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power regulator, ac voltage gsmin ak76 (220v, 50-220v, 2000w) dimmer (green) logo

I use 500 watts for an oil heater, so that it warms up to 150 watts and does not click, who does not have a 150 watt meter - this is about a 270 ohm resistor 0.5 W, instead of a variable twist. Got pros: Works. I put 150 watts on the heater, you can dry things or put a cat in the cold, otherwise the heater is fiery. Clicks, cools, clicks, heats up and so on in a circle. Under my load, it does not heat up at all. Got cons: open contacts and rings a little, maybe this is how the thyristor works .See full review

video recorder digma freedrive 303 mirror dual, 2 cameras, black logo

Presenting my unbiased viewpoint.Different pros: appearance, good viewing angle, high-quality sound, price With its cons: a little fiddling with the installation of the rear cameraSee full review

controlled led chandelier aurora double 120w 6f-app-660x105-white/white-220-ip20/uuo00003623 logo

The chandelier is good, well illuminates the room 17m.2. I was disappointed by the lack of a holder for the remote control and the fact that the control application does not work, or the chandelier itself is defective in terms of control. Pros: Shine well, there is an adjustment of brightness and color temperature. Its cons: The control from the phone does not work, there was no holder for the remote control in the kit.See full review

xiaomi mi smart home door/window sensor 2 (mccgq02hl) cn logo

I'll tell you about the non-standard use of the device. I embedded it in the door lock so that I could remotely see if I closed the door. To do this, I soldered the Hall sensor, took it out of the case and placed it inside the door jamb. I replaced the native magnet with a thin neodymium one, attached it to a flat bolt of the lock. The distance to the magnet sufficient to trigger the sensor is 8-10 mm. For soldering, it is better to take thin soft wires. I used MGTF 0.03. Cheap CR2032 sat down See full review

blood pressure monitor and ua-777 with standard cuff and mains adapter logo

I bought this tonometer four years ago. All these years it has served flawlessly, here the phrase "Japanese quality" perfectly reflects the essence. Handy device, small and light. Instructions directly on the box in . Water-resistant display. Moreover, it was necessary to spill water on him and he really survived. There is also a function of recording readings of 90 measurements stores. I tried different blood pressure monitors, usually they did not last long. Or the testimony lied or fought, orSee full review

gopro kit media mod with built-in microphone and hdmi input for hero9/hero 10 gopro camera adfmd-001 (media mod) black logo

Before that, I bought a media module on Amazon twice and twice the microphones did not work. Made a return. After the second time, I even began to doubt the serviceability of my ten. I decided to buy a media module here at this space price. One thing pleases, that at least a worker came. Buy or not think for yourself, I just need itSee full review

mobile air conditioner electrolux eacm-13hr/n3, white logo

I managed with the studio, just the power back to back for such an area. Finishes off in all corners of the room, I don’t feel temperature drops in different corners. If you need to quickly feel the effect, I start the turbo mode, although with it there is more consumption, but the speed is also higher. It is also good that there is heating: in autumn and spring, with the batteries turned off, I turn it on.See full review

digital piano casio px-s1000 white logo

Great model! I like everything very much. Has some pros: Compactness and functionality. weight and mobility. Versatility for simple and complex tasks. Stylish appearance. Price compared to similar solutions from competitors. Cons: Maybe the built-in speakers are quite rustic and do not have the sound characteristics (for example, bass) that I would like, but that's if there's anything to complain about . :)See full review

32" monitor asus rog swift pg329q, 2560x1440, 175hz, ips, black logo

I have been using the monitor since December 23, the impressions are generally positive, but there is something to complain about, the most annoying thing is the drop in brightness when HDR is on, there are fears that they will not be able to fix it programmatically . Knowing the above, I would not be in a hurry to buy, I would wait for reviews and comparisons with the nearest competitor, which does not have most of the above disadvantages, and it is not much more expensive now. Last night I fSee full review

kama kama-flame 205/70 r16 91q winter logo

on the first field I dashed off on it for 4 years about 50 thousand km, I liked it. Operated all year round. For the second Niva, I immediately took the same Kama Flame. For 5 years, I dashed off 105 thousand km out of six tires, two survived. Others cannot be driven. Not riding, but some kind of horse racing on a lame mare. I only ride in the summer. Driving style calm driving experience 28 years. Tire quality has gotten worse. I will look for something else. Tired of jumping.See full review

digital piano yamaha p-45 black logo

The Yamaha sound is amazing! It was possible to compare with a budget tool from another affordable manufacturer. This is heaven and earth. From the lower Yamaha speakers, it's not bad "blowing" at maximum volume! I think the best option for beginners. But getting into the jack with a headphone plug is a living hell. It's in a recess at the bottom of the back! But this is such a trifle, compared with the rest of the benefits. Connecting headphones is much more convenient from the bottom side, See full review


Very satisfied, the child is happy, this is the most important thing, the outer foil pocket allows you to keep the temperature of tea or the freshness of sandwiches, and the bag for the wall is not a replaceable thing at all, you don’t need to carry the bag separately. You can also put a gym uniform there.See full review


I use it for grinding porcelain stoneware with turtles, it holds speed +/-) I didn’t want to kill a good tool for grinding, this grinder is ideal for such a purpose)See full review


Motor burned out after 1 month. Somehow I got through to the service department, so that they would come and replace the motor. The master arrived a month later, burned the motor itself, which he brought and said that he would send me a new one by mail, like you can replace it yourself. A month later, the motor came, he changed it, but after 3 months it burned out. And again I turned to the service department, they did not want to go and brought me a new engine to work, I replaced it myself and See full review


Different pros: there is a registrar function, auto power off and on the camera when power is applied Different cons: there is no auto start recording when turned on, like recorders designed for autoSee full review


The video recorder is wonderful, came without defects, complete set. At work, it works without any problems. Satisfied with the purchase, I recommend.See full review


I installed it on 1156 to cool the Xeon x3440 overclocked to 3.5 GHz. The temperature on stress does not rise above 80 - 88 degrees. In the game WOT at maximum not higher than 50 - 54 degrees. across all cores. The noise level only on the stress test began to stand out. Before that, there was a copper hat Ice Hammer IH-3776WV, the temperature on the tests went off scale (99 degrees) Still, size matters here! Completely satisfied.See full review

car autoscanner diagnostic elm327 (bluetooth android) mini obd2 / obd autoscanner car diagnostics version 2.1 pic18f25k80 logo

This is my third purchase of a scanner on YaMarket, two previous sellers stated that version 1.5 of the scanner ended up being 2.1, and a friend from the forum sent me a link to this seller and said that he himself ordered and his friends everything was clear. As a result, I ordered and version 1.5 came, I'm happy and satisfied. By the way, I took 8kl for 2110 2022. Bosch ebu 1.5.4 may be useful to someoneSee full review

petrol cultivator daewoo dat 3530 (3.5hp, 26cm) logo

I wanted to return it to the store, they kept it for 21 days in the act, they noted that no one promised me an easy launch ! !! And at the stand they removed such a sign? !! ?See full review


The case is not clear what it is intended for, if you use such a set and put it in a bag with another tool. Video so for extra. material ? v=2Ps01wxCB3Y Got pros: Versatile, well polished surfaces and good plastic quality Has cons: The cutting part of the side cutters has burst, the length of the insulation on the screwdrivers is less than that specified in the instructions for the use and testing of protective equipmentSee full review

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