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samsung galaxy buds2 wireless headphones, olive logo

We are satisfied with the headphones. I have no intention of changing. Some pros: Excellent acoustics Strong construction throughout. Aesthetically pleasant to the ears in appearance or sound The ergonomics are satisfying to use. But you'll have to train yourself to accept it as normal. The background sound mode allows the loudness of ambient sounds to be adjusted. Many disadvantages: There were no flaws found in the technological implementation. BUT: Little and prone to sliding. Take extra precSee full review

🎥 black panasonic hc-vxf990 video camera logo

In general, the camera is excellent, nice design, the main choice for it was made, because of 4k, the presence of built-in illumination and IR illumination. Make videos for yourself. in principle, if the hands are not completely below, then the camera shoots perfectly, the stabilizers work out at 100500, and the obstruction of the horizon is corrected, it turns out much better than on most federal channels, which for some reason shoot with a camera. wif upset completely, except that it can be reSee full review

sony cmt-sbt100 music center logo

I took it to replace Philips FX 25/12 about which I also wrote a review. Compared to him, Sony is just awesome. Strict design. Nice to see him. The sound quality pleased, the distortion factor is 1%. Confidently picks up FM. Exits standby mode when connected via Bluetooth to any device that is in the device's memory. Turns off after 15 minutes of inactivity. There is enough volume reserve for a room of 18 m2, but I want a little more. Take a good thing.See full review

xiaomi mi anc type-c in-ear earphones logo

Got pros: Good sound, noise reduction, with a Xiaomi phone and built-in settings, excellent sound. Different cons: You can only listen while sitting on the couch, either a connector or a wire, but they turn off with any movementSee full review

smart watch huawei watch gt 2e, red logo

Charging is specific, if you lose it, you won’t charge it I've been using it for the second month now. Lots of features showing how well you slept. how much has passed, how to ride a bike, a lot of functions, even if my pressure was measured.See full review

🎀 quartz pink razer goliathus extended chroma mat logo

With its pros: Lovely rug, very soft and comfortable. The real joy of synchronizing the lighting of all devices with Razer chroma. Its cons: The backlight at the corners is much brighter, without other light it is imperceptible.See full review

hudi premium mirror dvr / for car with 2 cameras, viewing angle 170 degrees / g-sensor, night mode, hd1080, 10"screen / anti theft logo

Has pros: in a taxi stuck everything clearly now I'm not afraid to leave the car in someone else's yard shooting quality is good Cons below: it was difficult to connect, I had to ask friends in the service to helpSee full review

portable acoustics audio pro bt5, 40w, walnut logo

Pros below: He plays well for his money. Visually, everything except the buttons looks very nice. The sound is good, honest mono. Its cons: The buttons look cheap. They spoil the overall picture and impressions a little.See full review

canon powershot a480 camera, black logo

In vain you write that the charge indicator starts blinking unexpectedly when the fotik starts to "die". After all, moreover, the batteries are enough for a few dozen more shots (I checked without a flash). If some areas are illuminated, you need to switch to the program (P) mode and set the “effect” “manually” - the contrast to a minimum, and add saturation. Got more out of him than expected.See full review

canon eos 6d body camera, black logo

many are not happy that the screen is not swivel, I don’t quite understand something, but why then buy a SLR? Autofocus in this mode works on the same principle as for soap dishes,See full review

smartphone lg g6 64gb logo

I was satisfied with the phone for the first 4 months, then as it began to slow down and fail (the application is not the one you click on, sometimes it opens, sometimes it crashes) I thought about changing the phone. In general, I am very disappointed with this flagship, I expected more for my money Comparing with Samsungs (not top ones), they started to fail only after 2.5-3 years.See full review

🎧 enhanced logitech g pro x lightspeed wireless gaming headset in sleek black finish logo

Pros below: comfortable and lightweight headset, you can sit in it for a long time, there is a sound quality of 12:1, allows you to fully immerse yourself in the movie / games Has some cons: pairing through your own USB adapter, it's a pity you can't do without itSee full review

wireless headphones huawei freelace pro, smoky-white logo

I took it according to reviews in the hope that I would get a good microphone and autonomy. I can compare with meizu ep63nc. The autonomy of FreeLace is excellent, enough for a day with a margin - during the day I have a lot of conversations and some music in the evening. Meise did not live up to the night in this mode, and then there are still 20-30 percent left. But for meizu, this drawback is not critical - fast charging saved it. The microphone at FreeLace was very disappointing - during a cSee full review

💥 amd athlon 3000g am4 processor, dual-core 3500mhz, oem logo

Pros below: Cool, integrated graphics outperform Intel by far at the same price point! Has some cons: I did not reveal, and there should not be any, if there is no marriage (factory)See full review

philips sonicare diamondclean hx9368/35 sonic toothbrush, pink/black logo

Bought two brushes. In one, the battery can withstand the declared 3 weeks of work, in the second, the battery life is about half as long. For the price, the quality control could have been better.See full review

tv set set xiaomi mi box s cn, black logo

Pros: Very compact. In fact - a tiny device that can be hidden behind the TV. Ease of connection. Cons below: Periodically spontaneously reboots / applications close. Turns on for a very long time. Brake browser.See full review

💪 suunto 9 baro white: the ultimate smart watch for your active lifestyle logo

I bought it when I decided to take on my body, because I had serious obesity (so far, I haven’t completely parted with him, but the process is new .). I decided to approach the process thoroughly - with tracking indicators in training, examination before starting a "new life". In general, suunto 9 baro helps me a lot to maintain the regime and track progress. TSS indicators very reliably characterize the state of the body - when you need to take a break, and when, on the contrary, increase the iSee full review

game console sony playstation 5 825gb ssd ru, white logo

So the day came when I received my new platter. It was a lot of fun, unpacking, jokes about egg cartons, in short everything was fine. I connected it to the monitor, turn it on, my pants are full of joy, downloaded the souls demon, and literally after 20 minutes of the game, the console hung and turned itself off, I think, okay, it happens, I turn it on, after 10 minutes the same thing happens again. I'm not the only one, because my friends generally have artifacts on the screen. One thing is noSee full review

smart bracelet xiaomi mi band 2, black logo

You may get a great bracelet for a reasonable price if you know where to shop, especially for jewelry. The presence of a screen, an extended battery life, and powerful functionality are the three factors that contribute to the bracelet's exceptional utility in day-to-day life. Additionally, the bracelet is of great assistance when participating in certain sports. In general, I can say that I am extremely happy with the purchase, and I would recommend it to everyone! Has some pros 1. Absolutely BSee full review

apple ipad mini 5 tablet case (2019), with stand / 360 degree swivel (blue) logo

I thought that they would put it in a box of poor quality or not at all, there were no reviews, no ratings either, but what I needed came, and it looks quite nice, it turns as it should, all the buttons fit, it looks beautiful.See full review

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