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harness hunter modern art round & soft petit luxus 40, neck circumference 27 cm, light blue logo

With its pros: High-quality, fashionable, not very expensive harness. According to the recommendation for the screw, the spitz was chosen with a round cross section. While the puppy is 2 months old and she is too big for him, they took him for growth. On fitting, the dog looked stylish. Got cons: The jumper on the belly seems massive, won't it interfere and rub? We'll see when wearing it, I can't say anything yet.See full review

globen interactive globe of the earth d-32 political with illumination relief. virtual reality glasses (vr) included int13200315 logo

The 1st grade child became more actively interested in countries and show them on the globe. Because of my eyesight, it’s not very readable for me, but the size of the globe is not a meter. An interactive application can and does have interest, the child somehow didn’t get hooked, maybe later it will interest.See full review

xiaomi solove f5 ru desktop fan, pink logo

It already had a minimal charge, which was sufficient for testing. There is currently a lack of clarity regarding how much will function at maximum speeds. I made purchases for the office as well as for a variety of upcoming travels. Got pros: However, it packs a tremendous punch. Completely fits the bill for what was described. Having these drawbacks: Although it just comes with a USB-USBc connector and does not include a mains charger, it will suffice given the price. Regarding the strength ofSee full review

nyx professional makeup ultimate shadow palette ultimate utopia 12 logo

My wishes: add a mirror. It will be absolutely perfect. Different pros: I want to share my impressions of these shadows. I like absolutely everything about them: colors, texture, quality. Ease of use. Plus, they are hypoallergenic. It is very important for me. Has some cons: Probably the price. But it fully justifies itself. Shadows are spent extremely economically.See full review

protein maxler 100% golden whey, 2270 gr., chocolate peanut butter logo

I would like a measuring spoon in the kit, as it is in many boxes I am supplementing my impudent review - there was still a spoon, it was only at the very bottom😀See full review

smart watch hoco y2, 1.3", 240x240, ip68, bt3.0+4.0, 290 mah, call support, pedometer, black logo

Excellent smart watch, there is something to compare, the previous one was more expensive, but it did not charge well. Charges quickly and holds a charge well. Performs all the necessary functions.See full review

xiaomi mijia automatic foam soap dispenser mjxsj01xw/mjxsj03xw, white logo

A waste of money, at first he snorted at night, then stopped working normally, somehow worked out two refueling and no longer reacts at all, changed the batteries, the indicator lamp is on, but he does not breathe, I do not advise.See full review

ultrasonic toothbrush sonic toothbrush x-3, white logo

Diving into my usage experience.This is my first electric toothbrush, I really like it, I even want to start brushing my teeth more often)))See full review

smartphone apple iphone 11 pro 256 gb, nano sim+esim, gold logo

Pleasantly surprised by the autonomy. Switched to xiaomi mi8, including because of its powerful battery (plus camera and display diagonal) Its pros: Power, screen, ecosystem, optimization, design, brand prestige, residual value and resale liquidity. Some cons: 1. The iPhone camera is no longer a cake. I used to have 6s, then switched to Xiaomi mi8. Then I went back to apple and bought 11pro. So the quality of shooting on mi8 in my opinion is much better. 2. All apps are much more expensiveSee full review

vacuum cleaner dreame v9p global, white logo

My genuine product perspective.probably worth the money if it was not so loud . We mainly use it at maximum speed, otherwise it doesn’t everythingSee full review

computer chair aerocool crown gaming, upholstery: imitation leather, color: black blue logo

In-depth thoughts on this purchase.Has some pros: Comfortable chair, super armrests, comfortable to use Cons: The headrest is superfluous, they removed it altogetherSee full review

baseus crjs03 black logo

I took it for the winter, in the hope that it would help, but it is unlikely that a 2.5-liter diesel engine will start in severe frost. I will give it to anyone who has a smaller car Different pros: assembled with high quality (design to taste) Almost no flashlight (shines worse than in the phone every 10 times) With its cons: Arrived 75% charged. this was enough for exactly one charge of Iphone SE from 13% to 95% for 3 hours. the booster was eventually discharged to 7%.See full review

🪑 4-piece dsw style kitchen chairs with back support logo

It is better to fasten the seat immediately with a thread lock. Growers did not put in the kit - it unwinds and starts to rattle. I happened to have it at hand, but I had to spend time a second time. Save yours.See full review

humidifier smartmi evaporative humidifier/zhimi air humidifier 2 (cjxjsq02zm) eu, white logo

Its pros: Works great! Shows humidity and temperature in the room. Increases moisture fairly quickly. There are no traces of drops and a sauna feeling compared to an ultrasonic humidifier. Has cons: Chinese version. Starting from the plug, ending with dancing with a tambourine to turn on the device in MiHome. As they say w3bsit3-dns. Com to help you!See full review

toaster kitfort kt-2036, silver logo

I liked everything, the bread is delicious. The toaster looks expensive. Beautiful rich red color. The toaster cooks quickly. Thank you for a quality product.See full review

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