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📶 white keenetic hopper wifi router (kn-3810) logo

In my opinion, the router is greatly overestimated in terms of the cost of iron and design, when you pick it up it is not much different from the same dir300 cheap angrily 1000, you don’t want to pay more for it, if you bought it, throw it behind a closet or on a closet and just not to see, but the problem is that this monster is very bulky and you still need to find a place for it, it’s difficult to make it compact without disassembling it, you can even say it’s impossible, the color is not cleSee full review

43" skyline tv 43lt5900 2019 led, black logo

4 months in use, happy with the flight like a cat under a volerian. The only predirka, he makes all the images a little whitish.See full review

xiaomi mi box s global tv box, black logo

It's just a fairy tale, not a gadget. At first, I was a little confused that there were practically no instructions for it. Those. there is a booklet "connect wires to the TV" - and that's it. But she didn't need to. All questions after switching on are clear (especially if you set up the phone before). Everything was included (HDMI cable), everything works. I immediately disabled / demolished all pre-installed applications and recommendations feed settings so that they would not interfere (forSee full review

haylou solar ls05 global smart watch, black logo

Liked the design. Plus thought to run with them. During the running mode, it loses connection with the phone, as a result, the training time is reset to zero and starts again. Te stopwatch is already a minus. Even in the application, the route and distances of the race should be drawn, all this is also lost. The music on the clock cannot be switched, because the run mode is on on the screen and nothing else works.See full review

wireless compact mouse xiaomi mi dual mode wireless mouse silent edition, white logo

Pros: The mouse is just a bomb works on a poppy. Size for a boy's hand of medium size - that's it! I myself use the Bluetooth mode, there are no jams. Has cons: In general, you should not complain about this, it's all from the operating system, and from the lack of software. The side buttons on a Mac can't be customized.See full review

smartphone google pixel 7 8/128 gb usa, lemongrass logo

Has pros: + Excellent camera (however, when shooting a video, there is still a Rolling shutter + Immediate fingerprint + Works very fast + Holds a charge well, enough for a day + Size, not a shovel + No extra junk (before that was xiaomi) Its cons: - Slippery, impossible to wear without a cover, constantly trying to escape, even from the table - If you constantly take pictures and shoot videos, it will warm up and start throwing it out of the camera (I hope it will be fixed)See full review

huawei freebuds 3i wireless headphones, ceramic white logo

Its pros: Comfortable, fit well in the ear. Sound and microphone are good Different cons: When you call, there is a call to the earpiece, as it should be, but when I receive a call, neither I nor I can be heard. It's not all the time, every once in a while.See full review

samsung galaxy tab tablet s6 lite 10.4 sm-p615 (2020), 4 gb/64 gb, wi-fi cellular, with stylus, blue logo

Bought for my wife. Tired of carrying a bunch of literature with you. At the same time, check the letters, hang out in social networks . The battery can not be said to be directly capacious, but it lasts for a couple of days. The wife is happy, and this is the main thing.See full review

gamepad microsoft xbox one controller, white logo

My choice was between Microsoft's new gamepad model and its older brother, the xbox 360. When you take the device out of the box, it feels quite light and cheap. Although this device is convenient to hold in your hands, but after two months of active play, there is a backlash in the case. Also, in order to be able to play while sitting on your comfortable sofa, you need to additionally buy a battery, and this is another plus of 1800, in the end we get 4800. Based on this, I recommend consideringSee full review

xiaomi mi electric shaver (msw501) en, black logo

I ordered a razor, and then looked at the reviews - a solid negative. But still decided to buy, at a price very inexpensive. In the end, no regrets. shaves very even nothing, does not irritate the skin, charging from a smartphone.See full review

headphones skullcandy dime tws, light grey/blue logo

One point that may seem like a disadvantage to someone: the buttons on the headphones are NOT TOUCH, but simple. but for me it's the other way around - another plus, the previous touch headphones switched tracks and hung up almost from a breath of breeze thanks to Stas AyKakSimply for advertising good headphones Pros: sound, nice design, build quality, price. do not fart at maximum volume like other headphones of the same price category Has cons: there is no way to know how much charge is left See full review

roadgid citygo dvr 3 wi-fi, 2 cameras, black logo

I use 3 weeks. The recording quality is excellent. However, I do not feel delighted with the registrar. Normal, performs the main function.See full review

xiaomi smart antibacterial humidifier (znjsq01dem / skv4140gl), white logo

Excellent moisturizer. We've been using it for almost a month now and we're happy with it. Quiet, easy to use, stylish. The application is convenient to view the humidity, temperature, select the mode. There is a timer. If there is not enough water, it turns off automatically and sends a message to the phone. Connected to wifi quickly. In the house, the air really got better.See full review

portable recorder olympus ls-14 logo

There is a mistake in the local description: the recorder does not have an FM tuner, it has a tuner for tuning musical instruments. Got pros: Long operating time due to low current consumption. Excellent sensitivity of the built-in microphones over the entire frequency range. Can be used as a great studio recorder even without an external microphone! Has some cons Two inputs at the same time with each other (line and microphone) do not work, as it works in the LS-5 model. Either one or the otherSee full review

49" tv lg 49uk6200 2018 led, hdr, black logo

the TV is good, the picture quality is excellent, the backlight is uniform, there are no lags. the whole impression is spoiled by an inconvenient and slow interface. it is quite possible that you need a magic remote and then typing and climbing through the menus will be faster, if anyone knows which one - write. before that, I looked closely at kivi, but since the price for the stock from LG was almost the same, I bought LG, I do not regret it. but without a promotion, the choice is unequivocalSee full review

trimmer philips oneblade qp2620/20, black/green lime logo

Its pros: Nozzles 1, 3 and 5 mm are really useful. Holds a charge for a very long time. Shaves clean. Cons: Green nozzles are useless. The trimmer shaves worse with them, and the hair on the body does not catch even without nozzles.See full review

denon avr-1713 - top-rated 🔊 5.1 av receiver for immersive sound logo

Acquired acoustics Wharfedale Obsidian 600 and player Dune HD TV-301. I compared it with the Yamaha, which has a much sharper, tougher sound, so I chose Denon. There are small flaws, a rather weak center (they even wrote about this in the review), but it’s not scary in the settings manually eliminated, a small distance between the screws for the wires, it’s inconvenient to screw on, there are not enough buttons for the memory channels of the radio fm and only 3 memory buttons Internet radio. I aSee full review

apple airpods pro magsafe ru wireless headphones, white logo

Pros below: All the benefits of AirPods Pro. The best headphones on the market Got cons: The warranty is already activated and half a year is left from the date of purchaseSee full review

wireless marshall mid bluetooth headphones, black logo

: A year later, the headphones are still working properly, the ear pads are frayed, but I ordered new ones. The emblem with the letter 'L' on the left earpiece also fell off, attached it back to the glue. Overall very happy with the purchase so far. 2: after a year and a half, switching tracks stopped working, after two, one ear stopped working. Some pros: The sound is very good, but it is important to understand that these are not monitor headphones. However, these are the best wireless earbudsSee full review

projector xiaomi wanbo projector x1 pro 1280x720, 350 lm, lcd, 1.24 kg logo

Different pros: In the dark, an excellent picture, it is easy to connect from your phone and laptop, you can watch movies. Different cons: Soaps in the corners strongly, the text is not readable in the corners. during the day with the curtains closed, the blackout is hard to see, the brightness is not enough.See full review

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