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weather station hygrometer for home indoor household thermometer with humidity measurement ulbi h1 logo

One of the best offers, glad I bought it.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I took it to control the temperature in the production room. All 5 pieces coped with the function. There are no denials. Satisfied with 5.See full review

pampers diapers new baby dry 2, 4-8 kg, 94 pcs., white logo

I will never repeat this purchase.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Definitely do not recommend to buy. If you keep it in an apartment, then the stink from them is like that - your head hurts! Where is Rospotrebnadzor looking? These diapers should be banned!See full review

computer chair zombie viking knight gaming, upholstery: textile, color: sand logo

In general, it looks decent, with the exception of one minus described in the shortcomings, the mounts also look strong. The chair was bought as a gift, so an unpleasant aftertaste remained.See full review

toilet seat for adults and children - family (2in1). toilet seat cover. child seat on the toilet logo

The instructions say that aggressive detergents are not suitable. The product arrived in the original film packaging, the seller additionally wrapped it with household film. No damage was found.See full review

watch casio g-shock dw-5600bbn-1 logo

Everything's good. I recommend it. Got pros: A watch for everyday wear, a workhorse. And in the tail and mane. Nothing extra. Satisfied. Its cons: Fabric strap, a little small. Must be in the description. For men with big bone and wrist point blank.See full review

continental contivikingcontact 7 225/50 r17 98t winter logo

With its positives being: Very quiet. Very soft. Excellent grip. Performs effectively even in deep, loose snow. Having these drawbacks: When it seemed like management was "jelly" When twisting the steering wheel, there are no abrupt "cuts" in the path that the vehicle takes. On the other hand, I seriously doubt that would be the case with winter tires.See full review

compact dishwasher weissgauff tdw 4006, white logo

We are very pleased with a lot of free time, the pens now do not come into contact with water and funds. we run 2 times a day in the morning and at night, and then you can endure up to once. Enough for a family of 2-3 people. Yes, the basket is a little uncomfortable, but you can adapt to this and from the 3rd time you are already a ninja in arranging dishes and pans and pots and crabs. We use the liquid GRASS detergent for pmm and rinse aid of the same brand, but we are still experimenting withSee full review

absorbent litter cat step arctic blue, 15.2l logo

you need to mix once a day (this is, in fact, written in the instructions), otherwise moisture accumulates at the bottom. when it gets very dirty, there is a smellSee full review

smart speaker vk capsule mini, marine blue logo

Hangs when trying to connect to Wi-Fi. I did everything as written on the site, tried different Wi-Fi (including without a password), different devices, different connection methods, reset settings, even tried it from another FB account. Passed one column and took a new one - the same story. Support takes me for an idiot, does not take my word for it and asks to record everything on video. Our correspondence is already 22 messages and I have not come a millimeter closer to solving the problem. See full review

thermometer rst 01077, white logo

Has some pros: Conveniently, large numbers, during the day it is perfectly visible in the window. With its cons: A couple of holes will not interfere in the cover for fastening with self-tapping screws.See full review

humidifier / air purifier "fanline aqua ve400" with an ionizer, with a capacity of 410 gr/h logo

The main claim to the manufacturer is hellish noise. The same Breeeth! Real (FSH-1000) is just quiet compared to this. There were 2 fans Zaward ZDAA12025S12MA01 with a nameplate performance of 103.26 CFM and noise of 39dB(A), respectively, together they give ~200 CFM (350 m3/h) and 42-43dB(A). Their noise is quite vile and even at half power is very annoying. I heard it even from the next room. Therefore, I decided to change them for now to a pair of NOISEBLOCKER Multiframe S-Series M12-2, (512See full review

xiaomi luggage classic suitcase 20", polycarbonate, 38 l, size s, gray logo

Super suitcase! They mentioned their frequent marriages in the comments, however there were no issues with the handles and locks that were discovered. It has already been utilized in four flights, all of which were successfully completed with no issues or defects manifesting themselves. From the quality, I can deduce that it will serve its purpose for a considerable amount of time.See full review

humidifier kitfort kt-2810, white logo

Because the humidity level in the flat is quite low — about 20, when the ideal range is from 40 to 70 and heating tends to dry things out a lot, this was purchased in preparation for the birth of a kid. Because the device is so easy to use, I didn't even bother to remove the instructions from the packaging: After adding three liters of water, I switched the machine on. After a few of hours, the humidity reached 30, but almost immediately after that, it became much easier to breathe! I had no ideSee full review

wood grill weber original kettle e-5710, 78x65x92 cm logo

Bought as a first grill. I chose this particular model 5710, because. this is weber and there are a whole bunch of recipes for it on the net. Not just recipes, but step-by-step actions that need to be done in order to properly prepare a dish. Thus, over the course of the season, from a person who knows nothing and is not particularly versed in the process of grilling, I began to understand a lot and cook very tasty dishes. We can say that now you can safely look at other models and other manufacSee full review

bridgestone turanza t001 205/60 r16 92v summer logo

Focus 3 2022, mileage 140 thousand km. I skated on my native Michelin (Energy Saver) until today, one wheel was cut on a broken curbstone, the second with a hernia after flying into a hole at 120 km / h. Plus, there were microcracks . but the tread was not worn down to the marks . there was a reserve. In general, today I changed my shoes to this bridge and practically did not feel the difference . that they roll on smooth asphalt not very noisy, that on gravel road . the only thing: on these youSee full review

xiaomi mi robot vacuum-mop 2s ru robot vacuum cleaner, white logo

Has its benefits and is a useful tool. It amasses an absurd amount of cat fur. There isn't enough of a knife to use it for cutting hair, and it wraps hair around the brush. but that's a tale unto itselfSee full review

kitfort toaster kt-2014-3, red logo

A palette of colors that offers a wide variety of options, from which you may select one that will go well with the kitchen. This youngster was ecstatic the very first morning after the purchase when they were given toasts that were crispy.See full review

stool group style dsw chair set, metal, 4 pcs., color: brown logo

Below are some advantages: The seats are stylish, have level quality for the price, are clean, and even. some drawbacks Because the manufacturer used 3 similar pieces and 1 unpaired mount in place of 2 pairs of seat mounts, it is impossible to construct 1 out of 4 chairs! We now need to locate a manufacturer who can create this item from metal.See full review

instrument with removable panels bbk es028/bu, blue logo

The first waffles are gone! I hope everything goes well with the rest of the plates. I forgot before putting the first spoon-grease-nothing stuck, despite the fact that the dough was not greasy!See full review

monster truck remo hobby m-max rh1031, 1:10, 44.5 cm, red/black logo

The choice was on this machine because it is massive enough, and shielded by a professional. In general advice. I ordered red plastic on Amazon, it is reinforced in Remo Hobby and it is so. Parts are not expensive and you can find exactly the right part in the catalog on A4 sheets. Some pros: Strong, reliable, it will be interesting to run even a teenager. Some cons: After opening it turned out that there is no kripezha cardan. They fixed it by winding the usual wire from the same box :)))See full review

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