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hairdryer braun hd 785 satin hair 7, black logo

I bought it as a gift, but sometimes I use it myself. Wife loves the diffuser. I dry with a concentrator, short hair dries very quickly))) And it is assembled very soundly, it’s nice to holdSee full review

xiaomi poco x4 pro 5g 8/256 gb ru smartphone, laser black logo

Be careful. The seller sends the GLOBAL version, despite the fact that you order RosTest. The seller offered to compensate 2022r with market bonuses with a shelf life of 90 days, or a refund. In the case of a return, the money will certainly be returned, but the cost of smartphones is already different. As for compensation, the difference in price was not 2 and 3.9 It's a shame! It's a shame. I didn't even offer any moral compensation.See full review

nokia 3310 dual sim (2017), dark blue logo

It was purchased instead of a smartphone, the following factors prompted this: - The fragility of the smartphone - High price - Excessive functionality (in my opinion) - Low autonomy - The smartphone distracts from life With an ordinary phone, the head is freed from an endless stream of useless information, you live more, and display. And, in the end, you don’t have to worry about the fact that an expensive smartphone will break, be stolen, etc. The 3310 performs its tasks well, and it looks gooSee full review

rowenta hairbrush cf 9520, white/copper logo

I have been using a similar fenrm of the old model for over 12 years, I like this one even more, I hope the service life will not let you down. I can’t use other ordinary hair dryers after that, my hair was long and medium length and short, always with this hair dryer you get great styling, I always take it with me on trips. With its pros. The quality of styling, power, speed, simplicity, there is ionization, a cold air button, a hair dryer is convenient to store in the bathroom. With its cons. See full review

💫 maybelline sky high lash sensational mascara, black logo

Good mascara, I like it. But mine failed in the bottle stopper from the neck. I can’t pull it out, but a lot is typed on the brush.See full review

🔊 immersive audio experience: lg sn11r black sound bar logo

A month later, it broke (I started writing Please Wait and stopped responding to everything), 10 days they issued a warranty service at LG, a week later they took it for repair, they can’t return it for the 2nd month (LG cannot provide a replacement part), consider there is a risk of staying for 3 months without money and without a good sound, which I quickly got used to.See full review

🏻 enhance your lashes with max factor mascara: false lash effect in black logo

I've been using this mascara for almost ten years. And yes, for me it is the best. How many times I tried to cheat on her, both with luxury and with the mass market, no, it doesn’t work out, I’m returning to my favorite. The source is short, thin straight eyelashes. What I want? No drama, so as natural. One layer does it all. Eyelashes separated, dyed, there is a slight natural curve. Don't expect false lashes with this mascara. Even in three or more layers, this will not happen, or if it is fatSee full review

rowenta hairbrush cf 9540, white/pink logo

Got pros: Hairdryer dries well, nozzles are excellent. Fitting is easy to do. Has cons: The rotary button for turning the hair dryer on and off is not conveniently located. It is not convenient to use the hair dryer with one hand.See full review

smart column yandex new station mini - smart column with alice (no watch), black onyx logo

There is one feature that is not present, and that is my desire for the "find the phone" smart software on the phone to actually function. It would function similarly to Whatsapp, Viber, or even a simple incoming call, except rather than displaying the word "answer," it would display the word "found" (that is, there was, as it were, a call to smart home) The benefits of it include: 1. The system includes a music player for your listening pleasure ( music) 2. You have the ability to make a requesSee full review

wireless headphones creative outlier air, black logo

Maybe I was lucky, but my headphones work stably, do not fall off the phone and behave perfectly throughout the entire time of use. In the end, the button fell off (not by itself, I dropped them), but they still work, I think I will buy the same ones again. Different pros: I love these headphones, they fit nicely in the ear, they are comfortable, the sound is good. With its cons. Bright LED, on the plane in the dark it was embarrassing to wink at them in the face of a neighbor :DSee full review

pampers diapers active baby-dry 3, 6-10 kg, 22 pcs. logo

If you take at a price of 6-7 per diaper, then the option is excellent! If a piece is more expensive than 10, then hagis is better. Its pros: We have been taking for the third month at 600-900 per pack of 124 pieces (3 + 4 promotion and a promotional code for a 25% discount). Adequate quality for adequate money! Got cons: A sharp strong smell, but not irritating and quickly disappears. Significantly tougher than hagis - a very noticeable difference. Not enough for the whole night, if at 2-3 nighSee full review

headphones knowledge zenith zsn pro, black logo

At first I listened on snap 652 (through the FB player) - the sound is assertive, bassy, ​​but due to the lack of an equalizer on the phone there were a lot of high and medium frequencies, I installed a power-amp and, by simple manipulations in the settings, set the DAC to 24 bits, in the equalizer, high in minus- the sound became very good. I switched to the Samsung excino-bass less, the sound is quieter, perhaps a little more detailed.See full review

jbl endurance sprint wireless headphones, red logo

In general, these headphones will suit you if: You do not go out in the rain, you do not wear hats, do not talk on the phone in them or do it very loudly, do not listen to anything with someone else and want to use them for less than six months. Has some pros In the beginning I liked everything. And the ability to switch audio without getting out of the phone. And the ability to wet them. Charging speed is good and sound isolation is good, this has not changed during the whole year of use. Cons See full review

smartphone tecno camon 19 pro 8/128 gb, polar blue logo

In principle, a normal device, I bought How to temporarily drag something that will not be a pity, you can even say that I'm happy with it) buying this phone I didn't expect wow) and I didn't make any special demands on it, I even expected much worse) and he arrived, I turned it on and was pleasantly surprised. And if I don’t like something and I start to find fault, then we return to the point where it says how much it costs and immediately the phone becomes good again))See full review

smart watch huawei watch 3 pro classic wi-fi nfc ru, grey/brown logo

It could appear that there are more drawbacks than advantages. Yet, the most significant drawback is the anticipation that this watch would eventually take the role of a smartphone. The GT2 Pro, the great materials, the ergonomics, the cool wheel, and the unlimited autonomy are all the same; what has changed is that a layer of options for the future has simply been set down: NFC, eSIM, HarmonyOS, operational, and built-in capabilities are all included. At this point, the watch can only provide aSee full review

🧊 blue roadlike flask thermobottle, 600ml logo

I took it for everyday use, it looks stylish. More often now in the warm period, I use it to keep the drink cool, in the heat it really saves it.See full review

robot vacuum cleaner roborock s7 ru, white logo

I have fairly simple conditions in the apartment, no carpets, a lot of experience in interacting with robotic vacuum cleaners, so everything is already more or less adapted to the trouble-free operation of the robot in automatic mode. I am satisfied with the result of the investment, I wanted it to be clean, there was less dust, and the guests in white socks still left in white - I got it. Does the price match the quality? He's probably still overrated. But the model is new, later it will drop iSee full review

graphic tablet xp-pen deco 01 v2 black logo

Has some pros Protective film included, stand for the stylus prevents it from getting lost. A comfortable glove and stylus are all nice bonuses. Long cable, fast response With its cons. For me, a normal work surface, but it will be inconvenient for someone to constantly move their hand. You will need to manually reduce.See full review

xiaomi mi 65w fast charger with gan tech, 65 w, white logo

With its pros. branded, in the box, everything is as it should be. fast charging (two lightning bolts on the phone) turns on immediately, unlike charging from a native power supply. Got cons: cable VCL type c on both sides. those. when traveling before charging, you need either a 220 V socket or a charger with a usb type c connectorSee full review

xiaomi mi true wireless earbuds basic 2 global wireless headphones, black logo

I had to completely reset it in order to connect it to the iPhone se, but this is not even a drawback, but a small nuance with the setting)) there is an instruction in rus))See full review

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