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Has some pros Executes commands to control devices, talks about the weather, turns on the sounds of nature Has some cons Even at maximum sensitivity, commands must be spoken loudly, does not always perceive commands, does not perceive 2022See full review

xiaomi poco x4 pro 5g 8/256 gb ru smartphone, laser black logo

This is the best deal on the market. If someone does not agree - let them throw a stone at me) Has pros: He's great! There is simply no better price / quality. Incredible screen, if not Super AMOLED, but just AMOLED, but 120Hz justifies it. Before that, there was a Galaxy Note 8, so there is something to compare. And if he took it at one time for 60K+, then this one is in no way inferior to him for 22K. Some cons: Camera software. Regrettably, but it is the software part that is neither to the vSee full review

wi-fi router asus rt-ax86u, black logo

It began with the fact that this router does not support a four-wire twisted pair. I had to negotiate with the Internet provider to replace the cable (considering that it is stretched through the entire apartment - that's still hemorrhoids). Later it turned out that devices that only support 2.4 GHz wifi are constantly falling off. Firmware ate didn't help. At the same time, until you turn off the 5 GHz radio module, it is generally not possible to connect devices at 2.4 GHz. For such money and See full review

converter palmexx hdmi - av (rca), black logo

Got pros: To connect a digital set-top box to the analog input of the TV came up. Got cons: When connecting the power supply, there was no change. I don't understand why it is needed.See full review

lenovo tab m8 tb-8505f (2019) ru 2gb/32gb wi-fi tablet iron gray: fast and reliable performance in a sleek gray design logo

I bought it exclusively for the home (when it's the turn to the PC), namely, watching movies, Internet TV, YouTube, digging the Internet. For my needs, the tablet is enough for MINIMUM 12 hours. In order not to be unfounded, I am attaching screenshots. I bought a 128GB card filled with a bunch of cartoons in HD quality for a child, it helps a lot on long trips. ps Clowns are amazed, who complain that there is little RAM and weak for games. It's most likely a kid. An adequate person, even with thSee full review

wifi adapter asus pce-n15, green logo

Bought without looking at the reviews. After 10 pm, there was often a drop in speed by several times with normal ping - I began to sin on the provider. I started to find out - on other devices the speed did not drop, I came here, read the reviews, got upset)). Today I went to the system unit and changed the angle of the antennas (the location of the system unit did not change) - the speed was instantly restored. I concluded that the sensitivity is weak, but the mood has risen)).See full review

32" tv sony kdl-32re303 2017 led, black logo

A few months after the purchase, I also acquired 32 diagonals for my parents. I saw my grandmother's Skis and was pleased with the sound there. I looked in the store, it turned out that Skis have a really cool sound on all TVs in this diagonal (referring to Sony). Again, at a small Discount through Sbermegamarket, I ordered and bought it already in the "green" network in the built-in smart (it was interesting to play around on occasion). The result - the picture even on the more expensive Lji - See full review

🖨️ high-performance creality ender-5 pro 3d printer in sleek black finish: professional-grade printing at its finest! logo

For those who used the Merlin firmware. Everything is very familiar! Some pros: The printing scheme is excellent, you can remove the ridiculous magnetic "blanket" and put glass. A special screw allows you to quickly adjust the indentation of the hot table, and the fine adjustment of the hot table is a masterpiece! Very comfortably! And yet - in the event of a power failure, it can continue the interrupted print! With its cons. Extruder - bar feed requires adjustment. The magnetic "blanket" of thSee full review

smart bracelet honor band 5, black logo

The constant inconvenience that the bracelet is tied to someone else's phone. Some pros: The declared characteristics correspond. In addition to the minimum Android 4.4, it does not even support 5 (on Lenovo S90), the application did not open after repeated attempts. Its cons: Minimum Android 4.4, does not even support 5 (on my Lenovo S90) the application did not open, after repeated attempts. As a result, I could only open the application on Android 6 (alien LG K8 2022), LIKE THIS?See full review

smartphone xiaomi redmi 8 4/64 gb ru, ruby ​​red logo

Before that, I had Honor 8c (battery for 4000) after a year of use, it held a charge better than now my new xiaomi redmi 8 (battery for 5000) ! The battery lasts for a day, and I do not sit around in it all day. At the expense of the camera, well, so-so, again comparing with my last phone, it seems to me that the camera is better there. Although they have the same 8MP front camera.See full review

braun 5-511 silk-epil 5 wet & dry epilator with starter cap, white/blue logo

Hi all. Today I will share my feelings when using the Braun Silk-epil 5-511 Wet & Dry epilator. I used to have a braun model, which has long been outdated, but has served without breakdowns. Therefore, the manufacturer decided not to change when choosing a new epilator. For those who have never used this method of hair removal, this is not at all a pleasant procedure, I could hardly hold back tears at the first application. After a while you get used to it. The sensations are painful, but toleSee full review

wi-fi router mercusys mw301r, white logo

Installed by those who conducted the Internet, I don’t know these subtleties. The cord was short, needed an extension cord. It stands on the closet, I won’t tell you about how it fits into the interior)See full review

32" tv skyline 32yt5900 2019 led, black logo

For its price (bought for 6200) a great option. The increase in image quality starts at 15,000, and up to this price, everyone has approximately the same picture and functionality.See full review

swivel arm for tv 32"-65" onkron m4, black logo

Different pros: Reliable, easy to install. It is very convenient that it rotates. Has cons: I had to reinforce it with a bolt in the center, but this may be a feature of the wallSee full review

smartphone samsung galaxy j3 (2016) sm-j320f/ds, black logo

Once suddenly stopped connecting to the mobile Internet, I had to turn it off and on. For some reason, sometimes Bluetooth turns on by itself. Otherwise, there were no firmware bugs and physical assembly defects. Pros below: - Good, bright and juicy AMOLED technology screen. - Plastic case (less fragile than glass on both sides on Galaxy A3) - Removable battery (also convenient) - Fast enough for the price - Shell TouchWiz has become much more beautiful compared to the Galaxy S4 mini - DualSee full review

65" tv lg oled65cxr 2020 hdr, oled, black logo

In short, good, but expensive. Given the price, quality issues (see disadvantages) look strange, although they say this is a feature of OLED technology (organic diodes are all slightly different). I looked carefully at my copy, and still overlooked the light banding. Or maybe it showed up after some time of work. It's not a problem to watch movies (there are few scenes where you can see it), I heard that it's a problem to watch football, etc. (I don't watch it myself). Also, according to the chaSee full review

monitor huawei display b5-341w 34inch 3440 x 1440 165hz/ dp/ black/ 21:9/ led/ hdmi*2 usb-c*1 dp*1 (zqz-cba)(zhuque-cbaz) (53060796) logo

Nice solid monitor. It is a pity that this is not an IPS matrix. With the wires, of course, the specific thing is that they just stick out to the bottom. An unrealistically huge minus is the lack of another USB type-c for displaying an image, for example, from a tablet or laptop. Since there is a tablet from Huawei that can be connected to the monitor. The power supply does not have wires disconnected and this is a minus. At least the power one needs to be switched off. And the minus that does nSee full review

tablet samsung galaxy tab s7 12.4 sm-t970 (2020), ru, 6 gb/128 gb, wi-fi, with stylus, black logo

Its pros: Powerful, light, thin. Gorgeous design. Working and having fun is a pleasure. Got cons: The stylus is not hidden in the case, you can lose it. Branded accessories are very expensive.See full review

wifi adapter tp-link tl-wn727n, white-black logo

An ordinary adapter, but after ating the firewood, it turns into a shaitan machine. Does not fall off, performed well with BackTrack 5. Ralink 5370 chipsetSee full review

steelseries arctis pro wireless, black wireless logo

Different pros: - excellent microphone - good sound (for a gaming headset) - hardware mixer for two channels + Bluetooth - replaceable battery with charging in the docking station Got cons: - flimsy design, noticeably "creaks" in the hands at the slightest effortSee full review

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