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kama kama-flame 205/70 r16 91q winter logo

I took a second-hand field 212140 on Kama Flame 205/70/16, shod on standard Niva wheels. Even the seller of the car said that he had read laudatory reviews about the Flame, so he bought it. In the end, he was not satisfied. A year later, one Flame had a cord that floated, although the tread was still with a large margin. The remaining 3 tires are cracked around the disc. I'm sure it's because wide 205 tires on a narrow rim are a bagel. It is harder to turn the steering wheel compared to the stanSee full review

gaming chair zombie viking-4 aero, upholstery: imitation leather/textile, color: black logo

Basically nothing. But there are jambs. There is some kind of fragility that I did not expect. I've been using it for a few days so far. I read the reviews - I'm waiting for something to fly off from him. One armrest has more play than the other. What is it connected with? Technical clearance? True, a colleague pulled up both, trying to measure the weight. M. b. broke something inside one?See full review

led lamp yeelight chuxin ceiling light c2001s500, 50 w, number of lamps: 1 pc., color: white logo

The lamp is fire! No dimmers are needed. . any light temperature and brightness directly from the remote control or phone. Installation - in 3 minutes.See full review

well pump dab divertron 1000 m (650 w) logo

There are two of them, one 1200 for a house and a bathhouse and this one for irrigation. One is still working and has been for 7 years. This miracle rarely worked and burned out irrevocably, the reason for the ingress of water into the control board and the engine, the repair price is 15-16+ 1 diagnostics. They say the gasket was jammed due to sand getting in, they lie, it hung so that there were 5 more rings to the bottom, a well of 14 rings, what kind of sand is in the middle of the well, I boSee full review

petrol cultivator daewoo dat 3530 (3.5hp, 26cm) logo

In the garden and in greenhouses, the earth is soft - for more than one year it was dug up by hand, with a shovel. Now this cultivator is working. It plows almost on the bayonet of a shovel: the earth after it is like flour - the quality is excellent. No effort is needed during work - the cultivator drags itself forward. A 6-meter-long bed plows in 5 minutes, a shovel cannot be done so quickly and efficiently. It helps out very well and gives a good result, saving time and effort.See full review

laptop bag 15.6-16 inches, laptop case, macbook (macbook), ultrabook, with hidden handles and two pockets, size 40-29-2 cm, black logo

The laptop 15.6 "entered freely, if necessary, the charger and the mouse will fit quite well - yes, it visually bulges slightly, but this is not important. The product corresponds to the description and, in my opinion, corresponds to the price / quality parameters - a good thing for the indicated costSee full review

bearing unit ucp205, set - 2 pcs / bearing ucp205, set - 2 pcs logo

if anyone knows, write, you can rearrange the new bearing in the old cage and how to do it. I took it for a swing, I don’t want to risk it.See full review

compressor inhaler (nebulizer) and cn-231, white logo

With its pros: autumn is reliable and performs its functions perfectly. Bought to replace exactly the same model when it broke after 12 years of operation. Got cons: No. if someone is noisy, then I don’t know how the irrigator should work.See full review


Exploring my purchase evaluation.Some pros: Holds the road well, quiet, durable. Easily balanced. Cons: For the second season, she began to poison on the thorns!See full review

drops life-flo liquid iodine plus, 59 ml logo

I thought the bottle would be like in the first photo, since I was looking for this particular sticker, but I think it’s no different)See full review


Quality workmanship, kit including temperature sensor, ash pan and wheels. Also painting, but its t is up to 700g Huge, bold minus that the description on the website indicates that the kit comes with a set of 11 skewers. DECEPTION! ! They are not there, just as they are not on the manufacturer's website! is deceiving! ! The support team removed itself, offering a refund or a promotional code. Be careful. added a star, the problem with skewers was solved by . Didn't expect. . RespectSee full review


People do not buy this useless device. Karoch. I bought a 4k TV all things, well, I think they will enjoy 4k movies and so on. I come, I load a movie, I insert a hard disk - it says that the disk is damaged. Results 2 days fumbling . . Rummaged through a bunch of information, it turns out that this TV reads flash drives and hard drives in fat32 format. Let me remind you that, on a media in fat32 format, you will not be able to write 1 file more than 4 GB. Therefore, you will not be able to watchSee full review


I rate tires after studded ones at "5", although there is not much to compare with, a motorist has recently. If you are on a budget, then Velcro, these tires are the best option.See full review

display module da41-00484a for samsung rl34 / rl40 refrigerator logo

It shines very brightly, the buttons work, the indicators are working, the sound works. The quality is excellent. I recommend the sellerSee full review


I am satisfied with the purchase With its pros: The color is just fire, reliable. Comfortable seat For the city it's the best Its cons: Not the best switches but ok for the price and uncomfortable gripsSee full review


Decent device for the money, works without hanging, quality assembly. I want to separately note the night shooting, I did not expect that it would be so clearly visible, not like during the day, of course, but the numbers of cars can be clearly seen. I would like it to never come in handy))) The viewing angle is standard, the mount in general too. The first time I set it up through the application, but everything turned out to be quite simple and clear, if anything, the instructions will help.See full review


I really liked the Turbo 3D technology. A perfect shave, without a single missed hair, due to the movable head that follows the contours of the face. 3 very sharp blades, at the right angle, cut the hair as close as possible. Cut protection, and a wide moisturizing strip - do their job. Does not cause irritation, comfortable shave. Has some pros: Sharp blades. Shaves even long hairs, does not leave "stumps", safe, 3D-technology of repeating the contours of the face - perfect cleanliness. With itSee full review

nike nike waffle debut 12 shoes men logo

I am satisfied with the purchase. Got pros: Nice appearance. Nike. Good price. With discounts and promotions. Some cons: I would like it to be softer, but they are not running, so you can’t expect much.See full review


Unveiling my authentic opinion.I made myself a birthday present, now I don’t have to dig into different sets during repairs, all in one, very convenient.See full review


There were four such bars, but two gigs each. For Battlefield 1, eight was not enough. I bought this one for eight, replaced it with one two gig, it turned out 14 :) Everything works, there are no lags, the game does not crash.See full review

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