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step-down dc-dc converter lm2596 with voltmeter logo

Delivered in 2 days, useful for powering the camera from the network. At first, I almost rejected it, but if you rotate longer, then everything is ok.See full review

pressure gauge top auto 14411 logo

Has some pros: They say the first impression is wrong, but when I collect everything, I think I will not change my mind. Some cons: Thread 11x1. Rarely used, why not M12x1. It is difficult to find a plate in the village. Not sure - that's bad. So-showing and all.See full review

wireless mouse redragon mirage, black/red logo

I urgently needed a large wireless mouse with several buttons, so I bought the only thing that came across in a nearby stall. As I wrote - the design is suitable, and the reliability is nonsense. Redragon, wow! Pay the Chinese a little extra, let the normal elements be installed and soldered without a foot. The buttons are louder than on the faithfully working A4tech R8, but you quickly get used to it.See full review

kama kama-flame 205/70 r16 91q winter logo

Pros: the rubber itself is a virtue. fishing in snowdrifts is like walking around the house in slippers. grip with any road surface is excellent. Has cons: during operation, small particles of the tire composition rubbed the chamber to a small hole.See full review

set of bits and drills bosch v-line 91 (2.607.017.195), 91 pcs. logo

In general, I am satisfied with the set. But I had to cover all the items with silicone grease so that they would not rust. The screwdriver handle lost the brand logo after the first use)) Some pros: A convenient suitcase in which nothing dangles and does not rattle. Got cons: After the first use, those items that I used (heads and bits) were covered with a slight rust coating. All items have a thin oil coat that keeps them from rusting before being sold. The conclusion is that the material is nSee full review

plastic restorer-polish lavr, 120 ml, ln1459-l logo

Different pros: Keeps on the surface for a long time, gives shine, dust does not sit down, consumption is small Different cons: You definitely need a dispenser, the composition is greasy - you have to rub it for a long time.See full review

cordiant snow cross 195/65 r15 91t winter logo

I do not recommend this rubber, due to cracks that make the balloon unusable. The tire had to be pumped 2 times a day. The problems started in the second season!See full review


It heats well on propane, but from the main gas, the difference is weaker, the difference is felt large, the price corresponds to the quality!See full review

digital electronic thermometer from -50°c to +110°c, with 1 meter waterproof flexible probe logo

There was already a similar (outwardly) thermometer, gradually died over the course of three years, let's see how long this one lasts.See full review


Its pros: excellent road holding. Wear-resistant, resistant to pits for 5 years - no hernias. In the rain it does not wear on the road, it does not make noise, it slows down ! ! Has cons: I didn’t find it, I didn’t drive on super rubber, so I think this one is the bestSee full review

car holder hoco ca110 air outlet car holder in the air duct / in the grille logo

I really liked the holder. on Kia Rio holds 2 phones on 1 air intake. first I bought 1, then I saw that the thing was worthwhile and bought 2.See full review


I was considering buying Michelin or Continental and decided to make my choice towards icecontact 3, since this tire has an extended warranty. The first snow fell in business, it shows itself perfectly, the car has become very collected and confidently holds the road on snow slush and ice. Despite the large number of spikes and there are about 200 of them in one tire, my opinion is that the tires are very quiet.See full review


Different pros: Affordable price, decent quality. Significantly less noisy than the previous model. Its cons: If the air temperature is above +1, it starts to noticeably make noise.See full review


I am completely satisfied with it, I have my phone even more because twice it rolled down the stairs on the ribs and once fell flat on the edge of the stairs. The phone is more alive than all the living.See full review

universal tool kit for installation and service of air conditioners vtb-5a value logo

I bought it for self-installation of an air conditioner, as a result, now I help my friends install it, the pipe cutter and the pipe cutter are super, they cut and roll perfectly.See full review


The doctor advised me to buy a nebulizer, with our constant coughs / colds, this is the best way out, according to her. The kit includes children's and adult masks, a mouthpiece, a nose cone, that is, all the necessary attachments are already there, you don't have to buy anything. Due to the fact that it works relatively quietly, the child is not scared when inhaled, this is also a big plus.See full review


I am very disappointed with the service in general and no responsibility for everyone, I ordered it with delivery, I paid for it, I installed it after 2 days of use, I noticed a leak from the filter, I called the PLAYER RU store (they delivered it) they just told me, take it off, bring it, we will check it, I wonder why I ordered it delivery if later if there is a malfunction you have to go yourself 🤷‍♂️See full review


Decent gaming device without any major flaws. Disappointing except that it does not give a sense of novelty. Yes, more powerful and faster, but in general, the console is perceived as an ate to the Xbox One, and not a new generation. Has pros: Minimalistic design. A neat black bar on a shelf looks no less interesting than a catchy PS5. Works silently even during the game. The SSD had a great effect on the speed of the system. Waking up from sleep is instantaneous, reboots and cold starts are notSee full review


Some pros: Overall, the thermos is good. Conveniently, food in plastic containers can be heated in the microwave. After heating food in the microwave, after 5 hours, the food is warm, after 11 hours it is slightly warm, but it is not disgusting to eat. This is when stored at a positive temperature. Has cons: It is inconvenient to get full containers out of the thermos, the handles on the lids are not thought out. You have to put the largest heavy container on top, and the small ones below, and See full review


EVERYONE WHO WRITE THAT THIS COLUMN GRUNTS, CRACKS, PLAYS QUIETLY, ETC. , YOU HAVE 100% - CHINESE PALENKA! ! There are a huge number of them. The original sounds just 10 out of 10. And remember that you can’t get it for 20k.See full review

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