by pressing buttons. No screwdrivers or anything needed. Rides very smoothly. My daughter quickly figured out what was happening and already at home she began to ride. By age it’sSee full review

computer chair everprof lotus s4 gaming, upholstery: textile, color: black/grey logo

Because it has sides, even a child or a girl can sit on this chair in comfort, despite the fact that the specifications state it can support up to 120 kilograms. In total, if you weigh more over 90 kg, you will not experience any comfort. Various advantages: The list can be reclined, and if it is reclined to a significant degree, it is possible to sway. However, if you do not recline the list, the swing mechanism will not function properly since the chair causes it to be displaced. The height ofSee full review

classic thermos thermos fdh, 1.4 l, steel logo

Happy with the acquisition Following are some advantages: Without first preheating the thermos, he poured hot water into it. The water in the thermos stayed hot for 30 hours, despite the fact that the thermos itself was at room temperature (there is no thermometer, but you feel heated when sipping water). The metal locking bracket on the cork gives extra security when unlocking the latch. There are two mug-shaped objects present. Here are a few drawbacks: The lid handle of the mug is too big to See full review

xiaomi simpleway automatic induction washing machine zdxsj02xw touchscreen dispenser for soap-foam, white/green logo

Wonderful, I have a thing for gadgets; what can I say? Now I can even wash my hands with the aid of one of them: D Insanely fashionable and practical item, and it also has a gift box, so if you're looking for something to give someone, I really recommend this one.See full review

smart bracelet xiaomi mi smart band 7 global for russia, black logo

different benefits The model is excellent, but there is no need for me to purchase more than six of them. Several drawbacks No matter how far away I was from the phone, I was constantly detached from it.See full review

carob coffee maker polaris pcm 1527e adore crema, champagne logo

Great coffee machine at an affordable price. We folded at work and bought such a model so that there was always freshly brewed coffee in the office. The model is very convenient, easy to operate, prepares espresso and cappuccino. The coffee is very tasty and aromatic. The advantage of this model over other coffee machines is that it can prepare 2 cups of coffee at the same time.See full review

🍾 huohou electric wine bottle opener - corkscrew" (black) logo

With all of its perks. That was the best deal I could find for such a nice doll at that price. A troll, an ice type on hand, and a little animal are included in this package. Some cons: The hair, although being of exceptional quality, has a lot of volume, the bald spot on the head is obvious, and for some reason the legs are blue.See full review

ceiling lamp yeelight ylxd013, 50 w, armature color: white, shade color: white logo

Has some pros Outstanding levels of brightness and ambilight backlight! Twenty meters inside the chamber, with a head! Below are some downsides: I had to disassemble and screw the product since it had two loose bolts hanging from the ceiling. Although I wanted to return it, I didn't want to have to wait for a replacement for ten days. You put on the cover of the remote control, it presses the battery to the base of the remote control, but the antennae does not press, it turns out + it does not gSee full review

shower column grohe tempesta cosmopolitan 210 26223001, chrome logo

I am satisfied with the purchase, there were difficulties in installation, but the service center consultant helped, everything is fine, the stand is very beautiful and of high quality, there are no complaints, there are some disadvantages that I mentioned in the disadvantages section, but they do not spoil the overall picture, at least for me . Pros: Beautiful, stylish design, quality of materials and assembly, six months after the purchase, everything is fine. Different cons: If the temperaturSee full review

vacuum cleaner kitfort kt-541-1, blue logo

I bought this device for cleaning a house in the village. My parents and I have vacuum cleaners from a British company in the apartments (the name is in shortcomings), so there is something to compare with. The result of the first days of work: it seemed that the battery was more capacious than that of a competitor (I vacuumed a 3-room apartment of 68 sq. M. at the second speed without additional charging. There is enough power. Let's see how much it will work in the end.See full review

xiaomi umbrella, blue logo

With its pros: Reflector along the edge, a flashlight is not really needed, but it may come in handy. Has cons: There is no cord to hang an umbrella, no leather case is needed.See full review

backpack rivacase 7860 black logo

May 31, 2022. The edges of the synthetic bottom are slightly rubbed. When traveling in public transport, I fill the straps for specials. wallet, cat sewn to the back. On the one hand, he began to come off. All my friends love this backpack. Pleased with the volume, you can take a lot of things, or hide unnecessary outerwear inside. The price went down, I bought a second one to replace .See full review

skullcandy crusher evo wireless headphones logo

Some pros: Good quality, stylish, just god-like bass! The best headphones for bass fans) Has some cons: Summer is hot, you should think about changing the ear pads to fabric ones.See full review

smart bracelet honor band 5 global, blue logo

This bracelet is a great option for those who own Huawei or Honor smartphones. Initially, I planned to purchase a smart watch, but I concluded that this gadget would better serve my needs. The cost is also significantly reduced.See full review

honor band 5 global smart bracelet, black logo

I received a free bracelet as part of the VTB program; it synced up with my Honor 10 right away and seems to provide accurate readings (+/-) (I compared it to my Apple Watch and my phone; the bracelet is more precise). Pulse oximetry measures oxygen levels to within +/- 1% of what a pulse meter for 2k would read. He keeps careful tabs on how long you spend in slumber and can even interpret sleepwalking as an early indicator of waking (or so my wife says). The morning awakening is pleasant and unSee full review

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